Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 249

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The Legendary Man


He halted behind Josephine and patted her head gently. A corner of his mouth lifted as he asked, “How
is the discussion going?”

“It’s going along smoothly. We’re waiting for the construction of the ecological park to begin!” Josephine
wasn’t as repelled by his touch as she was previously. Instead, she jutted her nose up and turned at
her shoulder to ask, “Did you deal with the matter in Cranur?”

Jonathan answered, “Yes, it’s settled.”

He whipped his head around to look at Graham and inquired, “No one from Jazona came to try to stick
their nose into the ecological park project, right?”

“No.” Graham shook his head.

After what happened to the Turners, no one dared to get involved in the ecological park project.

They valued their lives, after all.

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Jonathan grabbed Josephine’s cup and took a sip. The bitter drink made him frown unwittingly. He
glanced at Graham and stated, “For the next few months, keep an eye on the ecological park project
together with Josephine. If something happens, I’ll hold you responsible.”

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein.”

Graham inclined his head and gave a respectful bow.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

After Jonathan finished his words, someone knocked on the door again. Willow opened the door and
came in with a cup of coffee. “Boss, I brewed a cup of coffee for you. Here you go,” she offered.

“No need.” Jonathan gave a dismissive wave. “I’ve gotten a sip of coffee.”

“Oh, I see.” Willow glanced at Josephine before noticing the cup in Jonathan’s hand. Instantly, she
covered her mouth and tittered in delight.

Graham said, “Mr. Goldstein, we have wrapped up our discussion, so I shall take my leave. If anything
crops up, just let me know.”

He then winked at Willow and pushed her out of the room.

After they left, Jonathan wrapped his arms around Josephine and gave her a back hug. He rested his
chin on her shoulder and whispered in her ear, “Did you miss me when I wasn’t home?” he rasped.

“Of course not!” Josephine snapped as her body tensed up instinctively.

“Really?” Jonathan arched a brow. “If you don’t miss me, I’ll go find someone else.”

“Go ahead if you have the guts!”

Josephine immediately whipped her head around in response to his words. However, the moment she
turned, Jonathan lowered his head and kissed her.

“Mm…” Josephine protested silently.

It belatedly occurred to her that she had fallen into his trap again.

“What a fool. That was obviously a lie. Why would I find someone else?” Jonathan caressed her head
adoringly and chuckled.

He had waited three whole years for her to fall in love with him, and there was no space for someone
else in his heart.

“Don’t do that again. I’ll take it seriously,” Josephine whined as she flung her arms around him and
leaned into his embrace.

“All right.” Jonathan flashed a wry grin. “Come on. Let’s go home!”


Josephine agreed and followed Jonathan out of the room. The moment they stepped out, they
immediately spotted Graham and Willow whispering to each other. The couple didn’t even see them
coming out of the room.

Right when they were about to walk over, they saw Graham giving Willow a peck on the forehead when
she wasn’t paying attention.

At once, Willow blushed shyly and punched Graham’s arm playfully.

“Let’s go. We shouldn’t disturb them.” Jonathan shook his head and smiled. He put an arm around
Josephine to lead her out of the café.

When they stepped out of the café, a gust of chilly wind blew in their face. Josephine immediately
shivered and snuggled into Jonathan’s arms.

Jonathan was about to take his jacket off to offer it to Josephine when a ray of light flashed in front of
him all of a sudden.

Shit! This is a sniper’s telescopic gunsight!

Instantly, he took action and pulled Josephine backward.

Bang! Right when he retreated, a golden bullet whizzed past his hair and hit the glass behind him.

Crash! The glass window was smashed into pieces.

Both Graham and Willow jumped in fright, for they were standing right beside the window.

“Hurry, get back inside!” Jonathan grabbed Josephine’s hand and dragged her back into the café.

Inside, Graham and Willow rushed over to them. “Mr. Goldstein, what is going on?” they asked

“Lock the door and windows. Before I return, no one is to leave the café!” Jonathan left a court order
before he ran out of the café swiftly.

Outside the café, the cold wind was blowing relentlessly.

Jonathan ignored the freezing weather and ran in the southwest direction.

The bullet was fired in the southwest direction, and there was only one building there.

Judging by the speed of the bullet and the wind, Jonathan instantly identified the location of the sniper.

How dare he fire at me? He must have a death wish!

Back when the Four Asura Guards swept past their enemies in battle under his lead, plenty of people
had tried to assassinate him. If he wasn’t capable of escaping danger, he would’ve been dead by now.

There was no way he could have survived until now without any skills.

A few minutes later, the fuming Jonathan kicked the door to the rooftop open.

Not far away, a man decked in a black jacket was sprawled in a corner with his sniper aimed at the
café. Upon hearing the loud clang, he whipped his head around and demanded, “Who is that?”

Before he could turn around, Jonathan had already marched forward and given his head a forceful

“Someone who wants you dead!” was the answer he received.

Jonathan wasn’t about to waste his time, and the sniper got punched before realizing what was going

After doing that, Jonathan took one step forward and stomped on the sniper’s chest.

Crack! Upon impact, the loud crack of fracturing bones was heard. The sniper didn’t even get to see
Jonathan’s face but was already on the verge of dying.

“W-Who are you?” he asked weakly.

He started coughing and spat out blood.

“You just fired a shot at me. Have you already forgotten who I am?” Jonathan squatted before him in an
authoritative manner.

“It’s you?” The sniper’s eyes went wide as he belatedly recognized Jonathan.

“Are you surprised?”

Jonathan scoffed icily at the sniper’s bewildered expression. “When you fired that shot, didn’t it occur to
you that you’d lose your life if I don’t die?”

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