Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 257

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The Legendary Man

Here In Yaleview

“Pfft…” Yvette couldn’t help but roll her eyes after she heard what Jonathan said. She complained, “Oh,
you’re not interested in me? Good! Because I have no intention of ever getting close to you either.”

“Okay, c’mon, Yvette. Let’s not take things too far,” said Kylie, who couldn’t resist giggling a little when
she saw how Yvette was rolling her eyes at Jonathan.

“Stop laughing already,” complained Yvette as she knocked lightly on Kylie’s head.

“Ah, that hurts,” said Kylie while caressing her head. She pouted before she turned her attention to
Jonathan and asked, “So, Jonathan, are you from Jazona as well?”

Jonathan nodded.

“Oh, you’re going mute again. You’re so weird,” commented Kylie who felt a little defeated because
Jonathan seemed to have no intention of talking to her. “So, where are you heading?”


“Really? What a coincidence. We’re going there too,” replied Kylie upon hearing that answer. Her eyes
bulged in surprise. “Why are you heading over? Are you attending school there as well?”

“No,” answered Jonathan while shaking his head.

“Oh, then are you on a vacation? We’re going to Yaleview too, so how about we accompany you?”
offered Kylie excitedly. “There are so many tourist hotspots like the amusement park, the castle, the
museum… Oh, and there’s also the restaurant on the top floor of that renowned tower!”

It didn’t take long before Kylie’s gluttony revealed itself.


Yvette couldn’t help glaring over because Kylie was talking nonstop. The former said, “You are banned
from talking to him ever again.”

“Oh, okay.”

Kylie stuck her tongue out, but she kept quiet as requested.

At long last, the carriage was silent.

A few hours had passed before anyone knew it, and the sky was turning dark. The passengers in the
dimly lit carriage slowly drifted to sleep.

No one knew when it happened, but Yvette and Kylie ended up leaning on each other as they slept.

When everyone was asleep, a silhouette crept into the carriage. The stranger scanned the place before
carefully making his way to Yvette and Kylie.

His hand reached into Yvette’s pocket to steal her wallet.

At the time, Yvette was sound asleep, so she had no idea what was happening.


The thief had just found the wallet when he looked up and saw an icy glare.


Jonathan’s voice wasn’t loud, but he still intimidated the thief.

“Stay out of this, punk,” growled the thief. He reached into his pocket to retrieve a dagger and threaten
Jonathan. Unfortunately, a sharp pain ambushed his wrist before he managed to do so. Crack!
Jonathan had broken the thief’s wrist.

After that, all the thief felt was another sharp pain behind his knee. He dropped and knelt in front of


Jonathan glared at the thief. That icy glare frightened the thief so much that he turned pale. “S-Sorry.”

As soon as the thief finished speaking, he dropped the wallet and left without saying another word.

Morning rolled by soon after.

The sun had just risen when a crew member with a cart filled with snacks advertised his goods by
shouting aloud. As he made his rounds, he woke the sleeping passengers.

Soon after, the babies on board started crying, and they woke Yvette and Kylie right up.


“Is it morning?”

Yvette stretched and inadvertently revealed her sexy curves.

“Look, Yvette! Jonathan is still sitting there and looks like he never moved a muscle. Do you think he
stayed up all night? How does he do that? It’s as though he doesn’t even need to use the restroom,”
said Kylie like she had just seen the eighth wonder of the world.

She remembered what position Jonathan was resting in when she fell asleep last night. To her surprise,
he was in the same position when she woke up.

“Who cares about him?” complained Yvette, who couldn’t help glaring at Kylie. The former grabbed her
bag and dragged the latter into the restroom after that.

“Yvette, why do you hate him so much?” asked Kylie as she brushed her teeth. “You’re the one who
made the mistake…”

“Oh, shut up,” said Yvette. She washed her face, but she still looked a little worn out.

She knew she was at fault, but she was too proud to apologize to Jonathan.

A few minutes later.

The two ladies exited the restroom. When they were almost at their destination, Kylie nudged Yvette
and shot a meaningful look over.

Yvette, however, acted like she didn’t catch that hint. She cleared her throat and seemed a little
awkward when she turned to Jonathan.

“So, Jonathan, about the incident yesterday… I-I’m sorry for wrongfully accusing you.”

Yvette looked off when she said those words. She had never experienced anything that awkward
before, nor had she ever apologized to another man in the past.

“There’s no need for that,” replied Jonathan. He didn’t want to argue with her, so he simply said, “Just
don’t bother me again.”


Jonathan’s words ended up irritating Yvette. She was burning with embarrassment and rage, but just
as she was about to speak up, she heard the announcement. “Dear passengers, the train is arriving at

Yaleview. Please watch your step when getting off the train and make sure you have all your
belongings with you…”

“You have something you want to say?” challenged Jonathan while glaring over.


That glare was so terrifying that Yvette instinctively backed away a few steps.

“Hey, Jonathan. Where in Yaleview are you heading to? We have a car with us, so how about we drop
you off?” offered Kylie. She had remained quiet the entire time, but when she saw Jonathan getting
ready to get off the train, she felt compelled to offer him a ride.

“No, thank you!” replied Jonathan. He shook his head and exited the carriage after that.

“Good! Hmph, I can’t believe he insists on walking when he could’ve hitched a ride with us. I wish he
walks so much that his feet get blisters all over! C’mon, Kylie. Let’s ignore him and leave,” said Yvette.
She was infuriated to see Jonathan rejecting Kylie’s kind offer once more.

Hence, as soon as she finished speaking, she hugged Kylie’s arm and walked out of the carriage. She
was about to hop out when an elderly man stopped her. He said, “Young lady!”

“What?” asked Yvette curiously as she paused and turned around.

“Please check your wallet and see if it’s still there,” said the elderly man kindly.

“Yeah, it’s still here,” answered Yvette curiously after she checked her pocket.

“I’m glad to hear that,” replied the elderly man while smiling, “When the two of you were asleep last
night, a thief got in and almost stole your wallets. Fortunately, that young man was there to chase the
thief away. If he hadn’t been there, both your wallets would’ve already been stolen.”

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