Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 235

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The Legendary Man

Demolition Team

“Mr. Swindell!” Robert jumped in fear when he saw who the guy was.

That was his boss, the head of Jadeborough, Randall Swindell!

“Mr. Swindell, what brought you here?” asked Robert. He rushed over to welcome the guy, but Randall
didn’t even spare a look over. Instead, the latter walked to Jonathan and greeted, “Mr. Goldstein!”

“What are you doing here?” asked Jonathan, who was surprised to see Randall there.

“I came because I was worried that the officers in Cranur would do a terrible job and make things
inconvenient for you,” replied Randall. He led his men over to Cranur as soon as his phone call with
Jonathan ended.

Randall was in a state where he would rather waste his time traveling over than let anyone step on
Jonathan’s toe.

“The matter is settled,” replied Jonathan calmly.

“That’s good to know.”

Randall was finally able to relax and sigh a breath of relief. He was actually worried as he traveled over.

He was scared that the ignorant people in Cranur would accidentally piss Jonathan off.

Messing with Jonathan would bring about horrible repercussions, and no one knew that better than

The Turner family was one of the best examples. They were the most powerful family in Jazona, but
Jonathan crushed them within a single night.

The same happened to the governor’s office in Jazona. It only took Jonathan one night to drench that
place in blood.

A bunch of doctors had already moved Alice’s parents to a private room by the time Jonathan’s
conversation with Randall ended.

They had already left, so Jonathan followed along soon after.

Robert watched until Jonathan was completely out of view. Only then did he cautiously shift his gaze to
Randall and ask, “Mr. Swindell, just who is that guy?”

At first, Robert assumed that Jonathan was a part of Randall’s extended family or a rich heir to some
powerful families in Jazona.

I thought that was why Randall called me.

The situation at the time, however, showed that it was not the case at all.

No rich heir of any family could get someone like Randall to be that cautious and polite.

They certainly couldn’t get Randall to travel over from Jadeborough with just one phone call.

It would take more than an hour to drive over from Jadeborough, so it was truly inconvenient for
Randall to do so. Yet, he did that anyway.

“Stop asking about what you shouldn’t know and keep your mouth shut. If you don’t, I will find someone
else to do your job,” replied Randall. He glared over and scared Robert so much that the latter didn’t
even dare to breathe too loudly.

“Yes, you are right. I should just shut up,” replied Robert. He stopped talking right after.

“Everything Mr. Goldstein does in Cranur is regarded as a military secret, and the military will punish
everyone who tries to spy on him,” informed Randall while glaring over. “Also, if anything bad were to
happen in Cranur while he’s here…

Well, you can hand in your resignation letter and pack your stuff because that’ll earn you a permanent
stay in the Northern Crimson Prison!”

Military secret? The Northern Crimson Prison?

Robert felt a chill run down his spine when he heard those words, and he started sweating nervously.

J-Just who is this guy?

Why is his traveling schedule regarded as a military secret?

And I can’t believe that I will be thrown to the Northern Crimson Prison if anything were to happen!

That place is where the most dangerous criminals are locked up!

“Understood, Mr. Swindell.”

Robert straightened his back. For the first time in his life, he felt the weight of the responsibility that
came with being a mayor.

Inside the hospital room.

The second-in-command of the hospital was leading the team in person. He worked with a couple of
experts and was examining his patients’ condition when Jonathan reached the corridor outside the
room. The latter lit up a cigarette, but he only had a few puffs before Alice snuck up behind him. She
covered his eyes and said, “Guess who I am.”

“Alice,” replied Jonathan while smiling.

“Darn, Jon. You are still as boring as ever,” complained Alice. She pouted and walked around to look at
Jonathan. “You have been acting this way ever since you are a kid, and I wonder how you’ll ever get a
woman to fall for you. If you keep being this way, you won’t be able to get a girlfriend, you know?”

“I’m married,” replied Jonathan nonchalantly.

“Huh? You are?” said Alice. Her eyes bulged when she heard that response.

“When did you get married, Jon? Why didn’t you tell us?”

“I got married a little while ago,” answered Jonathan. He seemed at ease at the time. “Well, your dad
never really liked me, so I didn’t tell you guys about the wedding.”

“My dad…”

Alice looked troubled when Jonathan mentioned her dad because Alice’s dad,

Arnold, had never liked Jonathan.

Arnold had always seen Jonathan as a financial burden, so the former chased the latter out of the
house one day when Alice and her mom were out.

“Jon, what my dad did back then… It was wrong. My mom and I tried to look for you, but we couldn’t
find you,” shared Alice while having her head down. Her eyes shone with guilt the entire time she
spoke. “When you gave us your number afterward, my mom and I thought about calling you. We
hesitated for a long time though, because we didn’t know if we should do that.

“We felt like we wronged you and were too ashamed to call.”

“That is not true. Geez, why does that tiny head of yours keep overthinking things?” teased Jonathan
while stroking Alice’s head. “If your mom hadn’t taken me in all those years ago, I might’ve already
starved to death. Speaking of, what did the doctor say about your parents’ condition?”

“The doctor said that everything is fine. The injury on their heads was in a sensitive spot, and that is
why they have been unconscious,” replied Alice. Her

worries seemed to have lessened when they talked about her parents. “The doctors said that they will
wake up soon.”

Alice paused before adding, “Thank you, Jon. I don’t know what I’d do if you hadn’t been there.”

“I’m glad to know that your parents are fine,” replied Jonathan. He sighed a breath of relief after
learning everything.

If anything were to happen to Arnold or his wife, it was likely that the entire Cranur would have to
endure Jonathan’s wrath.

“You must’ve led an incredible life in the time we were apart, Jon,” commented Alice as she sat beside
Jonathan. She was careful when she looked over and asked, “Because… well, the mayor and his boss
seem terrified of you.”

“Yeah, they’re pretty scared of me,” replied Jonathan as he smiled. “So tell me,

has life been hard these past couple of years? I will help you kick the bullies’ butts.”

“It’s nothing too bad,” answered Alice, who was instantly red with embarrassment after hearing what
Jonathan said. “It’s just… Our village is being revamped, and the demolition team is trying to force us
to move. They threaten to burn our house down if we won’t.

“My parents are stubborn and won’t budge, so the demolition team beat them up.

That’s how my parents ended up in the hospital.”

“The demolition team?” said Jonathan. He frowned tightly as soon as he heard those words. He had
heard rumors of how the so-called demolition team was actually just a bunch of hooligans.

They were the kind of criminals who would do anything for money, but Jonathan never expected those
criminals to go after Arnold and his family.

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