Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 239

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The Legendary Man

With The Police

“Animals! The lot of you!” cursed Arnold furiously. We’ve lived there for decades. How dare these
b*stards burn it down just like that!

Scarlett turned to the man and inquired helplessly, “What should we do now, Arnold?”

At that point, the woman was so panicky that she was on the brink of bursting out in tears.

“There’s only one thing to do. I’m going to teach those b*stards a lesson they’ll never forget!” With that,
Arnold violently removed his nasal prongs and put on a jacket before making his way to the door.

“Arnold, wait! What do you think you’re doing? Do you actually think you stand a chance against them?
They’ll beat you to a pulp!” warned Scarlett as soon as she heard the man’s reckless idea.

“What do you suggest that I do then? Just let them get away with burning our house down? Without it,
where are we supposed to go? To the streets?” questioned Arnold rhetorically with rage in his eyes.

To him, what those people did was unforgivable, so there was no way he was going to just sit by and
do nothing about it.

“Let me handle it,” suggested Jonathan after keeping quiet for a while.

Arnold then scoffed at Jonathan before turning to ridicule the young man, “Let you handle it? And what
exactly is it that you plan to do? Are you going to fight them or somehow reason with them?”

“I have my own way of handling these people,” assured Jonathan before shifting his attention to Alice.
“You come with me.”

“Sure.” Alice did not have to think twice before agreeing.

“I’m going with them. You stay out of this; this doesn’t concern you,” voiced Arnold to Scarlett.

“But Arnold—”

Before the woman could finish her sentence, Jonathan interrupted, “You should listen to him, Mrs.
Renner. Your injury isn’t healed yet, so you need rest. Just let us handle things.”


“No buts! We’ll get it taken care of before you even know it. It’s no biggie. Trust me,” promised
Jonathan with a smile.

Arnold scoffed at Jonathan once again after hearing the young man’s bold words. No biggie? With
arms and legs like toothpicks, he probably can’t even take a single hit from those guys.

However, Jonathan had already made his way to the door before Arnold could make any
condescending remark, so the man and his daughter hurriedly followed close behind.

When they left the room, two rows of Police Tactical Unit officers, armed with heavy weaponry, quickly
lifted their hands to salute Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, Sir!”

“Did Mr. Lautner send you?” Jonathan did not seem surprised to see the officers waiting for him, for he
knew Randall well. As soon as he found out that Jonathan was in Cranur, Randall immediately sent the
officers over to stand guard.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein. Are you heading out, Sir?” asked the leader of the platoon.

“That’s right. You have a car, right? Take me to the country.”

“Yes, Sir!”

With that, the leader hurriedly went downstairs to make the necessary arrangements while Arnold tried
to make sense of the situation.

The elderly man could not help but wonder if the officers were actors hired by Jonathan to put on a

Unfortunately, before he could get an answer, Jonathan had started moving again.

A dozen police vehicles were already on standby when the group reached outside, with their sirens
blaring and the red-and-blue lights flashing.

“Mr. Goldstein, we’re waiting for your orders,” informed the head of the Police Tactical Unit when he
noticed Jonathan.

“Good. Let’s move out.”

Jonathan then walked steadily toward one of the vehicles while Arnold froze like a statue.

Looking at the staggering amount of firepower at Jonathan’s disposal, Arnold could feel a shiver run
down his spine.

Even though Arnold always liked to act tough in front of Jonathan, he seemed as harmless as a rabbit

“What’s wrong, Dad? Are you okay?” asked Alice concernedly when she noticed how pale her father

“Nothing. I’m fine.”

Arnold tried to act tough again after returning his senses, but his legs would not cooperate. The man
felt like he had to drag his feet in order to move forward.

After all the officers got into their vehicles respectively, Jonathan and the others moved out in a police

With the vehicle Jonathan was in staying at the back of the motorcade, he was as safe as one could

Arnold’s heart continued to race as he still could not believe that Jonathan commanded such force.

Suddenly, he felt like a fool for saying all those disdainful things to the man before. There’s no way
these heavily-armed officers offered to help because of our insignificant demolition issue. Who am I
kidding? They probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid even if the amount involved here is hundreds of

“Alice, you mentioned that Mr. Lautner met with Jonathan personally. Is that true?” whispered Arnold to
his daughter.

In response, Alice rolled her eyes at her father. “Of course, it’s true. Why would I make up something
like that? I don’t understand why you always have to doubt Jonny. The man came here personally to
help us out. Not only did he pay for the medical bills, but he also got these Police Tactical Unit officers
to escort us. And what did you do? You questioned his capability instead of showing your gratitude.”

Arnold’s face immediately turned bright red after being reproached by his daughter. “Did he… Did he
ever tell you what he does for a living?”

Alice shook her head. “Nope. He never mentioned anything like that, but for some reason, Mr. Swindell
and Mr. Lautner seem to respect him very much. It almost seems as though they work for him.”

They work for him? Arnold dropped his jaw when he heard Alice, and just when he was about to have
an epiphany, the motorcade suddenly stopped.

“Mr. Goldstein, we’ve arrived at Greendale Village,” reported the Police Tactical Unit leader.

After nodding at the man, Jonathan got out of the car and could instantly smell the heavy smoke in the
air. Something somewhere was burning, and the smoke it created was so thick that everyone in its
vicinity started to tear up.

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