Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 242

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The Legendary Man

By Order

“Take them away now!” As soon as Damien gave the order, a large group of officers quickly formed a
ring around the Police Tactical Unit, who got even more outnumbered then.

“What is the meaning of this? Are you turning against your fellow law enforcers? Aren’t you afraid of
spilling blood on these streets?” questioned the leader anxiously.

Had it been gangsters surrounding them, the Police Tactical Unit would have raised their weapons
without a second thought.

Unfortunately, they were confronted by fellow police officers, and the consequences of pitting cops
against cops were unthinkable.

Damien chuckled at the unit leader as though he had heard a joke. “Why would I be afraid? Do you
think I can get to where I am now if I were a gutless coward? Do whatever you have to do, and let’s find
out who between us will get demoted.”

Then, the police chief turned to shout at his men, “What the heck are you people waiting for? Arrest
them now!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Looking at the men charging toward his unit, the leader hardened his face. As much as he wanted to
retaliate, he was worried about the consequences. If I were to order my men to resist the local police
officers, I might just lose my job. After all, our mission is only to protect Mr. Goldstein, so that means
we’re not allowed to raise our weapons if he’s not in danger.

“What should we do now, Mr. Goldstein?” The leader turned back to Jonathan again for instructions.

“Tell your men to ready their weapons. From this moment on, you arrest anyone who gets in the way.
As for those who resist, let your men know that they’re authorized to use deadly force. One way or
another, Derrick is coming with us today.”

The leader widened his eyes in disbelief when he heard Jonathan. What? Are we to shoot the local
police officers? Who’s going to be held responsible when innocent blood is spilled?

“Shouldn’t we discuss this with Mr. Lautner first, Mr. Goldstein?” The leader was hesitant about carrying
out Jonathan’s order, for he feared that he could not shoulder such responsibility.

“As I said before, that won’t be necessary. Just do as I command. If Mr. Lautner has anything to say
about it, you can ask him to speak to me. There’s nothing to worry about,” insisted Jonathan.

Still, the leader was unsure if that was the best course of action. “But Sir, if we do this, we’ll—”

“Just do what I tell you to do! Or do you think that I’m not fit to give command any longer?”

Upon hearing that, the leader immediately shook his head. “No, Sir. That’s not what I—”

“Then what is it?” interrupted Jonathan as he gave the man an icy-cold look.

“I…” Suddenly, the leader got so nervous that his mind went blank.

Since Jonathan was only a VIP in Cranur, he did not officially have the authority to command the Police
Tactical Unit, which meant he could always just walk away if things were to go sideways.

No matter how the man put it, the unit leader knew that he would be held accountable in the end.

“Fine. Don’t trouble yourself. I’m going to get myself somebody who’s more decisive.” With that,
Jonathan took out his phone and dialed a number.

It did not take long before the call was answered. “Mr. Goldstein! How can I help you?”

“I don’t care where you are right now, Andrew. You have twenty minutes to lead your team here to
Greendale Village. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein,” replied Andrew without any sign of hesitation before jumping to his feet to gather
his team.

“Mr. Goldstein, you know Colonel Morsley?” The leader’s eye widened in surprise yet again after
Jonathan mentioned Andrew’s name. Colonel Morsley is the commander-in-chief of the Divine Dragon
Guards’ Jadeborough division! As far as I know, Zachary Lint, the Vanquisher King of War, is the only
one in Jadeborough who can order the commander-in-chief. Not even Mayor Randall can instruct
Colonel Morsley, but somehow, the commanding officer listens to Mr. Goldstein? Does that mean Mr.
Goldstein is the Vanquisher King of War?

The leader immediately widened his eyes even further when he thought of that.

“Yes. What about it?” Jonathan brushed off the question as though it was the stupidest one he had ever
heard, causing the leader to regret his inquiry.

The two then remained silent for around twenty minutes before they heard a loud rumbling sound
coming from afar.

After a few minutes more, countless military off-road vehicles could be seen escorting a convoy of
military trucks. Inside the vehicles were tough-looking soldiers clad in black armor.

Holding heavy weaponry with a stone-cold expression, one could be forgiven for mistaking them for
merciless robots.

Even from afar, everyone at the scene could immediately sense the deadly aura emanating from the

“It’s the Divine Dragon Guards!”

“He’s right. Look! It really is them!”

Just one look at the soldiers and the unit leader could tell that those soldiers were indeed the
Vanquisher King of War’s personal army, the Divine Dragon Guards.

The vehicles stopped when they reached around thirty feet from Jonathan, and stepping out of them in
an orderly manner were the armored soldiers, who hurriedly gathered before him.

Then, a soldier in a green camouflage uniform knelt in front of Jonathan. “Andrew Morsley,
commander-in-chief of the Jadeborough division, reporting for duty!”

Everyone was instantly taken aback when the commanding officer reported respectfully to Jonathan,
especially the leader of the Police Tactical Unit.

While everyone else was still struggling to return to their senses, the army of armored soldiers followed
Andrew’s lead and knelt before Jonathan as well. “Soldiers of the Divine Dragon Guards reporting for
duty, Sir!”

Their shout was so loud that it pierced through the clouds and shook the ground.

Surrounded by widened eyes and dropped jaws, Jonathan calmly ordered, “Rise.”

“Yes, Sir!” The sea of soldiers immediately stood up as commanded.

Then, Andrew hurriedly approached Jonathan. “Commander, as ordered, I’ve led the army of the Divine
Dragon Guards’ Jadeborough division here. We’re awaiting your orders.”

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