Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 229

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The Legendary Man

It Is Your Turn Now

Though it was not loud, the voice was clear and held an authoritative note.

The girl jerked and snapped her head up in the direction of the voice.

She was greeted by the sight of a young man dressed in dark casual attire. His eyes gleamed with cold
fury. It was a dark and angry expression that belied his youthful look.

The girl was able to recognize him from the vaguely familiar contours of his face.

“Jon! You’re finally here! My parents are about to be thrown out!” Relief poured out of her the moment
she recognized him. Unable to contain herself, she broke down wailing. It was as if a dam had broken
inside of her, and she had to release the pent-up sorrow and frustration that had been accumulating
ever since her parents’ hospitalization.

“Shh… It’s okay. I’m here now,” Jonathan comforted her. “No one will lay a finger on you again.”

His expression turned steely upon seeing Alice crying so helplessly. Ten years ago, she was still a little
girl who was always following him around like an eager puppy.

She would sneak him extra food when her father was feeling less than charitable and did not provide
him with enough food.

She would even share her favorite candies with him. To this day, he had the habit of carrying some
candies with him, thanks to her influence.

The same little girl who had been so kind to him was now on her knees and being dragged out the door
by her hair.

Jonathan clenched his teeth, anger rolling off him in waves.

Unable to suppress his wrath any longer, he roared. “I’ll say this one more time—release her now!
Don’t you dare touch her with your filthy hands!”

However, the security officers ignored his command. One of them snorted. “Sure, we’ll let go of her if
she pays the medical bills she owed!”

There was a vicious smile on Jonathan’s face. “I’ll pay for her. In exchange, I’m going to break every
bone in your hands for laying a finger on her.”

He moved as soon as he finished the sentence. In the blink of an eye, he charged forth and grabbed
the security officer who still had Alice by a fistful of hair.

A sickening crack sounded in the room as Jonathan snapped the security officer’s wrist in a swift,
powerful movement.

“Aaah!” The security officer screamed. The agonizing pain had him kneeling in front of Jonathan.

“W-Who are you? What do you want?” Shocked, the other security officers took several steps back.
They hastily whipped out their batons and pointed at Jonathan in a threatening manner.

“Who else touched her?” Jonathan swept his gaze over the men. The icy glare shook them to the core.

It felt as though they had been targeted by a ruthless predator, and they were the prey that was about
to meet its doom.

“Don’t come any closer! I’m warning you—this is a hospital! There are surveillance cameras
everywhere. If you do anything to hurt us, I’m calling the police!” the head of the security officers yelled
while shrinking back in a true cowardly fashion.

However, his threat did not work on Jonathan, whose only response was to march forward and grab the
security officer’s hair, pushing his head down and kneeling him hard on the face.

With a loud thump, blood spurted out of the man’s nose and mouth.

Uncaring, Jonathan did not even pause to glance at the man before kicking the latter to the floor. He
then pinned the rest of the cowering security officers with a hard look. “It’s your turn now,” he told them.

The other men looked at one another with matching terrified expressions. “Run!” someone uttered.
Without another word, all of them turned on their heels and dashed toward the door.

However, there was no way Jonathan was letting them escape.

Before the security officers could even reach the door, they were being pulled back by Jonathan, who
threw each of them to the floor by the collar and immediately followed up with a kick to the chest.

The sound of ribs snapping could be heard as the security officers coughed out mouthfuls of blood and
fainted away.

In a matter of minutes, all of the security officers who had bullied and humiliated Alice had been taken
down. They lay unconscious on the floor, bloodied and bruised as if they were on the verge of dying.

Jonathan could not care less about the sorry state they were in. He still had unfinished business with
them. Without warning, he stomped down hard on a security officer’s wrist, which immediately cracked
under his foot.

Jonathan then moved on to his next target. Soon, all of the security officers had their wrists snapped by

The pain was enough to brutally jerk the men from their unconsciousness. The ICU was filled with their
howls of agony.

Jonathan paid no attention to their cries. Instead, he hurried to Alice’s side and helped her up. “Are you

“I-I’m fine,” Alice scrambled to get up. Without another word, she rushed to her parents and re-
intubated them with life support.

When the couple’s breathing evened, Alice breathed a sigh of relief. “Jon, thank goodness you’re here
in time! If you were to come a few minutes late, my parents might be…”

Tears sprang to her eyes. Unable to finish her sentence, she threw herself into Jonathan’s arms and
started weeping uncontrollably.

“Hey… It’s all right now. Don’t cry. I’ll make sure no one dares to hurt you again,” Jonathan said, patting
her gently on the back.

He cast his gaze at the man and woman in bed. It was the first time he had seen them in a decade.

They looked almost the same as they were in his memory, with the exception of having more grey hairs

Alice, on the other hand, looked much different than he remembered. The once bubbly, cheery little girl
had become a young woman who had a sallow complexion and was too skinny to be healthy.

Just then, a sharp voice sounded from the doorway all of a sudden. “Hey! What’s going on here!”

A doctor, who was a middle-aged man, came into the ICU with an annoyed look.

His expression was a mixture of surprise and anger as he stared at the fallen security officers. “Who
did this to you?”

The security officers struggled to point at Jonathan. “It was him!”

“Who are you and what do you think you’re doing?” The doctor turned to Jonathan and immediately
started telling the latter off. “You can’t just barge into the ICU without permission!”

He then shifted his attention back to the security officers. “And you! What a bunch of useless buffoons,
getting defeated by just one man!” he spat angrily. “What’re all of you still doing here? Go call the police
right now!”

The security officers had neither the strength nor courage for a rebuttal. They struggled to get up and
limped out the door. Once they had left, the doctor realized, much to his displeasure, that Jonathan had
not been intimidated in the least. “Hey, did you hear what I said just now?” he sneered at the latter.
“You’re in deep trouble now!”

“Is this the man who had your parents thrown out of the ICU?” Jonathan asked Alice while looking at
the doctor calmly.

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