Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 241

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The Legendary Man

Arrest All Of Them

“I don’t have the slightest interest in you or your business. I just want to know if you’re the one
responsible for the fire,” responded Jonathan impatiently.

Derrick then gave the man an arrogant smirk. “So what if I am?”

“Then you’re coming with us.” With that, Jonathan gestured for the officers to arrest Derrick.

“On it!”

Derrick’s face immediately turned as pale as a ghost when the Police Tactical Unit rushed toward him.
“What are you standing there for? Can’t you see that these men are trying to arrest me? Do something
about it!”

As though they had gotten a wake-up call, the brutes hurriedly picked up the weapons they dropped a
moment ago and lined up in front of Derrick.

To get to Derrick, the officers forcefully rammed themselves into the brutes.

“What do you think you’re doing? You’re resisting arrest. Do you know what that means?” shouted the
Police Tactical Unit leader at the brutes.

However, the brutes remained adamant about keeping the officers away from Derrick. “We don’t care!
All we know is that if you want to take our chief away, you’ll have to go through us!”

“Yeah! We’ll die before we let you take him!” All of a sudden, some of the other villagers joined the
brutes in defending Derrick.

Before long, the officers found themselves surrounded by the villagers just like they did Derrick and his

Bang! The unit leader pulled his gun and fired at the sky when he realized that things had gotten out of
hand. “What the heck is this? Are you trying to rebel against the law? I can have you all arrested for
what you’re doing right now!”

He was not about to let the villagers get their way just because he and his officers were outnumbered.

When Derrick saw how many stood up to support him, his fear left him and arrogance returned to take
its place. “Is that so? I would very much like to see you try. Do you think you can scare us with that little
gun of yours? I dare you to shoot one of us!”

“Do you have any idea where you are right now? This is Greendale Village. Our turf! You outsiders
have no say here!”

“Yeah! Get out of here, outsiders!”

“Get off our turf!”

With Derrick’s instigation, the villagers quickly got bold and started picking up solid objects nearby to
throw at the officers, who could do nothing to stop the riot.

Out of options, the officers could only back away from the villagers in the end.

Derrick then turned to look at the unit leader. “Who do you answer to? Chief Simmons just so happens
to be a close friend of mine, and I’ve already informed him of what I did, so you better stay out of this.
Otherwise, I’m afraid that not you nor your fellow officers can leave this village without our say-so.”

“Are you threatening me?” The leader looked daggers at Derrick when he heard the man.

“Of course not. It’s just a friendly reminder.” Having said that, Derrick took out his phone and made a
call. “Hey, Mr. Crawson. We have a little situation here, so I might need you to send some men to assist
us. You will? Oh, thank you so much! I’ll be waiting.”

After hanging up, Derrick turned to scoff at the Police Tactical Unit leader. “You think you’re all that just
because you’re a police officer? Well, I have friends on the force too. Let’s see you try to get rid of

At that point, Derrick got so brazen that he was wholly convinced he had the officers in the palm of his

“Why you little…” As much as the leader wanted to humble the insolent man, there was nothing he
could do with the villagers hell-bent on protecting Derrick.

Almost as helpless as a baby, the leader decided to turn to Jonathan for suggestions. As a mere unit
leader, he could not authorize his men to make a move on civilians. “What should we do, Mr.
Goldstein? Should we call Mr. Lautner and—”

In response, Jonathan waved his hand. “That won’t be necessary. Order your men to take these
villagers down now and let me worry about Mr. Lautner.”

“Yes, Sir!”

With Jonathan’s assurance, the leader immediately gave his men the order to march forward and
subdue the villagers.

However, before they could do anything, they suddenly heard a convoy of police cars coming their way.
The sirens and the lights on the vehicles were exactly the same as the ones the Police Tactical Unit
officers had.

After the car in the lead stopped, a middle-aged man in a jet-black coat stepped out, and following
behind him were dozens of other police officers.

“What’s going on here?” questioned the man with authority.

“Mr. Crawson, you’re finally here!” exclaimed Derrick before turning to point at Jonathan. “I don’t know
who gave that outsider command of the Police Tactical Unit, but he’s trying to capture me.”

“Wait. What? Did you say Police Tactical Unit?” With his brows furrowed in curiosity, Damien quickly
walked past Derrick to look at the group of officers opposite of him.

“At least that’s what they look like. For all we know, they could be anybody,” responded Derrick with a

Damien then approached the unit leader and questioned, “What unit are you from?”

“We’re the Police Tactical Unit, and I’m the leader. We’re handling a case now, so please have your
men stand down and refrain from interfering,” ordered the leader coldly.

“A case? What case?”

“That’s classified.”

The police chief narrowed his eyes suspiciously at the Police Tactical Unit when their leader refused to
divulge the details. “Do you have a badge?”

“Of course. Here.” The leader then handed his badge over, but Damien barely took a second to
examine it before simply accusing them of forgery. “I need you to come to the precinct with us for
further investigation because you’re now suspected of forgery.”

“What did you say? Are you blind or something? Can’t you see the insignia on the badge?” roared the
leader while glaring at the man.

“Do you think I’m going to just take your word for it? We’ll know if it’s the real deal after we get to the
precinct.” With that, Damien motioned for his men to arrest the Police Tactical Unit.

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on me or my men!” threatened the leader.

In response, the police chief scoffed at the unit leader. “Are you trying to resist arrest? Let me remind
you that you’re in Greendale Village, so you better behave yourself. Otherwise, things will only get
worse for you.”

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