Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 256

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The Legendary Man

It Is Your Turn

Apparently, they were a group of good-for-nothing pests preying and feeding on the passengers on the

They had been scheming to pickpocket the passengers and even molest young girls at times. So far,
nobody dared to say a single word to them. Now that one of them was bashed up to a pulp by
Jonathan, they would not easily let him off!

“So how do you want me to pay the price?” Jonathan threw Fernando a glance, laid-back as usual.

Knocking the steel pipe lightly on the desk, Fernando snickered. “Very simple. I’m giving you two
options. For the first option, I’ll break your arm myself and throw you out of this train. As for the second
option, you can get the matter resolved without being beaten up. You’ll only need to compensate us for
the medical fee, then let us take your seat and get out of this train. After that, we won’t bother you
about what happened today. What do you think?”

At the same time, all the other hooligans fastened their eyes at Jonathan with utter smugness on their
faces. Apart from that, they even threatened him by swinging their steel pipes at times.

They were not the slightest bit worried that Jonathan would refuse to bow to them. After all, they were
convinced that Jonathan, who was obviously in his twenties, would not be able to turn a table on them.

Jonathan arched his brows and asked casually, “Oh! How much do you request?”

Fernando’s lips contorted into a snicker. “Not much, maybe two hundred thousand. But of course, the
more, the merrier. It’s up to you how much more you are willing to add. Bear in mind not to retaliate by
acting foolish. If not, you only have yourself to blame when I throw you out of this train!”

That is indeed blackmailing in broad daylight!

Surprisingly, Jonathan nodded and replied, “Yeah, that’s not really a big sum!”

“Since it’s not considered a big sum for you, just go for the second option then!” Fernando sniggered
triumphantly. It never crossed his mind that Jonathan would agree right away without negotiation. Pfft! I
knew it! We must have scared the h*ll out of the punk!

In the meantime, Kylie poked her head out from behind Yvette and suggested warily, “Yvette, how
about we help Jonathan pay off the compensation? My gut instinct tells me that he’s not a despicable

Hearing that, Yvette glared at her again and snapped, “What makes you jump to such a conclusion? It
might be a trap set by these scoundrels earlier to kill two birds with one stone. Hmph! They are
obviously after money and drooling over pretty women!”

“But to me, Jonathan doesn’t look like any man with ulterior motives!” Kylie retorted after stealing a
glance at him. Jonathan is exuding a vibe that is a stark contrast to those hooligans. How is it possible
that he’s their accomplice?

“Zip your mouth!” Yvette covered Kylie’s mouth in frustration with her hands to prevent her from refuting
her words again.

Smiling slyly at Jonathan, Fernando sneered, “So it’s just a small sum for you, right? Then, pay me
right away. You prefer to transfer the money to me or pay me cash?”

“No doubt, it’s not a large sum for me. But did I mention that I would pay you a single cent?” Jonathan
snickered and rose.

“What do you mean? Punk, are you trying to fool me?” Fernando fumed with an abrupt change in his

“You’ll know about that very soon!” After flashing him a cold glance, Jonathan raised his right hand
abruptly. He grabbed hold of Fernando’s neck and threw him aside.

Bang! His body rammed into the window at once.

Right that instant, blood spurted out from his head like a fountain.

Gazing coldly at Fernando, whose blood-drenched head was halfway out of the window, Jonathan
smirked. “I won’t pay you a single cent! Oh yeah, didn’t you say that you’re going to throw me out from
this train? Is it like this?”

The next moment, he flung his arm swiftly and threw the man out of the train as if he was throwing
rubbish into a trashcan.

Fernando’s agonizing yowl caused the others to break out in cold sweat. They pointed the steel pipes
at Jonathan and squealed, “Punk, don’t you know what you’re doing? You’ve just killed him!”

Even so, he rebutted indifferently, “So what? Be patient. It’ll be your turn soon!”

Shortly after, he grabbed hold of Kenny’s neck and threw him out of the window. The yellow-haired
hooligan did not even have any chance to fight back.

“Run!” Horror-stricken, all the other muscular men ran for their life. They were just some cowardly thugs
who liked to blow their own trumpets and had never come across such a horrendous scene before!

“You won’t be able to escape!” The flicker of coldness in Jonathan’s eyes became more intense. He
was seemingly not going to let them off the hook!

He darted forward to grab hold of one of the hooligans’ necks and threw him out effortlessly.

It took barely one minute for him to throw all of them out from the train!

At that moment, dead silence ensued the whole train again.

Everyone had their eyes on Jonathan in utter terror. Yvette, especially, held onto the back of her seat,
fearing that Jonathan would throw her out of the window in exasperation.

“W-What are you trying to do?” she stammered when Jonathan advanced toward her. Is he going to
throw me out from the train too?

“You have blocked my way!” Jonathan replied nonchalantly.

“Oh! I’m sorry” Heaving a sigh of relief, Yvette stood up at once and staggered aside to give way to

Jonathan moved toward his seat, which was adjacent to the window. Moments later, he was seated idly
as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, Yvette could not resist biting her lips after witnessing the overwhelming moments.

As the train was speeding, it was as though a gust of chilly wind permeated every corner of the train.
Yvette shuddered uncontrollably in her seat and she did not dare to grumble at all.

Jonathan had scared the wits out of her a while ago. My goodness! How could he throw those
hooligans out of the train just because he’s infuriated by their provocative words?

“Yvette, didn’t I tell you that Jonathan is not a bad guy? See, my instinct is proven right, isn’t it?”
Glancing at Jonathan discreetly, Kylie said softly, “Look at him again. What makes you think that he’s a
bad guy?”

“Stop babbling!” Yvette shot Kylie a warning look. Good gracious! What kind of righteous man would
have thrown others out of the train?

“Hmph! She’s still not willing to admit her mistake!” Kylie mumbled to herself, pouting her lips. Next, she
turned to face Jonathan. “Jonathan, thanks a lot!”

“Don’t mention it!” he replied without turning to look at her.

“Jonathan, are you hungry? Do you want some snacks?” Kylie whipped out a few packets of prawn
crackers and potato chips sincerely, hoping that he would get a hint of her kindness.

“No thanks.” He turned her down again.

Even though he still sounded icy-cold, he was not repulsed by Kylie. At least, she’s not the type of ill-
mannered woman who expects men to fall head over heels for her!

“Just let him be!” Yvette flipped out at Jonathan’s nonchalance. She snatched the prawn crackers from
Kylie’s hands and threw them into her mouth. “Give it to me since he doesn’t appreciate it!”

At the sight of her puffed cheeks, while munching the prawn crackers furiously, Kylie had to cover her
mouth to stifle her giggles.

“Jonathan, don’t misunderstand her. No doubt, she’s tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Even
though she is hot-tempered, she’s a good-natured person,” Kylie explained earnestly on behalf of

Jonathan furrowed his brows. “Enough of that! It has nothing to do with me. I’m not interested to know
what kind of person she is!”

He mocked inwardly. Why bother to waste time clarifying that? I don’t give a da*n about it! After all, we
might not cross paths with each other again after getting off the train!

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