Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 225

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The Legendary Man

A Bounty

“What’s the condition?” Jonathan’s brows scrunched together.

“You’re to divorce Josephine Smith!” Loretta stated coldly.

“Never!” Jonathan declined without the slightest hesitation.

Upon hearing that, Loretta uttered frostily, “Jonathan, you’ll be the only third-generation heir of the
Goldstein family after you return to the fold! The blood of the Goldstein family flows in your veins, so a
woman from a third-rate family is unworthy of being your wife!”

“Was this what you said when my mother married into the Goldstein family back then?” Jonathan
sneered all of a sudden.

When I was young, I heard countless stories of how they made life difficult for Mom after she married
into the Goldstein family back then. And now, they want to poke their noses into my affairs?

The instant his words fell, Loretta harrumphed. “That girl from the Smith family can’t hold a candle to
your mother! No matter how poor Elizabeth’s background was, she was a superstar at the very least!
But what about that Smith girl? What else does she have going for her other than her above-average

She seemed to harbor great prejudice against Josephine, for contempt shone distinctly in her eyes as
she spoke of the latter. She then declared, “I’ve already arranged a marriage for you in Yaleview with
the eldest daughter of the Zeller family. Marry her after you return!”

Hearing that, Jonathan frowned and questioned, “The Zeller family, one of the four prominent families
in Yaleview?”

Loretta nodded, enunciating, “Yes! As long as you marry her, the Goldstein and Zeller families will be
forming a strong union to achieve greater heights! Then, the Goldstein family will have the opportunity
to be the true forerunner among the four prominent families in Yaleview!”

While saying that, a glimmer of desire flickered in her eyes.

Being the head of the four prominent families in Yaleview was her lifelong dream.

Likewise, it was also that of the Goldstein family.

I’ve waited for this day for decades!

“I’m not interested in that,” Jonathan abruptly stated when she still had stars in her eyes.

That utterance was undoubtedly a bucket of cold water to Loretta, and her expression promptly went

Her gaze similarly turned frosty, and she gaped at him with utter incredulity as though she had heard
something inconceivable. “What did you just say, Jonathan? Do you know what you’re saying?”

In response, Jonathan swept a dispassionate gaze over her and drawled, “I know exactly what I’m
saying. It’s you who can’t understand my words. I said, I’m not interested. I have no interest in the
eldest daughter of the Zeller family or the Goldstein family, much less in being the forerunner of the four
prominent families in Yaleview!”

What’s so great about the eldest daughter of the Zeller family or being the head of the four prominent
families in Yaleview and the only heir to the Goldstein family? They’re entirely useless to me, and I
don’t give a whit about it in the least!

If I want it, legions of ladies from prominent families will jump onto my bed with a mere hook of my
finger. Even if they won’t have any rightful status or can only be my mistress, they’ll still throw
themselves at me! Yet, the eldest daughter of the Zeller family wants to take Josephine’s place and be
my wife instead? She isn’t worthy of that!

“Do you know what you’re turning down, Jonathan? Are you aware of what it means once the Goldstein
and Zeller families join forces?” Loretta glowered at him, the look in her eyes making it seem as though
she was looking at a useless wastrel.

She barked, “It means that the Goldstein family is going to be spearheading the four prominent families
in Yaleview! It also means that the Goldstein family will be ruling supreme over the city and even
control half of Chanaea! Other than Asura’s Office, no one will be our match in the whole of Chanaea!
Do you understand that?”

In contrast to her emotional state, Jonathan wore an indifferent expression. “So what? I’m not
interested even if you give me the whole of Yaleview, let alone the mere position of forerunner of the
four prominent families in Yaleview!”

After saying that, he could no longer be bothered to say another word to her, thus whirled around to

Before doing so, he warned, “Also, I don’t want to see you in Jadeborough anymore in the days to
come. If I do, you won’t be leaving the city alive! While I’m at it, let me also remind you that if the
Goldstein family dares to harass Josephine again, there’s no longer need for the Goldstein family to

Back then, I only spared the Goldstein family when I wiped out all the prominent families in Yaleview
because of old times’ sake. If I hadn’t seen the bouquet of flowers before my parent’s grave, the

Goldstein family would’ve long since been razed to the ground by the Four Asura Guards! As such,
they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to waste my time here right now!

“How unfilial! What a wretched creature! How did the Goldstein family beget such an unfilial
descendant?” Loretta shook with rage as she stared at the man’s retreating back.

He’d rather be a worthless live-in son-in-law in Jadeborough than to follow me back and be the heir of
the Goldstein family! What did the Goldstein family do to deserve having such a useless piece of trash?

At that precise moment, a burly man in black behind her suddenly came forward and suggested, “Mrs.
Goldstein, how about I just…”

He didn’t finish his utterance but mimed slitting his throat.


The second his words fell, Loretta struck him across the face.

“An outsider has no right to interfere in the matter of the Goldstein family! If you dare do the same in
the future, I’ll kill you!”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Goldstein!”

Following that slap, the burly man in black instantly took a step back and dared not utter a single word

Throwing him a glacial look, Loretta ordered, “Clean the mess! We’re going back to Yaleview tonight!”


Upon receiving their orders, the few burly men in black swiftly stepped forward and disposed of the
corpse on the ground.

While they were doing so, Loretta cast her gaze in the direction of Edenic Heights chillingly. In a cold
voice, she muttered, “You won’t return with me, huh, Jonathan? All right, don’t blame me for being
ruthless then!”

Right after saying that, she turned to the few burly men in black and instructed, “When we arrive back
in Yaleview, put out a bounty for me. Whoever kills Josephine Smith may seek me out and collect a
reward of a million anytime! No, make that eight million! Whoever kills Josephine Smith may seek me
out and collect a reward of eight million anytime!”

“Understood, Mrs. Goldstein!”

The burly men in black exchanged glances when they heard that, upon which they glimpsed a glint of
greed in each other’s eyes.

Eight million is payment enough to assassinate a high-ranking official from abroad. Yet, the Goldstein
family is offering a reward of eight million to kill a weak and defenseless woman!

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