Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 244

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The Legendary Man

Rumors Spread

“Simple. Because I used to be their commander,” Jonathan answered calmly.

“You used to be in the army, Jonny? Really?” Alice’s eyes glinted. As a typical girl, she had always
worshipped soldiers of any kind.

“That is correct.” Jonathan nodded. “I used to be in the army for a few years, but I eventually retired.”

“Oh, so have you ever met Asura while you were in the army?” Alice’s eyes were shining when she
mentioned Asura.

Asura was a living legend among the people of Chanaea, and he was beloved by everyone, including

“I did.” Jonathan nodded.

“Wow! That is so cool! So is he a giant like what the legends say? Is he more than seven feet tall? Is he
a muscular guy? Did he really kill a billion people? Did he really scare a whole army into submission
with a single glance?” Alice was starting to get interested, and she wanted to confirm if the legends
were true.

On the other hand, Jonathan looked slightly bemused when she talked about how the legends
described him. “Where on earth did you hear those rumors?”

“I heard them from my friends.” Alice stared at the ground sheepishly.

“Those are merely legends. They aren’t true,” Jonathan answered. “Asura is just like any other human.
He’s not invincible, so he can get hurt and fall sick like anyone too. Also, he’s only about six feet tall.
The legends exaggerated his height a lot.”

“Huh? But that is not possible, right?” Alice looked at him, feeling dubious about what he said. “But
everyone says he’s more than seven feet tall, and he’s as strong as a giant. They say he killed a lot of
people, and one look from him will strike fear into anyone’s heart.”

“They are all just legends. Rumors. They cannot and must not be taken as facts.” Jonathan shook his
head. “It is best that you take everything your friends say with a grain of salt.

“I see.” She stared at the ground and puckered her lips. There was another question she wanted to
ask, and she said, “So… is he as hot as everyone says he is?”

“Not at all. Asura is not what you would call handsome.” Jonathan shook his head. “He is just like me.
An ordinary man with regular looks. Just like me.”

You call your looks regular? Alice had to burst into laughter at that point. “Jonny, I think you need to
update your definition of ‘regular.’ Anyone else, maybe, but you? No. You do not look ‘regular’ at all.
You’re the hottest among the hottest. If you’re regular, then what are the other guys? Trolls?”

Alice would not stop laughing, but Jonathan said nothing about that. He just shook his head and broke
into a smile. Thanks to Alice’s laugh, the somber atmosphere in the car had lightened up greatly.

It wasn’t as grim as it was earlier, and Alice was not that scared of Jonathan anymore.

An hour later, the blaring police cars finally stopped at Heart’s Hospital.

When she saw Jonathan and the others coming back so soon, the woman looked slightly shocked for a
moment. “Jonathan? You’re already back? So soon?”

“Yes. I’ve settled what I set out to do,” Jonathan answered calmly.

“You’ve settled your matters?” The woman was surprised once more, and she could not believe what
she heard. “But if that’s true, then you made short work of it. How did you manage it?”

“We have arrested the arsonist who burned your house down. He will be put on trial, and we shall have
the answers by daybreak.” Jonathan sat down on the edge of the woman’s bed and picked up an
apple. He peeled the skin off as he told her, “You will receive your recompense in full. That is a

“Is that true?” The woman still found it difficult to believe, even though Jonathan himself gave her the
promise. Instead, she turned to Arnold, “Arnold, is it true? Will we get our money? You had better not
lie to me, you hear me?”

“It’s true. It really is!” Arnold nodded. He would not lock gazes with Jonathan as he felt nervous every
time he recalled how he had treated the latter. Since Jonathan arrested Derrick and Damien
effortlessly, if he wanted Arnold to disappear, it’d be easier than turning the back of his hand.

Will he take me in like he did the two of them? I hope he isn’t that angry with me.

“Thank you, Jonathan. Really, thank you.” The woman’s eyes teared up after she got the confirmation
she needed from Arnold. “We would be at a complete loss if not for you.”

They did not even get a single cent of the compensation. To make matters worse, their house was
burned down, and they were both sent to the hospital because of the beat-up they got from the thugs.

If it were not for Jonathan helping them with the medical fees, they would have been chased out of the
hospital a long time ago.

If it were not for Jonathan stepping in, they would never get a single cent of the recompense, and they
would be homeless after they were discharged. If that came to pass, they would have to wander the

“Oh, there is no need to be that formal with me, Mrs. Renner.” Jonathan smiled at her and handed the
peeled apple over. “Here, have an apple. It’s good for you.”

“Sure.” The woman nodded and took the apple over from him. She was teary-eyed, but she bit down on
the apple nonetheless. “It’s great. It really is.”

The woman’s tears would not stop streaming down her cheeks as she ate her apple. “Arnold, do you
still think Jonathan is here to scam you out of that recompense?”

“I—” Holy sh*t. Holy holy sh*t. Why did she have to bring this up right now? Arnold started freezing up
in fear, and his eyes were filled with panic.

That was the topic he had been trying to avoid. “I… Well, you know I did not mean what I said.” He kept
glancing around the ward, but he did not have the guts to look Jonathan in the eye.

Finally, he steeled himself and slapped his own face. “Me and my big mouth! I was too paranoid for my
own good. I am really, really sorry for ever doubting you, Jonathan. I shouldn’t have chased you out
when my wife wasn’t at home back then.”

Arnold took one step further and knelt before Jonathan. “I am very, very sorry, Jonathan. It is all my
fault. If it pleases you, you can take me away like you did Derrick and Damien.”

“You do not have to do this, Mr. Renner. Please, stand up.” Jonathan never expected him to suddenly
kneel, but he quickly pulled Arnold up anyway. “The past is in the past now, Mr. Renner. I have never
hated you for chasing me out.”

“Really?” Arnold looked at him in disbelief. He kept his eyes fixated on Jonathan as though trying to
see if the latter was lying.

“Really.” Jonathan nodded. “I have no reason to lie, Mr. Renner. Nobody is going to arrest you, I
promise. You have a family to provide for. Mrs. Renner and Alice need you. If I were to arrest you, it
would be a huge blow to them.”

Jonathan was not lying. If it were not for Scarlett and Alice, he would not even spare Arnold a moment
of his time. After all, he owed Scarlett a huge favor, but none to Arnold.

“Just say your thank you, Arnold!” Scarlett urged him. What on earth is that blockhead doing? Is he
going to kneel there for the rest of his life or something?

“Thank you, Jonathan. Thank you very much.” Arnold was starting to get some mixed feelings about
the situation. Never in his wildest dream would he imagine the snotty brat whom he chased out of his
home a long time ago to be the commander of a huge army someday.

“Please stand up, Mr. Renner.” Jonathan went and pulled Arnold up, but the moment he did, Jonathan’s
phone started ringing loudly, as if reminding him about an emergency that was about to happen.

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