Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 230

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The Legendary Man

Youngblood Know Nothing

However, that glare was enough to get the middle-aged doctor to shiver in fear.

That glare… It’s as though I am being targeted by a demon that could kill me at any given moment.

“So what if I am the one who issued the order? They can’t afford to pay for their outstanding medical
fees, so I had my men kick them out of the hospital. What’s wrong with that?” said the doctor, who was
pretending to be calm.

He then added, “Do you realize how many patients are waiting to be admitted to the hospital? What’s
wrong with me chasing out a few patients who are taking up the hospital beds in ICU, yet refuse to pay

The middle-aged doctor said those words with his head held high.

He was especially harsh to Jonathan, who he taunted by shooting a discriminating look over.

That look practically screamed, “Yeah, I am the one who chased them out of the place. What’cha
gonna do about it, huh?”

“I will pay for all the outstanding medical fees, but you had your men remove the oxygen tank attached
to them! You even ordered the security guards to beat my sister up. So, how shall we settle that debt?”
growled Jonathan. He was glaring at the doctor. At that moment, the murderous aura oozing out of
Jonathan’s eyes was getting more and more intense.

“Oh, what can you do about it?” challenged the doctor. He scoffed when he heard Jonathan’s words
and was quick to point out, “They had outstanding medical fees, so it’s only natural that I stopped their

treatment. There is nothing wrong with that.

“As for your sister… Well, she got in the way of my men’s work, so it’s her fault that she was beaten up.

“She shouldn’t have blocked the door and tried to stop our men from entering. Do you realize how
unacceptable her behavior was? Or how much loss the hospital had incurred because of her? She
deserved to be hurt!”

“She deserved it?” said Jonathan, whose gaze instantly became evil. “Did you just say that my sister
deserved to be assaulted?”

“Was I wrong?”

The doctor harrumphed. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the chance to say anything else. All he saw was a
shadow zipping over, and all he felt was his neck being choked. Before he knew it, he was already
dangling in the air.

The doctor felt as though his airway was blocked and he could suffocate at any given moment.

“W-What are you doing? L-Let me go!” demanded the doctor through gritted teeth.

“I’m just teaching you the right definition of attacking someone who deserves it.”

As soon as Jonathan finished speaking, he swung the arm that was choking the doctor. His strength
was so incredible that all anyone could hear was a loud thump! The doctor had flown backward like a
kite with a broken string and had slammed against the wall.

The middle-aged doctor never had the opportunity to even register what had happened before
Jonathan zipped over and stomped hard on the doctor’s chest.

That stomp caused a loud crack! The doctor’s ribs were broken just like that.

“Now, do you understand what that phrase means?” challenged Jonathan while hovering over the
doctor, who was lying on the floor and in pain. The former then stepped on the latter’s wrist.

Crack! The bones in the doctor’s wrist were broken.

Jonathan didn’t stop until he destroyed the doctor’s other wrist, though.

“You are a doctor, and these hands are supposed to cure the sick and injured. They are not meant to
command others to bully the weak and the elderly.

“This is but a lesson to you. If you make the same mistake again, I will make sure that you die!”

After saying all that, Jonathan kicked the middle-aged doctor’s stomach and sent the latter flying ten
meters backward.


The middle-aged doctor was lying on the floor after being kicked that far away. He was like an
abandoned mutt and was groaning in pain. However, his call for help was ignored.

The situation was similar to when the doctor kicked Alice and the others out of the ICU. At the time,
everyone turned a blind eye to the situation as well.

They were living in an age where people generally shied away from anything that didn’t involve them.

“Hey, are you dead?” asked Jonathan as he slowly crouched down and glared at the wounded doctor.
“If you’re alive, you should call the director of this hospital and tell him to reassign two particular
patients to another doctor. Let the new doctor take care of the patients in the ICU.

“I will clear all outstanding, but if anything were to happen to either patient, I will bring the entire
hospital down!”

“Who said that? What makes you think you can bring our hospital down?” challenged an elderly man in
a white lab coat. He was wearing a pair of glasses with golden frames and was slowly making his way

Standing behind the elderly man was a bunch of other doctors.

When the elderly man showed up, the spectators reacted because they recognized him. Many greeted,
“Mr. Dunphy!”


The elderly man waved his hand dismissively before tilting his head down to look at Jonathan. The
former commented, “You’re wasting your youth. You really should educate yourself instead of relying on
your fists. First, you attacked the hospital’s security guards, and now, you’ve assaulted our doctor.
What kind of place do you take this place for? This is not the boxing ring, you know?

“Now that you’ve assaulted our doctor, are you going to attack me, the hospital director, too?”

“Help me, Uncle!”

When the elderly director, Jared Dunphy, saw the middle-aged man lying on the ground like a beat-up
mutt, the former growled, “Shut up!”

Jared glared at the middle-aged doctor as soon as he heard what the latter said.

“Ah, so punching the young has brought the old over,” commented Jonathan. He realized what was
going on as soon as he heard the middle-aged doctor calling Jared his uncle.

It was too obvious. Jared was there to help his nephew out.

“So, is that how it is? The young one was bullied, so the old dude is here to help,” said Jonathan calmly
while looking at Jared.

“That is ridiculous! I am the director of this hospital, so it’s only natural that I came to help a fellow
doctor who has been assaulted,” replied Jared, whose expression turned icy after he heard what
Jonathan had said.

“Enough! Quit playing games with me. I’ll make things crystal clear right now,” said Jonathan. He didn’t
want to waste his breath on the pretentious director, so the former warned, “If anything were to happen
to either of the two patients in the ICU, I will destroy the hospital and anyone working here, including

“You’re going to annihilate the entire hospital if something happens to them?” repeated Jared. He
scoffed and added, “Youngblood nowadays is so reckless.

“This is not a movie, and you can’t get away with attacking others for no reason. Darn, those tv shows
really have you brainwashed.”

As soon as Jared finished commenting on the matter, he ignored Jonathan completely and turned to
one of the other doctors. Then, Jared ordered, “Call the police.”


The doctor standing behind Jared got his phone out immediately after hearing what Jared said. As they
called the police, Alice, who had been hiding behind Jonathan, tugged at Jonathan’s shirt. She looked
nervous when she said, “Jonny…”

“Don’t worry. No one will bully you again. Not with me around,” promised Jonathan. He could tell that
Alice was worried, so he turned around and stroked her head a little.

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