Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 237

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The Legendary Man


On the heels of that, Mr. Lautner was seen rushing into the ward.

“Mr. Goldstein!” Robert walked in and greeted Jonathan with a respectful stance.

“Why are you here?” Jonathan frowned. He was unhappy because he didn’t want unrelated people to
cause any disturbance to Alice to her family.

“I heard one of Ms. Renner’s parents has woken up. So I came to see if I can help with anything!”
Robert noticed Jonathan’s agitated expression, so he nervously turned toward Alice and offered her his
name card. “Here’s my name card, Ms. Renner. Don’t hesitate to call if you need my help with

“Jon, should I?” Alice was hesitant to accept the name card.

“Take it. You can look for him if I’m not in Cranur!” Upon hearing that, Alice took the name card from
Robert. “Thank you, Mr. Lautner!”

“Don’t mention it. Any of Mr. Goldstein’s problems is my problem as well!” At that instance, Robert’s
stance turned even more respectful.

“All right, you may go now.” Jonathan gestured Robert to leave with a wave of his hand.

“Okay. I’ll leave now!” Robert nodded vigorously and left.

After he had gotten out of the ward, he took out his phone and called someone. “Hello, is this Chief
Simmons? Dispatch a team from the Police Tactical Unit to Heart’s Hospital to protect Mr. Goldstein.

Make sure they’re here within ten minutes! I’ll skin you alive if anything bad happens to Mr. Goldstein!”

Alice and the rest of them didn’t hear Robert’s phone call.

After Robert left the ward, the middle-aged woman took a doubtful glance at the door before shifting
her gaze toward Jonathan and Alice. “Was that man really the mayor of our county?”

“Why would I lie to you?” Alice was frustrated. She knew it was the truth because she had personally
witnessed Robert lecturing the police officers. Besides, he had even detained the director of the
hospital. Who else could he be if not the mayor?

“Did the two of you pull a prank on me?” The middle-aged woman was still in disbelief. The mayor
himself? For real? A mayor is one of the highest-ranked government officers! I bet he’s the most
influential man in the whole county! Why would he come personally to greet Jonathan? Besides, his
attitude didn’t seem like he was the mayor. He must be one of Jonathan’s subordinates instead!

“Mom, why won’t you believe me?” Alice stomped her foot in frustration.

Meanwhile, Jonathan smiled and said, “That man was really the mayor in your county. Would you at
least believe me? Since when have I ever lied to you, Mrs. Renner?”

“Well, that’s true!” The middle-aged woman nodded. “You’ve never lied ever since you were a child!
Unlike Alice.”

“Mom!” Alice tugged on the middle-aged woman’s arm.

“Jonathan, you must’ve had a tough life for the past decade!” While the middle-aged woman was
looking at Jonathan, she seemed like she was reliving her memories. Suddenly, she said remorsefully,
“If only Arnold didn’t do that behind my back. Those bad things would’ve never happened to you…”

Tears were gathering up in the middle-aged woman’s eyes as she couldn’t bear to continue her story.

“It’s all in the past now, Mrs. Renner!” Jonathan chuckled. It seemed like he wasn’t holding a grudge.

As soon as Jonathan finished his sentence, a sound came from the bed next to the middle-aged
woman. A weak voice followed. “Give me some water.”

“Dad!” Alice exclaimed as soon as she heard the voice. She then rushed to the bed and added, “You’re

“I need water…” The pale middle-aged man reached out his trembling hand toward Alice. Seeing that,
she hurriedly took a cup of water and fed it to him.

After he drank the cup of water, the middle-aged man seemed to have regained some of his energy. He
then took a glance at Jonathan and asked, “Who’s this?”

“He’s Jon! Jonathan!” Alice answered.

“Jonathan?” The middle-aged man got agitated the moment he heard Jonathan’s name. “What is he
doing here? Who allowed him in? Get him out now!”

“Calm down, Dad!” Alice patted the middle-aged man’s shoulder upon seeing how upset he was.

“Get out! Get him out now!” The middle-aged man wasn’t having any of it. He was still as agitated.
“Who allowed him here? What is he doing here? Is he here to make a fool out of me?”

“Hey! Can you not be so heartless?” The middle-aged woman was angered by what she heard. “If it
wasn’t for his money, you would’ve been chased out of the hospital already! How shameless of you for
chasing him out now! If anyone is to be chased out, it should be you!”

“He paid for the medical fee?” Upon hearing what the middle-aged woman said, the middle-aged man
stared at Jonathan doubtfully before getting even more upset. “I don’t need his money! Give him back

his money and get him out! I’d rather die in this hospital than use his money for anything!”

“Hey, you heartless man! More than a decade ago, you’ve chased him away behind my back! I’ve
looked everywhere for him all these years! Now that he’s finally back, you want to chase him away all
over again?” The middle-aged woman was enraged. “You can leave if you want to! Just ignore him,
Jonathan. Let him leave on his own.”

“How dare you!” The middle-aged man then started coughing violently.

Upon seeing the discomfort her dad was in, Alice immediately patted his back and urged, “Calm down,
Dad. You’ve just woken up! You should control your emotions! Furthermore, if Jon didn’t fork out the
medical fee, the three of us would’ve been forced to leave the ICU ward already! You wouldn’t even get
to be in a private ward like this one. Jon doesn’t even hold a grudge against you for chasing him away
back then. Instead, he had even asked the deputy director to request for the specialists needed to
check on you and Mom. How could you still want to chase Jon away? You’re crossing the line!”

“Stop siding with him!” The middle-aged man glared at Alice. “I bet he has an ulterior motive for coming
back here! He might’ve even come back just to humiliate us!”

Suddenly, the middle-aged woman thundered as she pointed at the middle-aged man, “Shut up,
Arnold! If I hear another word coming out of your mouth, I’ll throw you out!”

Upon hearing that, the middle-aged man tucked his head in unwittingly and said no more.

“Ignore him, Jonathan. He’s such a heartless man!” The middle-aged woman glared angrily at the
middle-aged man before grabbing Jonathan’s arm and said, “I would’ve divorced him ages ago if it
wasn’t for Alice’s sake!”

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