Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 255

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The Legendary Man


“That’s impossible!” Yvette remained cold as ever.

She could not resist grimacing at the repulsive blissfulness on his face. Pfft! What a filthy flamboyant
brat! He should look into a mirror! Doesn’t he know that he looks revolting?

Even so, Kenny did not give up pestering them. “Hey, beauty! Come on! Don’t be so adamant. After all,
we’re all about the same age, aren’t we? There’s nothing to lose if we have the opportunity to chat and
get to know each other better. It’s not that I can delude you with my words and abduct you!”

Yvette mocked coldly, “Hmph! Who knows… there may be something up your sleeve!”

“My goodness! You’re overreacting! I’m not one of those with an ulterior motive…” He chuckled and
whipped out his phone to Kylie. “Miss, your phone number, please?”

“Get out of my way! Yvette won’t allow me to talk to despicable strangers!” Kylie rejected with
determination while munching the potato chips.

“You…” Kenny was rendered speechless; his face turned grim in an instant. Restraining himself from
venting his anger at the two girls, he could only unleash his wrath at Jonathan.

Slapping the desk in front of Jonathan, he snarled, “Get up and exchange seat with me!”

Startled, Kylie held onto Yvette’s arm apprehensively.

Even so, Jonathan did not even spare Kenny a glance!

The latter flipped out when Jonathan turned a deaf ear to him. “Punk, didn’t you hear me? Are you

“Are you talking to me?” Jonathan finally shot him a cold look.

Wearing a look of sheer impatience, Kenny pointed his finger at Jonathan, “Of course! Who else if it’s
not you? Get up now so I can take your seat!”

“No way!” Jonathan rejected without hesitation.

Temper flaring, Kenny rolled up his sleeves and gritted his teeth. “What did you say? No way? Punk, I’ll
count to three. Stop getting on my nerves and get lost! Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Jonathan cut him off.

“Otherwise, don’t blame me for teaching you a lesson! You’re asking for trouble!” Kenny snarled.

The next second, he lifted his hand and was about to slap Jonathan on the face!

Slap! In a blink of an eye, Jonathan backhanded with a slap on his face!

Bang! Dumbstruck, Kenny did not dodge in time and the powerful slap sent him off the seat and landed
clumsily on the ground.

“D*mn it! How dare you slap me!” Covering his mouth in dishevelment, Kenny struggled to get up.
Blood spurted from his mouth, and he even lost a tooth!

“Get lost!” Jonathan fumed coldly. Amid the hint of utter coldness, the murderous intent flickering in his
eyes sent a chill down Kenny’s spine!

“Punk, you’d better watch out! I’ll be back for you!” He gritted his teeth and hissed before running for his

Within seconds, pin-drop silence ensued in the carriage again.

Meanwhile, Jonathan continued to stare into the distance out of the window nonchalantly. It was as
though nothing had occurred moments ago.

“Hey, Jonathan!” Kylie broke the silence and called out to him. When he turned in her direction, she
whispered to him, “I’m sorry for putting you in deep water. Don’t you think you need to hide
somewhere? He might get someone to settle the score with you!”

A hint of guilt surfaced on her face. Undeniably, she had stirred up trouble, putting him in a tight spot.

Shaking his head, Jonathan replied casually, “It’s all right!”

Deep down, he gave no hoots to Kenny’s threatening words. After all, it’s just an impudent hooligan. I
don’t give a da*n even if there were one hundred of them battling against me, let alone only one
boastful thug! Hmph! It’s a piece of cake for me to finish off such a pain in the ass!

Needless to say, the invincible Asura had snatched countless lives in his life. Thus, killing a few more
hooligans was nothing to him.

“What a stale old trick!” The words blurted out from Yvette’s mouth.

“What do you mean?” Jonathan knitted his brows.

Pursing her lips, there was a glint of sheer disdain in Yvette’s eyes. She scoffed, “Don’t you think that
it’s a freaky old trick played over and over by others? My goodness! What a shame! You are even
thinking of wooing girls with such an underhand tactic! Be frank with me. You’re in cahoots with that
hooligan, aren’t you?”

“Idiot!” Jonathan threw her a glance, not in the mood to retort her words.

“Who are you calling an idiot, huh?” Hitting the roof, Yvette glared at him with her flaring eyes.

Turning a blind eye to her, Jonathan sneered inwardly. Pfft! She’s undoubtedly the type of woman who
tends to be overconfident with her look and have her nose in the air! After all, it’s not worth wasting
time arguing with her!

“Yvette, what’s the matter with both of you?” Kylie looked at her in bafflement. Apparently, she could not
wrap her head around Yvette’s stance.

“Pfft! Didn’t you sense anything awry? I’m convinced that he’s the hooligan’s accomplice! They’re just
putting on a show, so we’ll fall into their trap. Well, that’s the oldest trick in the book! Apparently, they’ve
overestimated themselves, thinking they can easily fool us with that!” Yvette snorted.

“Huh? Are you sure?” Kylie’s eyes widened in disbelief as she flashed a glance at Jonathan. “But
Yvette, he doesn’t look like one!”

“Kylie, don’t you know that we can’t judge a book by its cover? By the way, I can’t blame you for that as
you’ve been well-protected since you were young. Thus, you have no idea that the world is not as
peaceful as you think. You’ll be surprised to know that there are those with malicious intent hiding in
secluded areas and preying on us all the time.” Stroking Kylie’s head, Yvette darted a meaningful look
at Jonathan and added, “Those despicable ones are seemingly targeting you because of your
innocence. Hence, you must not let your guard down and fall into their trap!”

“Yvette, what makes you think so?” Kylie asked warily. After scanning Jonathan from head to toe, she
shifted her gaze back to Yvette again. Somehow, she had a hunch that Jonathan was not the type of
despicable person as described by Yvette.

Sensing Yvette’s hostility toward him, Jonathan’s forehead creased into a frown. “I’m not interested in
both of you, and I don’t have time to play the so-called underhand tactics with you. From now onwards,

you’d better keep your mouth shut and leave me alone! You can give it a try to see what will happen to
you when I’m infuriated. By then, don’t blame me for throwing you out of the train!”

“Hmph! You must have gotten worked up because I manage to smell a rat!” Yvette uttered sardonically
with sheer contempt written all over her face. She was sure as h*ll that the man was mad with anger as
she had revealed his true colors.

All of a sudden, there was turmoil in the carriage. The next second, Kenny emerged and led a gang of
muscular men with clean-shaven heads toward Jonathan.

They looked like the mafia gang members in the movie. Wearing a look of intense ferocity, they had
tattoos all over their arms. Not to mention, all of them were holding long steel pipes in their hands. One
of them even had a petrifying scar on his face!

“Fernando, that’s him!” Kenny yelled out and pointed at Jonathan.


Fernando, the man with a scarred face, looked in Jonathan’s direction and smashed the steel pipe onto
the desk in front of him.

In an instant, the ear-piercing sound scared the crap out of Kylie and Yvette. Shuddering in fear, Kylie
hid behind Yvette with her eyes tightly shut!

“Punk, you beat my subordinate up a while ago, didn’t you?” Fernando growled like a ferocious beast.

“Yeah, it’s me!” Jonathan responded placidly.

Inflamed by his nonchalance, Fernando lifted the steel pipe instantly and pointed it at his nose. “Punk,
don’t you think you have to pay the price for beating my subordinate up on my turf? If not, how can I
continue to earn a living on this train?”

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