Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 234

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The Legendary Man


Getting the police chief to apologize?

Robert didn’t even hesitate to get his phone out after hearing those words. He dialed a series of
numbers and made a call. “Hello? Chief Simmons, are you here yet?

“You have three minutes to show up. I will fire you if I don’t see you by then!”

Click! Robert hung the phone up right after.

He might be cautious, and he might lower his stance so much that he acted like a servant, but that was
only because he was dealing with Jonathan. As soon as he was away from Jonathan, he would turn
into the most powerful man in Cranur once more.

“Chief Simmons will be here soon, Mr. Goldstein,” said Robert. He had lowered his stance again after
he turned around to face Jonathan.


Jonathan nodded and turned around to stroke Alice’s head. After that, he said, “See? I wasn’t lying to
you earlier.”

“Y-Yeah, I saw that.”

Alice was so nervous that she had her head down.

She had just witnessed Robert suspending the leader of the police. He also had both Robert and the
middle-aged doctor arrested!

If Alice hadn’t just seen all that with her own eyes, she would have wondered if the guy was just an
actor that Jonathan had hired.

That’s the mayor, and he’s the most powerful political figure in Cranur! Why is he obeying Jonathan’s
words? And why does he behave that way in front of Jonathan? It is as if Jonathan is his boss.

A few minutes later.

A slightly plump, middle-aged man jogged over. He had run quite some distance, so he was sweating
in his uniform and was swaying a little as he ran.

When he finally reached his destination, he bowed to Robert and asked, “What happened, Mr.

“What happened? You should already know what happened! The police officers under your command
almost arrested a VIP of Cranur!” shouted Robert after he heard what the chief said. The former looked
ever so angry at the time.


The middle-aged man’s expression shifted instantly when he heard that word. He quickly explained,
“There has to be some sort of misunderstanding, Mr. Lautner…”

“What misunderstanding? I’ve already suspended the culprit and have the other police officers
investigate the matter,” said Robert in a harsh tone. “I want you to look into whether or not anyone has
accepted any bribes from someone in this hospital. Understand?”

“Understood,” replied the chief. He didn’t complain or say anything. He simply nodded.

“Get your butt here,” said Robert while pointing at the floor, “Your police officer didn’t just make that one
mistake of almost arresting the VIP of Cranur. He also helped the criminal and has been wreaking

havoc with the help of the doctors in this hospital. As police chief, I’m sure you know what you should
do now.”

“Of course.”

After hearing what Robert said, the police chief, Carl Simmons, understood what to do. The latter
walked to Jonathan and tilted his head down before saying, “Sir, I am so sorry for the trouble I caused. I
should’ve kept an eye on my subordinates. As police chief, I’d like to apologize to you. I’m sorry.”

As Carl spoke, he took his hat off and bowed down to show sincerity.

“I’m not the one you should apologize to,” said Jonathan calmly as he looked over. “It’s my sister you
should apologize to!

“Do you see the injuries on her face?

“The security guards at this hospital did that! Your police officers never even tried to help my sister seek
justice for the wrongs done to her. On top of that, they tried to arrest her.

“Is that how the police here operate?”

“What? I can’t believe something like this actually happened!” said Carl upon hearing what Jonathan
said. The former’s eyes bulged. He promised, “I will surely investigate the matter thoroughly after I get
back and will give you a satisfactory response.”

Jonathan shot a look over but didn’t bother saying anything else.

Carl knew what was going on right away. He quickly turned to Alice and said, “Ma’am, this issue today
is a reflection of the internal issues within the police station.

“I promise that I will investigate the matter thoroughly and bring justice. The matter will be solved by

“On behalf of the police, I’d like to apologize to you.

“I am so sorry.”

“N-No, that is not necessary at all,” replied Alice. She had never experienced something like that
before. She would never dream that she would see the day when the police chief apologizes to her.

Alice was the kind of person who would circle around the police station, so she didn’t think that the
police chief would ever apologize to her.

“Please don’t say that. I will keep standing here and bowing if you refuse to accept my apology,” said
Carl. He would not dare to do anything if Alice didn’t accept that apology.

Things had progressed to the point where it was clear that the mysterious Mr. Goldstein was someone
even the mayor couldn’t afford to offend.

Hence, it was likely that Carl would lose his job if Alice actually refused to forgive him.

“But… I…”

Alice was lost. She stared at Jonathan and was tugging at the corner of his shirt with her hand. It was
obvious she was extremely nervous at the time.

“Apologizing is just what he’s supposed to do,” replied Jonathan. He tapped her hand gently and turned
to Robert to say, “Mr. Lautner, please get in touch with the administrators in the hospital. Ask them to
transfer Mr. Renner and his wife to a private room. I’ll pay for all the medical fees, so there’s no need to
worry about that.”

“I can’t let you do that. The police made such a huge mistake, so how can I still let you spend all that
money?” said Robert, who was instantly scared out of his mind after hearing what Jonathan said. “I will
pay for the medical fees instead.”

“There’s no need for that. It’s not like I’m broke,” replied Jonathan.

“Okay, then. I will talk to the hospital’s admin right away,” replied Robert. He didn’t push when he saw
how quick Jonathan was at rejecting that offer. Instead, Robert head to the corridor immediately.

After Robert had left, Jonathan turned to Alice and instructed, “Wait here. I’ll go settle the medical bill.”

“Thank you, Jon,” said Alice. Her eyes turned teary. “I promise that I will pay you back once I have the

“There’s no need for that,” replied Jonathan. He smiled and stroked her head before heading to the
reception area.

A few minutes later.

When Jonathan returned, he saw that the ICU was packed with doctors.

The second-in-command of the hospital wasn’t with some random experts or professors at the time.

The best doctors in the hospital, all of whom were experts in their fields, had gathered.

“I’ve discussed the matter with them, Mr. Goldstein. They will get a private room for the patients right
away,” reported Robert as soon as he saw Jonathan there.

“Thank you.”

Jonathan nodded and moved aside to make way for the doctors.

“There’s no need for that. It’s a part of my job,” replied Robert. It was obvious that he had lowered his
stance again. Robert was about to say something else when a series of hurried footsteps came from
the corridor once more.

It didn’t take long before a man in a black tuxedo showed up in the ICU.

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