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Chapter 228

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The Legendary Man

Let Go Of Her

“Just something minor I need to take care of,” Jonathan said, bending to press a kiss on Josephine’s
forehead. He then gave her a gentle hug. “Wait for me at home, okay? This won’t take long.”

“Should I come with you?” Though she did not know what had happened, she could tell from the
serious look on Jonathan’s face that it was probably something serious.

“No, don’t worry about it.” He stroked her hair, smiling lightly. “Just wait for me at home.”

Without another moment to lose, Jonathan headed toward the door in large strides. Minutes later, the
roar of the car engine sounded from outside. The car zoomed out in a flash of red, disappearing into
the distance.

At Heart’s Hospital in Cranur, the emergency room was at its maximum capacity. As the county’s only
tertiary hospital, it was not unusual for the emergency room to be filled with patients. In addition, the
hospital was also the only establishment in the county to have an ICU.

The ICU only consisted of nine beds, two of which were currently occupied by a man and woman
dressed in hospital gowns. Both of them had multiple injuries scattered across their bodies. Their
heads, too, were swathed in layers of bandages.

They lay unconscious and were placed on life support with oxygen tubes inserted into their noses.

It was clear that the two of them had been in a coma for a long time.

Outside of the ICU, a pale-looking girl in a white dress was talking to the doctor with a pleading
expression on her face.

Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, and there were dark circles under them. The pallid look was a
result of many sleepless nights and skipped meals.

“Please, doctor, just give us one more day. M-My brother will be here with the money soon!” the girl
beseeched. “My parents are still in a coma. You can’t move them out of the ICU!”

The doctor remained unmoved in spite of the girl’s tear-streaked face and her piteous pleading. “That’s
enough. I don’t have time for your nonsense,” he barked impatiently. “This is a hospital, not some
marketplace where you could bargain. You have ten minutes to make the payments. If the money’s not
in by then, you’ll just have to suffer the consequences.”

After saying that, the doctor gestured to the security officers who were with him. “Watch the girl,” he
instructed. “If she doesn’t pay up, get that couple out of the ICU immediately! Got it?”


With batons in hand, the security officers quickly formed a line in front of the ICU entrance.

“Doctor, please…” The girl’s eyes were filled with panic and despair. She fell to her knees in front of the
doctor, crying. “Please give me some more time. I swear I’ll pay!”

“Get out of my way.” The sight of the kneeling girl did not spark any sympathy in the doctor. Rather, he
snorted coldly and kicked her aside. “You can’t be in the ICU if you can’t afford it,” he spat. “A bunch of

The doctor then walked past the girl without sparing another glance at her.

Despite witnessing the scene, none of the onlookers stepped in to help the girl, knowing that they did
not have the capacity to be charitable.

After all, the hospital was a bottomless pit that was forever demanding one to sink more money into it.
There were cases every year where patients died simply because they could not afford the expensive
medical care.

Compassion and empathy were worth nothing in a place like this.

For those who had stayed in the hospital long enough, such an occurrence was nothing new to them
and they had already grown accustomed to seeing it happen once every few days.

“Sorry, miss. Time’s up.” Soon, ten minutes had passed. The security officers flashed their batons and
got ready to enter the ICU to execute the doctor’s orders.

“No! You can’t!” The girl rushed forward and blocked their path, standing resolutely in front of the door
with outstretched arms.

The head of security frowned. “Move!”

“No! I won’t!” The girl stood her ground, not moving an inch.

The other’s expression darkened. “Restrain her now!” He told his subordinates plainly.

The girl’s strength was simply no match against that of several security officers. In less than a minute,
she was being forcefully dragged aside by the men, all the while kicking and screaming.

“Let go of me!” she yelled. However, it fell on deaf ears.

The security officers were used to handling such matters in the hospital. Inwardly, they were even
scoffing at the girl’s antics. If they can’t pay up, they gotta move. The hospital is not a charity!

The ICU doors opened with a bang. The security officers barged in and started pulling the oxygen
tubes out of the unconscious couple without hesitation.

The girl, who was still struggling in their clutches, collapsed helplessly to the floor as if all of her
strength had been sapped away.

“Please! Don’t move my parents!” she wailed. “They’re in a coma! You’ll kill them if you take away their
oxygen supply! This is murder!”

She cried till her voice was hoarse, but the security officers did not even bat an eye. They were doing
what the hospital paid them to do and could not be bothered with anything else.

The moment the oxygen supply was cut off, the couple’s breathing began to wane. They spasmed on
the beds, their bodies struggling but failing to take in more air. As the seconds ticked by, their faces
were beginning to take on an ashen hue.

It seemed that they would suffocate to death at any moment.

The security officers did not halt their movements. Their faces were expressionless as they moved on
to remove the patients’ IV drip tubes and other catheters.

When that was done, they hoisted up the couples’ limp bodies, ready to throw them out of the ICU.

It was then that the girl, with a sudden burst of strength, managed to break free of her captives’ hold.
She charged into the ICU in a frenzy. “Stop! Stop it right now! Don’t touch them!”

The girl lunged, using her body to shield her parents.

“Get lost!” The head of security snarled, kicking her solidly in the stomach.

She stumbled and fell, face twisted in pain and anguish.

“What are you still waiting for?” The head of security snorted coldly. “Hurry up and throw her out!”

The other security officers immediately closed in on the girl, who was trembling in fear. Her knees
buckled and she collapsed once again, sprawling helplessly on the floor.

Her eyes were filled with despair. “Jon, where are you?” she sobbed.

There was nothing she could do as the security officers grabbed her by the hair and dragged her

Crushed by the hopelessness of the situation, she had given up on fighting back, knowing that no
matter how much she resisted, she would still get tossed out in the end.

Just as she had become resigned to her fate, a familiar voice rang in the room.

“Let go of her!”

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