Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 231

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The Legendary Man

Attacking The Police

“Jon…” Alice tugged at the edge of Jonathan’s shirt once more. She felt as though she had gone back
a decade in time.

Back then, a group of boys was bullying her, and Jonathan stood up to protect her. He was thin and
weak at the time, but he still shielded her and prevented anyone from hurting her.

About ten minutes later, a group of police officers rushed into the hospital room.

They had the entire place surrounded, and a middle-aged police officer rushed to the hospital’s
director. The police asked, “What’s wrong, Mr. Dunphy? Are there troublemakers?”

“Yes, and he’s right there,” replied Jared. He scoffed and pointed at Jonathan. “That man refused to
pay his outstanding medical fees and has assaulted our employees. Just look around. You’ll see the
damage he has done to the doctors of this hospital.”

Jared deliberately shot a look at the middle-aged doctor, who was still moaning in pain on the floor.
Hearing that got the leader of the police officers to bow down right away and apologized, “I’m so sorry,
Mr. Dunphy. This is our fault for not doing a better job.”

“You’re right about that. This is your fault!” complained Jared after hearing what the leader said. The
former harrumphed. “This is one of the best hospitals around. Yet, a random guy just walked in here to
pick a fight! How are we supposed to operate under these circumstances?

“On top of that, he threatened me. He claimed that he would destroy the hospital if the patients in the
room get in trouble.

“Seriously, does that sound like what a civilized man will say?”

“You are absolutely right. We are at fault for not doing a better job of keeping criminals away. On behalf
of the police station, I’d like to extend my sincerest apologies to you and promise that nothing of the
sort will happen again,” replied the leader. It seemed as though the police were so scared of the
hospital’s director that their leader wouldn’t talk back to the director, even after being dissed.

There’s no way I’ll risk pissing the guy off. This doctor is the top medical expert in the region, and he’s
the professor teaching all other doctors. Rumor has it that he was the one who treats the mayor
whenever the latter is sick. I am just a puny police officer, so I can’t afford to stub on anybody’s toe.


Jared sneered when he saw how the leader was bowing down and being humble. The former pointed
at the latter’s nose and reprimanded, “Why are you still standing around? Go arrest the guy already.
Geez, how did someone like you become a police officer in the first place? You can’t even do the
simplest job right.”

“Take this punk away!” growled the police. It wouldn’t matter how nice the police officer was. No one
would stand being repeatedly insulted like that.

Hence, the police officer vented all of his anger on Jonathan. The former roared, “And take the woman
standing behind him away as well. Throw them all in jail!”


One order was all it took to get all the other police officers to attack.

Alice was instantly scared mindless when she saw how aggressive the police officers were being. She
quickly held onto Jonathan’s arm and asked, “Jon, w-what do we do?”

“It’s fine. They won’t dare to do anything to me,” promised Jonathan as he gently tapped on Alice’s
hand. After that, he turned to the leader of the police and demanded, “Oy, you haven’t investigated the
matter or interrogated anyone. Are you really going to take me away based on one person’s one-sided
statement? Seriously, is that how the cops here work?”

“What is there to investigate?” challenged the police. He scoffed and pointed out, “We have all the
evidence and witness we need, so you can’t deny your crimes.”

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I did all that?” asked Jonathan.

“Stop wasting my time. I’ll ask the questions after I get everyone to the police station,” replied the police
officer, who waved his hands and turned to his subordinates to scold, “What are you waiting for? Get
them already!”


The other police officers didn’t dilly dally anymore. They were quick to charge in on Jonathan.

“I guess that means you lot don’t plan on being reasonable,” said Jonathan since it was obvious that
the leader was just a bully. An evil glow flashed past Jonathan’s eyes as he added, “Good. I don’t want
to waste my breath on scums, either.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he threw his leg up and kicked the gut of the police right in front of

A single kick sent the police officer flying over ten meters away.

“You stupid punk! How dare you assault the police?” growled the leader when he saw what Jonathan
had done.

“The police? You and your team members are not worthy of that position or title,” said Jonathan. He
sneered at the leader of the cops after that.

“If every police officer around here is like you, then I think your mayor has done a terrible job. Get him
to come to me right now.”

“Do you know the mayor?” asked the leader of the police when he heard Jonathan’s request.

I can’t believe this punk actually knows the mayor, Robert Lautner!

“Oh, that’s not possible,” interrupted Jared. He couldn’t help sneering before he pointed out, “The guy
can’t even afford to pay his medical bills, so there’s no way he’d know the mayor.”

Unable to pay his bills?

Hearing those words prompted the leader of the police to frown immediately. He glared at Jonathan
and roared, “How dare you lie to me, you punk?”

“Oh, puh-lease. Why would I bother saying a lie like that?” said Jonathan. He couldn’t help laughing
aloud. “What? Do you think that it is an honor to know your mayor? That is nothing to be proud of, and I
don’t need to build a rapport with him just to con you. In fact, as far as I am concerned, he is not worthy
of my friendship at all.”

He is nothing but a puny mayor, and if Alice and her family aren’t living here, that mayor wouldn’t even
have the privilege of taking a glimpse of me.

“You idiot!”

Jared couldn’t help dissing Jonathan at that moment. The former grinned evilly.

Oh, my boy. Who the hell do you think you are? How can a powerful political figure like the mayor not
be worthy of your friendship?

Jared wasn’t the only one who saw things that way. Everyone grinned evilly when they heard what
Jonathan said.

At first, they assumed that Jonathan was some sort of VIP, but turned out, he was just a guy who spent
too much time watching tv.

The mayor isn’t worthy of being your friend? Seriously, who do you think you are?

Kingstone Warhol, the governor of Jazona?

Or Randall Swindell of Jadeborough?

“Young men like you truly know nothing,” commented Jared. He couldn’t help shaking his head and
turning his attention to the police. “So? What are you waiting around for? Arrest the guy already. Or do
you want him to keep tricking you?”

“Take him away now!” roared the leader. He had truly lost his temper by then.

First, he was insulted by Jared, and that was followed by Jonathan’s supposed trick. The leader would
not be human if he could still remain calm.


One order was all it took.

Dozens of police officers came after them.

Their stance frightened Alice, and her hands began trembling. “J-Jon, I’m scared…”

“Don’t worry, I will have the police chief come to apologize to you in person,” replied Jonathan. He
turned around to smile at Alice before he got his phone to dial a number.

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