Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 246

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The Legendary Man

Monetary Compensation For The Demolition

“Is it done?” Jonathan asked nonchalantly.

“Yes, it is!”

Randall nodded vehemently. “I made sure it was completed last night. According to the clue Derrick
provided, we’ve arrested everyone who is related to the matter, including Cranur’s deputy mayor and
deputy police chief.”

“Mm!” Jonathan inclined his head. He glanced at Randall and asked, “Are you here to give me the
monetary compensation for the demolition?”


Randall gave a wave, and his subordinate offered a passbook. “I was worried that something else
would crop up, so I decided to come personally and give you the money,” he explained.

“How much is it?” Jonathan inquired calmly.

“Six hundred thousand!”

“Here, take this card. Withdraw four hundred thousand and deposit the money into this passbook. Treat
the money as a part of the monetary compensation for the demolition.” Jonathan whipped out a black
card and handed it to Randall. The latter blinked in surprise and blurted out, “Mr. Goldstein, what is

“No questions!” Jonathan cast him a calm look. “Just do as I say.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Randall answered at once.

Without hesitation, he took the card and relayed orders for his subordinate to withdraw the money as
requested by Jonathan.

After his subordinate left, Randall changed his attitude toward Alice and her family. Initially, he
assumed they were merely related to Jonathan, but now, it was clear that their relationship was more
than what he had originally thought.

Otherwise, Jonathan wouldn’t have personally forked out four hundred thousand for them.

Around half an hour later, a scholarly-looking young man ran up the stairs hastily with sweat dotting his
forehead. He handed the passbook to Randall politely with both hands. “Mr. Swindell, there is a total of
one million here. It’s done!”

“Here is your card and passbook!”

After saying that, he gave the black card to Jonathan.

“Come, let’s head in together!” Jonathan spun on his heels and strode toward the VIP ward. Inside the
VIP ward, Arnold and his wife were asleep. However, they were light sleepers and promptly woke up
when the door was pushed open.

“You’re here, Jonathan!”

Scarlett pushed her covers away and made to get up at the sight of Jonathan, but he stopped her from
getting up from her bed. “Mrs. Renner, you’ve just recovered. You need to stay in bed!” he advised.

He then turned to introduce Randall, “This is Randall Swindell, the mayor of Jadeborough. He’s here to
give you the monetary compensation for the demolition.”

“Mr. Swindell!” Upon realizing who the visitor was, Scarlett panicked at once. She patted Arnold’s bed
hastily and ordered, “Get up, Arnold! Mr. Swindell is here to give us the monetary compensation for the

“What? Mr. Swindell?” Arnold opened his eyes sleepily. When he realized what was going on, he
immediately jolted awake and jumped down from his bed. Bobbing his head awkwardly, he greeted,
“Mr. Swindell!”

“You don’t have to be nervous.” Randall flashed a smile upon noticing how anxious Arnold and his wife
were. “I’m here to get two things done. First, I’d like to apologize to you on behalf of Jadeborough.
Because of my negligence, the corrupted chief of Greendale Village, Derrick, set fire to your house. I
should take responsibility for this. Thus, please accept my apology on behalf of Jadeborough. I’m really

Having said that, he gave Arnold and Scarlett a deep bow to express his remorse.

Shocked by his bow, the Renners immediately waved their hands and exclaimed, “Mr. Swindell, you
don’t have to apologize to us! It wasn’t your fault. Derrick was the one who did the malicious deeds.
He’s a wicked man!”

“Yes, that’s right. Mr. Swindell, you don’t have to apologize to us…”

Randall’s apology flustered them greatly, for never had they witnessed such a scene in their life.

It was shocking to see the mayor of Jadeborough bowing to them in a respectful manner.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would’ve thought it was nothing but a dream.

“It was my mistake, so I must apologize to you both. Don’t worry. I’ve dealt with the matter. Everyone
who was involved in the matter was arrested last night. I’ll make sure they get punished by the law,”

Randall gave them his word.

“Thank you, Mr. Swindell!”

Hearing his words, Arnold and Scarlett bobbed their heads hastily.

“Just doing my job.” Randall waved his subordinate over and took the passbook. He gave it to them
and explained patiently, “I’ve asked my subordinate to create this bank account for you last night. There
is a total of one million in this passbook as the monetary compensation for the demolition of your

He paused to let that sink in before concluding, “Please check that the amount is correct.”

“One million? That’s a lot!” The Renners’ eyes bulged in disbelief at the astronomical amount.

Last night, Jonathan claimed that they would receive over a hundred thousand, but they didn’t pay
heed to his words.

After all, Greendale Village was too remote a place for them to receive one million in compensation.

Even thirty thousand was a lot to them.

“It isn’t much. You deserve it!” Randall grinned and gave them the passbook. At the sight of the long
string of zeros, Scarlett asked doubtfully, “Mr. Swindell, do all the villagers get the same amount?”

“No. It’s determined based on your house’s size,” came Randall’s answer.

“Did you give us this much money because of Jonathan?” Scarlett gazed at Randall suspiciously. “Is
Greendale Village worth that much?”

“Of course not!”

Randall chuckled and shook his head before saying, “We’ve just arrested Derrick, so there’s no way
we’ll commit such a mistake. Besides, Mr. Goldstein won’t allow us to do that.”

This time, he didn’t do anything out of fear.

To Jonathan, the money was nothing.


Scarlett cast Randall and Jonathan a doubtful look. Seeing that, Jonathan flashed a grin. “It’s true. Why
would I lie to you?”

He reminded her, “Mrs. Renner, remember to safe keep the passbook. Losing it means losing the one

“I’ll sew it on the hem of my pants! No one will be able to steal it,” Scarlett declared as her eyes turned

She knew that it was all Jonathan’s credit. Without him, they would not even be able to get one
hundred thousand, let alone one million.

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