Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 238

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The Legendary Man


“I’m fine!” Jonathan patted her hand comfortingly. He was unbothered by Arnold’s words.

However, if it wasn’t for the middle-aged woman, and if it was someone else who spoke to Jonathan in
such a manner, that person would’ve been dead already.

“I think there’s a misunderstanding, Mr. Renner. I didn’t come here to humiliate any of you!” Jonathan
gazed at the middle-aged man indifferently. “I came here to help you solve your problem!”

“Solve my problem?” The middle-aged man chuckled. “What problem can you solve? More like causing
me problems!”

“Arnold, what’s with you?” Upon hearing Arnold’s sarcastic words, the middle-aged woman shot him a

“Dad, Jon is really here to help us!” Alice added. “Mr. Lautner had even visited us personally when you
were still unconscious!”

“Because of Jonathan? How would he know the mayor?” Arnold wasn’t convinced at all. “I bet that was
a fake mayor! Perhaps he brought a random person here to scam us!”

“Arnold Renner!” The middle-aged woman was getting sick of Arnold’s attitude. When she was about to
have a go at him, Jonathan stopped her. “It’s okay, Mrs. Renner. Don’t fight because of me. You guys
are still in recovery. Please rest. I’ll go out and have a cigarette!”

After that, Jonathan stepped out of the ward. There was no need to explain further if Arnold chose not
to trust Jonathan. I have nothing to prove.

After Jonathan left, Alice couldn’t help but stare at Arnold and roared, “Dad! You’re too much! You’ve
wronged Jon first. How could you act otherwise?”

“Exactly!” the middle-aged woman added before glaring at Arnold. “You could’ve died if it wasn’t for
Jonathan. Is that how you treat someone who had saved your life?”

“Hmph! How could you be so sure? Perhaps he came with the intention to steal our compensation fee!”
The middle-aged man shrugged them off.

“Just shut your mouth already. Do you think everyone is as crazy over money as you are?” The middle-
aged woman rolled her eyes and ignored him after that.

Jonathan returned to the ward half an hour later. He had brought them dinner. “You guys haven’t eaten
dinner, right? I’ve brought food!”

“Thank you, Jon!” Alice hurried toward Jonathan and took the food. In the meantime, the middle-aged
woman looked at Jonathan embarrassingly and said, “I’m so sorry for the trouble, Jonathan!”

“Don’t mention it!” Jonathan smiled. He then gazed toward the middle-aged man and said, “Come and
have dinner, Mr. Renner.”

“No, thanks!” The middle-aged man turned away and refused to even look at Jonathan.

In response, Jonathan didn’t bother to convince him. He just acted as though the man didn’t exist.

After that, the hospital’s deputy director brought along various specialists to go check on Alice’s parents
again. The staff treated Alice and her family like they were important figures. In fact, the service was
incredible. The hospital had even arranged a few designated nurses to keep watch throughout the

Upon seeing that, Alice and her parents were shocked. Alice then cast a grateful glance at Jonathan.

Alice was absolutely drained after having to take care of her parents for the past few days. She couldn’t
get a good night’s sleep because she had to stay by their bedsides all this while. Finally, someone is
here to help! Now I can rest.

Time ticked by, and suddenly, it was ten something at night.

The entire hospital was eerily silent. Even the lights at the stairways were dimmed.

While Alice and her parents were fast asleep, Jonathan got out of the ward to give Josephine a phone

Josephine picked up the call fairly quickly and said, “Hello?”

“It’s me, Jonathan!”

“I know!” Josephine exclaimed with a gentle tone. “I’ve already saved your contact details on my

“Oh? What’s my name in your contact list?” Jonathan lighted a cigarette and walked toward the stairs.
“Could it be that you saved my name as it is?”

“Yes,” Josephine answered softly.

“Change it! Change it to ‘Darling’ instead!”

“No!” Josephine instinctively declined.

“Huh?” Jonathan furrowed his brows. “I’ll check your phone when I get back, okay? If you still haven’t
changed it by then, I’m going to spank you!”

Silence ensued.

Josephine didn’t respond because she wasn’t used to having Jonathan speaking to her in such a way.

It took her a while before she finally responded, “You’re not coming home tonight, are you?”

“No, I’m not.” Jonathan then continued with a soft voice, “Something happened here. I can’t be home
by tonight.”

“It’s cold outside. Put on a blanket when you sleep, okay? Otherwise, you’re going to catch a cold!”
Although Josephine didn’t talk in any specific tone, Jonathan felt the warmth through her voice. In fact,
that was the first time Josephine had cared about him ever since he met her four years ago.

“Okay, got it!” Jonathan raised his gaze into the windy night sky and snuffed out his cigarette.

That was the first time he had felt the warmth of a family in years!

“Take good care of yourself!” Josephine exclaimed lovingly.

“You too!” Jonathan hung up after that.

When he got back into the ward, he was surprised to see that Alice was awake. Furthermore, she was
on her phone.

Judging by her facial expression, he knew that something bad had happened.

“What did you say? Are you serious?” Alice seemed anxious when she was on the phone.

Before Jonathan could ask her about it, she hung up the phone and turned toward her fast asleep
parents. “Mom, Dad, it’s bad! Our house has been burned down!”

“What did you say?” Upon hearing Alice’s ear-splitting voice, both her parents woke up in disbelief.

“Our house was burned down? Who did it?” one of her parents asked anxiously.

“It was the demolition team!” Alice exclaimed. “They took the opportunity to burn our house down while
we’re away!”

“Those b*stards!” The middle-aged woman was livid. “Who did you hear that from, Alice?”

“Our next-door neighbor called and told me!” Alice was about to have a nervous breakdown when she
said, “He said that the demolition team knew we weren’t at home. So they burned our house down!”

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