Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 247

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The Legendary Man

A Pinky Promise

Around an hour later, the sun peaked on the horizon.

By the time Alice arrived, Randall had already left. He had rushed over from Jadeborough to hand the
monetary compensation for the demolition to Arnold personally.

Scarlett’s palms were perspiring as she clutched the passbook in her hands.

“Alice, take this passbook. There is one million in the account, and I’m afraid of losing it.” The moment
Alice stepped in, her mother stuffed the passbook into her hands.

“Mom, I can’t. This is too much!” Alice waved her hands hastily. She had never seen this much money
in her life.

“Should we give it to Dad?” Alice mused.


Scarlett shook her head firmly as she continued, “If he gets the money, he might find himself a few
mistresses! We worked hard to get the money, so we can’t hand it to other women!”

“Mistresses? I’ll never do that!” Arnold declared as his eyes reddened indignantly.

“Who knows? Men tend to turn wicked when they are rich!” Scarlett scoffed as she stuffed the
passbook into Alice’s pocket.

At the sight of their banter, Jonathan chuckled aloud. “Mrs. Renner, you can spend the money as you
wish. When you run out of money, just come to me. I’ll help you out.”

Right then, something occurred to him, and he offered, “Oh, I have an empty house in the city. Do you
want to move into the house?”

“No, that won’t do. We can’t stay in your house!” Scarlett shook her head profusely. “What rights do we
have to do so?”

“That doesn’t matter. My house is empty as no one is living there. Isn’t it better for someone to stay
there than leaving it empty?” Jonathan asked with his lips curved into a smile.

The truth was that he didn’t actually have an empty house in the city.

The only property he owned in Jadeborough was No. 1 Villa in Edenic Heights.

The reason he told them a lie was to stop them from buying a new house. It was pretty expensive to
buy a house in the city. Even if they had one million, it might not be enough for them to afford a new

“No need. Thanks for the offer though, Jonathan.” Scarlett gazed at him gratefully. The corner of her
mouth quirked up as she said, “Actually, Arnold and I made up our minds last night when you weren’t

She explained, “We’ve decided to fork out five hundred thousand to buy a house in the county. We’ll
then take three hundred thousand to start a business. We will operate a restaurant or something similar
as long as we can support ourselves. The remaining two hundred thousand will be Alice’s dowry.”

“Mom, what was that?” Alice’s cheeks flushed red at the mention of her dowry. She stared at the
ground sheepishly and kicked a pebble away.

“Why are you blushing?” Scarlett burst out laughing at her shy expression. “You’re no longer young. It’s
time for you to get married!”

“I won’t get married. I want to stay with you forever!” Alice took her hand and vowed firmly.

“That won’t do. If you don’t marry anyone, you’ll end up a lonely old hag!” Scarlett gave her daughter a
gentle pat on the head. She then whipped her head around to look at Jonathan. “The same goes for
you too, Jonathan. You’re at the appropriate age to get married.”

“Mrs. Renner, I’m a married man,” Jonathan revealed calmly.

“What? You’re married?” Scarlett’s eyes widened in disbelief. “When did you get married?”

“Some time ago,” came Jonathan’s reply.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were married?” Scarlett glared at him before adding, “Your wife must be
pretty. Do you have a photo of her? I’d like to see it!”

“Yes. Let me find it.” Jonathan pulled his phone out and scrolled for a while before finding their wedding

In the photos, Jonathan was decked in a black suit as he held Josephine’s hand. Josephine was
wearing an ivory white wedding dress as she rested her head on his shoulder with a blissful smile
lighting her lips.

The morning sun’s gentle rays illuminated their dazzling features as though they were bathed in a
golden ocean.

“Oh, what a pretty young lady!” Scarlett praised at the sight of Josephine.

Hearing that, Alice inched nearer and stood on tiptoes to take a closer look.

“Oh, she’s gorgeous!” she blurted out sincerely upon seeing the wedding photo.

As someone of the same sex, she had to admit that Josephine was a stunningly beautiful woman.

Josephine looked indifferent and unapproachable. Even when she was smiling, it seemed like she was
keeping everyone at an arm’s length.

“Jonny, what is her name?” Alice inquired earnestly.

“Josephine Smith,” came Jonathan’s answer.

“That’s a nice name.” Alice couldn’t stop herself from glancing at the photo again. “Jonny, when will I
get to meet her?”

“You’ll get to meet her one day,” Jonathan assured her with a grin. “I’ll bring her to meet you sometime

“Okay. It’s a deal!” Alice squealed happily as she stuck her arm out. “Pinky promise!”

“Well, well.”

Jonathan ruffled her hair affectionately as he recalled what happened ten years ago.

Back then, Alice was a mischievous little girl who would always follow him on his heels.

In the blink of an eye, she had grown up to be a young lady.

“A pinky promise? Are you still a child?” Scarlett glowered at Alice for her childish action. “No man will
want to marry a childish person!”

“Forget it, then. I have no intention of getting married!” Alice stuck her tongue out cheekily and scurried
away to hide behind Jonathan.


Scarlett fumed at the sight of her daughter hiding behind Jonathan.

“Mrs. Renner, it’s getting late, and I should take my leave.” Jonathan glanced at this watch to realize
that it was almost noon.

It was time for him to get back home.

After all, it was inconsiderate to leave Josephine alone at home the day after they got married.

“You’re leaving now?” Scarlett’s expression fell immediately. She was reluctant to see Jonathan leave,
for they hadn’t met for over a decade.

They had just reunited, yet he was about to leave this soon.

“I need to go now. If I were to stay, I’d have to suffer tonight!” Jonathan joked.

“I’ll see you out.”

Hearing his words, Scarlett knew she couldn’t convince him to stay.

“No need, Mrs. Renner. I’ll hail a cab outside.” Jonathan tried to stop her from getting up from her bed,
but she insisted. Left with no choice, Jonathan caved in and allowed her to head down the stairs with

“Jonathan, remember to take care of your health. Eat more. Look how skinny you are…” The fact that
Jonathan was leaving made Scarlett’s eyes well up with tears.

“Okay, Mrs. Renner,” Jonathan answered gently.

He gave a curt nod and was about to say something when his phone began ringing.

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