Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 233

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The Legendary Man


VIP! Those words got Jared’s heart to thump fast.

A chill instantly ran down his spine.

Robert asked, “What’s wrong, Jared? Are you the one who demanded that the police arrest Mr.
Goldstein?” Given how everyone reacted, it was virtually impossible for someone with Robert’s
intelligence to be unable to decipher the fact that Jared was involved.

“T-This is just a misunderstanding, Mr. Lautner,” replied Jared while having an awkward smile on. He
was trying to come up with a way to wriggle out of the situation.

However, there was no way Robert would let that happen.

“What happened, Jared?” demanded Robert in a stern voice.

He didn’t care about Jared nearly as much as he did his own career.

“M-Mr. Lautner, I…” said Jared. Robert’s tone frightened Jared and got the latter to stutter right away.

“Let me tell the story, then,” offered Jonathan calmly upon seeing how Jared was stuttering nonstop.
“My sister was late in paying a single medical bill, so the hospital mercilessly had her parents forcefully
removed from the ICU.

“When my sister tried to stop them, their security guards yanked her hair and dragged her out of the
hospital room.

“So, tell me, Mr. Lautner. What is the purpose of building this hospital in the first place? Was it built to
save the people? Or is it just a place to beat others up?”

Jonathan’s gaze turned icy abruptly when he uttered that last sentence.

That was how powerful Jonathan was. He could put pressure on others without losing his temper. Even
someone as powerful as Robert was sweating fearfully.

“Please calm down, Mr. Goldstein. I’ll look into the matter right away. If things really are as you claimed,
then I will deal with it accordingly and give you a satisfactory response,” replied Robert while lowering
his head even further. Jonathan’s glare was simply too intimidating for Robert to do anything else.

After saying all that, Robert turned to Jared and demanded, “Jared, what exactly happened?”

Robert’s tone was much harsher and carried a hint of anger.

It was obvious that he was infuriated.

“Mr. Lautner, t-that is not true. They are the ones who refuse to pay their outstanding medical fees and
still had the audacity to keep occupying the beds in ICU. My people politely asked them to leave, but
they refused to do so. On top of that, they attacked our employees.

“Look around. The injuries on the good doctor are proof that he attacked us.”

Jared was quick to direct everybody’s attention to the middle-aged doctor, who was all bruised and

Upon hearing that, the good doctor quickly informed, “That’s right! Everything is as Mr. Dunphy had
said. They were the ones who refused to pay yet won’t leave the ICU. I asked our security guards to
escort them out, but they reacted by punching me. Mr. Lautner, please be fair and help me.”

“Well, Mr. Goldstein. Uhm…” said Robert, who looked a little troubled as he turned his attention to

It was obvious the good doctor’s injuries were recent.

“It’s true I am the one who attacked him,” replied Jonathan. He had no intention of hiding anything at
all. “I was simply breaking the hands that attacked my sister.”

“You heard him, Mr. Lautner. He admitted it himself. He was the one who attacked our men,” said
Jared, who was quick to seize the opportunity to control the narrative and mislead everyone.

“Mr. Goldstein, please explain what happened,” requested Robert. He was troubled at that point.

If Jonathan truly was the one who threw the first punch, then Robert couldn’t publicly defend the guy,
even if the good mayor wanted to do so.

“Are you questioning me?” demanded Jonathan, whose gaze turned evil.

It felt as if the temperature had dropped several degrees at the time.

“T-That is not what I meant, Mr. Goldstein. I just…” replied Robert. Unfortunately, Jonathan interrupted
Robert by growling, “Mr. Lautner, I asked you here to solve the matter, not to question me. You don’t
have the power to do so!”

Jonathan harrumphed, and that got Robert to sweat nervously.

He could tell that Jonathan was furious.

“Please calm down, Mr. Goldstein,” requested Robert. He further lowered his stance and was
practically cowering at the time.

The spectators’ eyes bulged in disbelief upon seeing that. They simply couldn’t believe it.

That was the mayor of Cranur!

He controlled all of Cranur, but he did not act like a powerful man when he was with Jonathan. There
wasn’t even a shred of strength there.

In fact, Robert acted like a servant.

“I broke the hands that laid a finger on my sister. What’s wrong with that?” growled Jonathan as he
glared over at Robert.

“N-No, nothing wrong at all,” replied Robert, who was quick to shake his head.

“I don’t need to tell you what to do next, do I?” said Jonathan while glaring over. When Robert saw that
gaze, he shook his head right away and answered, “No, not at all. I will deal with the matter right away.”

Immediately after, Robert’s expression changed. He was cruel when he turned to the leader of the
police and announced, “You are suspended as of now. Hand your gun over right away and go back to
the police station. Your punishment will be determined soon after.”

“Mr. Lautner…”

The leader felt as though he was struck by lightning after he heard how he was suspended.

He was about to refute when Robert growled, “Shut up. You have no right to talk here.”

“And you!” said Robert when he turned his attention back to Jared. “You are no longer the hospital’s
director as of now. I am suspending you. I also suspect that you have been bribing the police officers,
so my men will be arresting you. Boys, do your job.”


Robert’s orders got the police officer standing behind the leader to work immediately. They cuffed Jared
right away.

“Mr. Lautner, this is just a misunderstanding… Please listen to me…”

Jared was finally panicking. He spent decades working on his career to become the director of the
hospital. He made countless deals under the table, so he couldn’t let his job and title go just like that.

“Shut it! You can tell your side of the story at the police station,” scolded Robert impatiently. “Take him


All it took was one order.

The police officers never gave Jared the opportunity to say anything else. They grabbed his arms and
took him away without saying anything.

“Take him away too,” instructed Robert impatiently as he pointed at the middle-aged doctor lying on the
floor. When the good doctor saw Robert pointing over, the former trembled in fear. The doctor begged,
“Mr. Lautner…”

“Take him away!”

Robert waved his hand without even sparing a look at the doctor.

“What do you think, Mr. Goldstein? Are you satisfied with this?” asked Robert while turning to Jonathan.

“Not really,” replied Jonathan while shooting a look over calmly, “I promised my baby sister that I will
get the police chief over to apologize to her.”

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