Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 250

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The Legendary Man

Break His Legs

“H-How did you find me?” The sniper gazed at Jonathan in disbelief.

As a professional assassin from the Dark Web, he would never accept a job without being fully

This time, he made sure everything was in order before he took action.

After accepting the job, he flew to Jadeborough and followed Josephine the entire day. He even spent
one hour picking the perfect angle to carry out the assassination.

If this b*stard hadn’t dragged her away, I would be packing up my stuff now to claim my reward back
home! he fumed inwardly.

“Is it even that hard to find you?” Jonathan eyed him indifferently. “You’re a professional assassin. Did
no one tell you to leave right after you failed to kill your target in one shot?”

“How do you know?” The sniper blanched in horror.

Yes, he was aware that his target would try to kill him once he failed to shoot his target dead.

However, he ran a background search on Josephine and found out she was an ordinary woman. He
didn’t forget to investigate her husband, who to his disgust, was a useless live-in son-in-law.

Hence, he didn’t take them seriously.

After his first shot missed its target, he prepared to fire for the second time instead of leaving his spot

“I know more than you can imagine.” Jonathan cast his rifle a calm look before picking it up. “This is a
Gepárd single-shot rifle made in Hawen. It has a heavy twelve-point-seven-millimeter cartridge. The
single-shot action was designed to reduce the number of moving parts and allow for extreme precision.
The semi-automatic rifle has a shooting range of one thousand and five hundred meters with a speed
of one thousand meters per second.”

He smirked. “It’s a great sniper rifle. What a waste that it’s used by you.”

“Who the hell are you?” the sniper demanded in shock after hearing Jonathan talk about his rifle.

He couldn’t stop fear from brimming in his gaze.

The sniper had no idea who Jonathan was, but the latter knew him inside out. Besides recognizing his
rifle, the man had also found out his location in mere minutes.

Fear gripped his heart.

“Didn’t you think of running a background check on your target?” Jonathan asked after tossing the
semi-automatic rifle out of his way. “Should I praise you for being bold or chide you for being reckless?”

He continued, “You actually have the guts to kill me without knowing who I am?”

“Who are you?” The sniper’s eyes turned bloodshot. He knew he was about to die, but it didn’t stop him
from wanting to know who Jonathan was.

“Even if I tell you my name, you won’t know who I am.” Jonathan glanced at him briefly before picking
up the semi-automatic rifle. Then, he strode over to the corner of the rooftop and aimed it at the
sniper’s head. “However, I can tell you what your fellow assassins call me.”

After a pause, he revealed, “They call me Asura!”


Right after he revealed his name, he pulled the trigger and shot the sniper’s head. The bullet traveled
through the barrel and penetrated the sniper’s skull swiftly.

Upon hearing the name “Asura” before his death, the sniper’s eyes bulged in terror.

A glimmer of total incredulity shone in his eyes.

That’s impossible! How could he be Asura?

Asura was a God-like existence in this world.

Even the top ten assassins of the Dark Web wouldn’t accept a job to wipe Asura out. He wouldn’t have
accepted this job in the first place if he had known that Jonathan was Asura.

To the assassins, killing a country’s president would be way easier than killing Asura.

They would rather get surrounded and attacked by thousands of soldiers than offend Asura.

Asura was their ultimate nightmare. In fact, he was feared by the entire Dark Web’s most horrible

Back then, eight of the top ten assassins on the Dark Web had taken on a job to kill Asura.

Alas, each and every one of them failed to get the job done.

They were wiped out, and their bodies were nowhere to be found.

The moment the eight assassins accepted the job, they disappeared from the face of the earth.

No one knew whether they were still alive, much less find out where they were buried.

The only thing the others knew was that they had disappeared into thin air.

It was uncertain if the eight assassins were dead or alive.

“Well, what a horrible rifle,” Jonathan mumbled as he tossed the semi-automatic rifle away in disgust.

He had already hated semi-automatic rifles back when he was in the military.

Compared to a submachine gun that was a magazine-fed, automatic carbine designed to fire handgun
cartridges, semi-automatic rifles and sniper rifles would hurt one’s hand when pulling the trigger.


The semi-automatic rifle landed on the ground. Immediately after, Jonathan spun on his heels and
strode out of the rooftop.

A cold breeze swept past the empty area.

The sniper who had been shot to death by Jonathan still had his eyes wide open.

He could not rest in peace!

A few minutes later, Jonathan returned to the café to see Willow burying herself in Graham’s arms as
she shook in trepidation. There was a golden bullet lying in front of them.

Josephine was sitting on the couch bearing a worried expression. The moment she spotted Jonathan,
she jolted to her feet and scurried over. “Are you all right? Did you get hurt?” she inquired.

Since she saw the golden bullet, she had been kept in suspense.

“I’m fine,” Jonathan assured her. He offered a lopsided grin and explained, “A mere semi-automatic rifle
can’t hurt me. Don’t worry.”

“Jonathan, how can you still be laughing?” Josephine shot him a glare. “Do you have any idea how
worried I was when you ran away?”

“I know. Look, I’m perfectly fine.” He chuckled and pulled her into his arms. Patting her back gently, he
said, “It’s just a rifle. The sniper ran away before I could pluck his head off and kick it like a ball.”

“Stop laughing!” Josephine hissed as she gave his waist a forceful pinch.

“Ow!” Jonathan gasped in pain and offered a placating smile. “All right. I’ll stop laughing. Stop pinching

“Hmph!” Josephine snorted coldly and stopped pinching him.

“Mr. Goldstein, what exactly happened?” Graham queried carefully. He was obviously calmer than

“Who knows? A sniper appeared out of nowhere and scared me senseless!” Jonathan shrugged
nonchalantly, for he didn’t want to scare Josephine and stress her out. “The scum fled the scene swiftly
after his first shot failed to hit his target. Otherwise, I would’ve broken both his legs.”

“The sniper managed to escape?” Graham could barely hide his astonishment.

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