Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 254

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The Legendary Man

Set Off

Half an hour later, Jonathan was on the train heading toward Yaleview.

Somehow, he did not choose to travel by high-speed rail or plane. Snippets of the pathetic moments
when he was kicked out of the Goldstein family suddenly flashed across his mind. He recalled how he
had to travel all the way from Yaleview to Kingshinton and Jazona with barely one hundred in hand. Not
to mention, that was the only amount of money he had at that time.

As the money was solely for transportation, he could not even afford to buy a burger. As a result, he
had to starve along the way for almost twenty hours before he reached the destination!

Not long after Jonathan had taken a seat on the train, two beautiful young girls stopped in front of him.
One of them uttered courteously, “Excuse me, please let me through.”

He raised his head and looked at them instinctively. The taller girl was about 170cm tall with flawless
skin and eye-catching long, slender legs.

On the other hand, the shorter girl was about 160cm tall. Her chubby feature made her look
exceptionally adorable. Even so, she looked groggy as though she had just woken up from bed.

Surprisingly, they brought along quite a lot of things. In an instant, the seats looked packed because of
their luggage.

The chubby girl stood on her toes, trying to put her luggage up on the rack by all means. However, she
could not reach it and had to request her companion’s help resignedly. “Yvette, help me put this
luggage up. I’m too short!”

“Argh! It’s too heavy! I can’t even lift it…” Yvette, the taller girl, whined as she could not even lift the
luggage. Thus, she had no choice but to seek help from Jonathan. “Excuse me, would you mind
helping us put the luggage up?

The latter threw them a glance without uttering any words. After helping them to put the luggage up on
the rack effortlessly, he continued to look out of the window and enjoy the scenery.

For others, this might mark the beginning of a romantic encounter. Nonetheless, for Jonathan, the two
girls were not comparable to the picturesque scenery outside the train.

“Thank you!” Even though Jonathan paid no heed to them after that, the chubby girl still thanked him

Nonetheless, he did not even spare them another glance. To him, it was as though they were the
transparent air around him!

“Yvette, why doesn’t he say anything?” At the sight of Jonathan, who did not open his mouth, the
chubby girl could not resist pulling Yvette’s sleeve.

Shooting a glance at Jonathan, Yvette snorted. “Just let him be. Who knows, it’s his tactic to attract
your attention? Don’t you remember what I told you earlier? We must learn to protect ourselves and not
to trust any strangers. Do you get it?”

“Okay, I got it!” Pouting her lips, the chubby girl took the seat opposite Jonathan.

“But I don’t think he’s a despicable man!” she commented softly after stealing a look at Jonathan.

Yvette glared at her and snapped, “How could you jump to such a hasty conclusion? Kylie, heed my
words. I’m sure as h*ll that he has an ulterior motive. He’s seemingly playing hard to get in order to

attract your attention. After that, he’ll grab the opportunity to flirt with you. When he requests your
contact number a while later, you’ll know that my guess is right!”

“Is it?” Astounded, Kylie blinked her big round eyes innocently and looked even more adorable.

Yvette rolled her eyes before glaring at her again. “What’s the point of me lying to you? By the way, you
didn’t take breakfast, did you? Do you want to eat something?”

“Oh yeah! I’ve almost forgotten about that!” The next moment, Kylie whipped out a packet of beef jerky,
bread, ham, Oreos each and a small tub of yogurt from her backpack.

In the meantime, Yvette gaped at her. My goodness! She’s such a glutton!

“Yvette, do you want anything?” Kylie offered Yvette her snacks generously.

“No, thanks. I’m on a diet!” The latter shook her head and shifted her gaze away from the tempting

“Oh my! You’re already skinny enough! If you continue to do so, I bet you’ll look like a lamp post soon!”
Kylie pouted and commented exaggeratively. She pouted her lips again and handed Jonathan a packet
of biscuits. “Hi, do you want some biscuits?”

“Kylie!” Yvette could not help but shoot her a warning look when she started talking to a stranger.

Jonathan shook his head and turned Kylie down, “No, thanks.”

“Ah! You can actually talk! I almost thought…” Kylie cupped her mouth in disbelief when Jonathan
opened his mouth abruptly. She almost thought that he was mute!

“What’s that?” Jonathan asked placidly.

“Oh! Nothing actually!” Feeling embarrassed, she shook her head and offered him her snacks again.
“What do you like to eat? Feel free to choose anything you like.”

“It’s all right. I’ve taken my breakfast.” Jonathan shook his head again and turned down her offer.

“All right!” Kylie pouted her lips resignedly when he turned her down again. Shrugging her shoulders,
she tore the packets of her snacks one by one.

In a split second, there was a whiff of an appetizing smell!

After taking a deep breath, Yvette forced herself to retract her gaze, fearing that she could not resist the
great charm of the tasty snack.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Having her eyes on Jonathan, Kylie asked while munching her bread and
ham. She could barely speak clearly with the food in her mouth.

“Jonathan Goldstein,” the latter replied nonchalantly.

Kylie’s eyes lit up in an instant. “Jonathan Goldstein? What a nice name! I’m Kylie Walker.”

When she started babbling, Yvette glared at her again. “Kylie Walker! Where are your table manners?
How could you chatter with your mouth full of food?”

“Yvette…” Kylie whined pitifully with a look of innocence. She had no choice but to zip her mouth.

As silence ensued, the train finally set off.

Along the way, Jonathan remained seated near the window in silence. Staring into the distance out of
the window, he was as motionless as a statue!

If not because he had opened his mouth earlier, Kylie would have thought that he must be a stone

“Hey, beauty! I’m Kenny. Can I have your contact number?” A voice sounded abruptly from nowhere,
shattering the silence.

The next moment, a frivolous young man with his hair dyed striking yellow emerged right in front of
Kylie and Yvette.

“Get out of my way!” Yvette snapped coldly.

“Come on, beauty! Don’t throw me a wet blanket!” Kenny was not the slightest bit annoyed by her.
Leaning closer, he smiled gleefully. “Don’t turn me down right away. What if you might only realize that
it’s love at first sight after having a pleasant chat with me?

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