Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 223

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The Legendary Man

Wedding Night

“That’s true…” Josephine agreed with Jonathan’s remark.

If it were a few months ago, she might doubt his character or even believe Ysobel’s lie.

However, as she spent more time with him and understood him better, she grew to question the truth of
Ysobel’s claim back then.

He has the Vanquisher King of War backing him up, and even Randall, the mayor of Jadeborough, acts
all submissive with him. Would a man like him go for a hooker by the roadside for a hundred? That’s
impossible! After all, he can have any woman he wants!

“So, why did she slander you?” Josephine burrowed into Jonathan’s arms, just like a kitten.

Rubbing his stubble, Jonathan reckoned, “Perhaps she envied you, jealous that you found such a
handsome husband!”


In response, Josephine rolled her eyes at him.

She had no idea of her infinite allure to the man right that moment. Coupled with her cheeks that were
stained crimson and her glazed eyes, she looked exceedingly adorable and sensual.

In a flash, Jonathan’s control snapped, and he pounced on her.


Before Josephine could brace herself, the man had already pinned her beneath him.

All that followed was a feminine cry.

She was pulled under the covers, upon which the atmosphere in the room turned risqué in the blink of
an eye.

“I’m scared, Jonathan.”

“Why are you scared?”

“I’m scared of the pain.”

“Don’t be afraid, for it won’t hurt.”

“Don’t lie to me! Books always say that it hurts badly. Will you tell me a story, Jonathan?”

“What story do you want to listen to?”

“Your story when you were in the military.”

Th entire room was pitch dark.

Jonathan had long since turned off the lights sometime or other, but just when he was about to flip over
and enter her, she requested that he tell her a story out of the blue.

Only God knows how tormenting it was for a man at such a time, especially for a man who hadn’t been
with any women for years.

Asking him to stop at that very moment was even crueler than killing him outright.

“Okay, I’ll tell you my story if you want to listen to it.” Left with no other choice, Jonathan rolled back
over and flopped onto the bed.

Upon hearing that, Josephine stifled a giggle and nestled into his arms.

“I just knew that you’re the best!” Flipping over, she sprawled on his chest and pecked him on the lips.

That simple action almost had Jonathan’s desire exploding once more.

He gritted his teeth and suppressed his desire before he started narrating his story. “The story begins
from three years back. Three years ago, I accidentally broke into a military camp. I later went to battle
everywhere with Asura to restore peace to the nations. It wasn’t until after the world was peaceful that I
retired from the military and returned to Jadeborough…”

He continued telling his story while keeping a tight rein on his desire. However, Josephine had actually
drifted off at some time, sprawled on his chest.

Soon, her even breathing drifted into his ears.

Stroking her head in exasperation, he tucked the covers around her and left the room with a cigarette in

Since she has married me, I’m in no rush to consummate our marriage. I’ve already waited for four
years, so what’s another day or two?

Nevertheless, a wave of depression washed over him at the thought that other people’s wedding night
was filled with bliss and pleasure while he only had a cigarette keeping him company.


Lighting the cigarette, he put on a jacket before striding out of No. 1 Villa.

A while later, he stopped at the gate of Edenic Heights.

The sky was already pitch dark, and the chill from the cold wind that blew past had one shivering.
Puffing away, Jonathan stalked toward a black car in the distance.

Bang, bang, bang!

He pounded on the window of black car.

Following the loud raps, the car window of the black car rolled down slowly.

Sitting in the car was a middle-aged man in a black suit.

“How may I help you?” The middle-aged man looked at Jonathan in puzzlement.

Casting him a blasé glance, Jonathan sneered, “All right, drop the act. You’ve been tailing me all the
way. Do you really think I’m that ignorant? Well? Who sent you to tail me?”

“You must have gotten the wrong person. I just happened to pass by here.” The middle-aged man
wanted to deny it further, but Jonathan’s gaze abruptly turned chilly. “I’m only giving you three seconds.
If you still refuse to speak the truth, I don’t mind making it so that you can’t speak for the rest of your

Right after saying that, his hand shot beyond the car window, and he grabbed the middle-aged man by
the neck.

In a cold voice, he started, “Three! Two! One!”

The instant the final figure rang out, he slammed the middle-aged man’s head into the car window by
the neck.

A bang split the air, and the car window shattered into smithereens.

In a heartbeat, blood gushed out of the middle-aged man’s head.

With his gaze as frosty as ever, Jonathan demanded, “Talk! Who sent you?”

Still, the middle-aged man gritted his teeth and staunchly denied it. “N-No one sent me!” Alas, just as
his words fell, Jonathan grabbed his neck and twisted hard. A crack pierced the air, and his neck

In the blink of an eye, the middle-aged man who was still gasping for breath earlier was no longer

At that exact moment, a woman’s voice rang out behind Jonathan. “Don’t kill him! I sent him to tail you!”

Nonetheless, Jonathan slowly dropped his hold from the middle-aged man’s neck and turned around

“It’s too late. He’s already dead.”

“How dare you, Jonathan?”

When his words fell into the ears of the woman behind him, her expression abruptly changed. Likewise,
Jonathan’s expression changed the moment he glimpsed her countenance.

“It’s you?”

Standing behind him was an elderly woman with gray hair.

While she was up in years, she maintained her looks well.

After all, it was pretty unbelievable that she hadn’t any wrinkles on her face despite her age.

Wearing a long black dress, she exuded a sense of chilliness even as a trace of fury showed on her

Behind her were a dozen burly men in black suits who all stared at Jonathan fixedly.

It was as though they would immediately take his life if he were to make a wrong move.

“Why are you here?” Jonathan glanced at the elderly woman placidly with an utterly indifferent gaze.

Forcefully suppressing her wrath, the elderly woman—Loretta Thompson—eyed him and declared, “I
heard that you were getting married today, so I purposely came here from Yaleview to attend your
wedding. Aren’t you going to invite me into your house for a cup of tea?”

However, Jonathan declined without an ounce of hesitation, “That’s unnecessary. My house is too
shabby, thus unsuited to receive such noble guests from the Goldstein family.”

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