Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 226

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The Legendary Man

Is He Impotent

The night passed in the blink of an eye.

When the sky was gradually brightening, Josephine found herself nestled in Jonathan’s arms at some
point in time like a kitten.

In an instant, her face flushed bright red. Recalling the events last night, she hurriedly lowered her
head and glanced at herself, only to see that she was still wearing the gown from last night.

Everything was intact, and she didn’t feel any soreness either.

Oh, he didn’t take advantage of me after I fell asleep last night. In fact, he didn’t even remove my

At that thought, she couldn’t help blushing once more.

I had braced myself to give myself to him last night, but the alcohol went to my head, and I drifted off
unknowingly while a tad tipsy.

As she remembered Jonathan’s tormented look the night before, she inexorably burst into giggles.

In turn, her laughter had the man rolling over and pulling her into his arms, his slight stubble abrading
her face.

Wrinkling her nose, she wiggled out of his embrace and went to the bathroom for a shower.

When she stepped out of the bathroom, Jonathan was still sleeping soundly, so she went downstairs
after changing into her pajamas.

Connor was reading the newspaper in the living room downstairs while Margaret was bustling about in
the kitchen, seemingly making soup.

Meanwhile, Emmeline had returned from campus and was scrolling through her phone with her head

The second Margaret spotted Josephine descending the stairs, she quickly rushed out of the kitchen.
“You’re up, Josephine? Where’s Jonathan? Is he still asleep?”


Josephine eyed her dubiously, for she simply couldn’t shake off the feeling that Margaret was acting
strangely that day.

“Let him sleep, then. Don’t wake him. Not only did he drink quite a bit last night, but he even exerted
himself out the whole night. So, let him rest for a while. I made some soup for him. Carry it over to him
when he wakes up!”

“What are you saying, Mom?” When Josephine heard her speaking of Jonathan exerting himself out
the whole night, crimson bloomed on her face as she reflexively recalled the scene where he pinned
her under him last night.

She could feel her face flaming at just the mere thought of it.

Noticing her flushed cheeks, Margaret mistook it as her being embarrassed. “I’ve experienced it myself,
so you don’t need to hide such a thing from me! Wasn’t I a maiden like you in the past?”


At her remark, the shade of crimson on Josephine’s face deepened.

“All right, I’ll stop speaking of it. Anyway, hurry up and have a child while I’m still young so that I can
help to take care of the child in the future!”

The couple had only been married for a day, but Margaret was already yearning for a grandchild.

At that, Josephine murmured with her face burning hotly, “Don’t run your mouth, Mom! N-Nothing
happened between us last night…”

When instant Margaret heard that, her eyes instantly went wide. “Nothing happened? Why? Is he
impotent, or did you forbid him from touching you?”

“Mom!” Josephine couldn’t help shooting her a glare. “Lower your voice!”

“What exactly happened?” Margaret demanded in a whisper, lowering her voice.

“I was sloshed last night and accidentally fell asleep,” Josephine admitted, her face stained crimson.

Upon hearing that answer, Margaret jabbed a finger at her head. “You brat! You actually slipped into
slumber on your wedding night and left Jonathan to spend the night alone?”

“Weren’t you adamant about not allowing him to touch me all this while, Mom?” Josephine studied her
dubiously, finding her all the more peculiar as she did so.

In the past, she always watched us like a hawk whenever we shared a room. Why did she change out
of the blue today?

Surprisingly, Margaret shot daggers at her. “That’s in the past! How could that be the same with the
present, brat?”

“How is it different?” Josephine inquired.

“In the past…”

Margaret opened her mouth, but she didn’t dare speak the truth.

After all, Jonathan previously warned everyone not to tell Josephine his true identity…

Otherwise, the penalty would be death.

“What about the past?” Josephine asked when she noticed Margaret faltering.

“N-Nothing!” Margaret shook her head. Glancing at the kitchen, she hastily changed the subject. “Oh
no, the food is getting burnt!”

Right after saying that, she took to her heels.

Josephine’s brows furrowed at her odd behavior. She then walked over to Emmeline. Emmeline, on the
other hand, casually lifted her eyes when she caught sight of the former and murmured, “Where’s my

“Your brother-in-law?”

Astonishment showed on Josephine’s face when she heard that address, for other than Margaret, the
person who detested Jonathan most in the family was Emmeline.

Yet, she’s referring to Jonathan as her brother-in-law today?

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” Emmeline eyed her strangely upon seeing her utter surprise.

“Didn’t you loathe to acknowledge him as your brother-in-law in the past?” Josephine wondered in

In response, Emmeline rolled her eyes and countered, “That’s in the past! Now that you’re both
married, how else am I to refer to him if not my brother-in-law?”

“When did you become so obedient?” Josephine regarded her in perplexity.

From what I remember, this sister of mine is no angel. In the past, she was the main culprit in playing
Jonathan for a fool!

“People grow up!” Emmeline curled her lips without giving voice to her true thoughts.

Ultimately, she promised Jonathan that she would never breathe a word about the incident that night to

“I’m glad to hear that!” Josephine couldn’t resist patting her on the head. But just as she was about to
speak further, Jonathan, who had come downstairs at some time, spotted her and greeted, “Darling!”


At the sight of him, Emmeline promptly put her phone down.

Margaret also hurried out of the kitchen at that exact moment and looked at Jonathan with a bright
smile. “You’re up, Jonathan? Quick, have a seat! I’ve made some soup. You must be hungry after
drinking quite a bit last night.”

Rubbing his stomach, Jonathan smirkingly cast Josephine a glance and remarked, “I was dead tired
last night!”

“Zip it, Jonathan!”

The moment Josephine heard that, she shot daggers at him.

“Okay, whatever you say!” At her irate expression, Jonathan docilely zipped his mouth. Just then,
Margaret placed a bowl of soup in front of him. “Try this soup I made, Jonathan.”


After Jonathan took it, she glowered at Josephine. “Why are you still sitting there, doing nothing? Go
and get a spoon, quick! How inconsiderate!”

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