Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 222

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The Legendary Man

This Is Also My First Time

“Hmm?” A faint murmur sounded in the car, and Josephine opened her eyes groggily.

Her gaze was all the more glassy, for she hadn’t sobered up at all although half an hour had passed.
Instead, the alcohol had then gone to her head.

“We’re home, lazybones!” Jonathan reached out and tapped the tip of her nose.

“I’m no lazybones!”

Josephine languidly propped herself up against the man and straightened up swayingly. Just when she
was about to swing open the car door and climb out, Jonathan scooped her up and carried her into the

“What are you doing, Jonathan? There’s someone else here!”

Crimson stained Josephine’s cheeks at the sudden bridal carry.

“Who would dare look?” Jonathan glanced back over his shoulder, only to see that the young man in a
black suit had astutely turned his back to them, not daring to steal even a peek.

Only after hearing the door slam shut at the mansion did the young man dare to whirl around and climb
back into the car.

In the mansion, everyone had long since made themselves scarce.

Margaret and Connor had gone back to their room, leaving the newlyweds alone in the relatively
spacious living room.

“Would you like to have some water?” Jonathan placed Josephine down onto the couch before he
straightened to go and pour her a glass of water.

But just as he was doing so, Josephine grabbed at him. “No, I’m not thirsty.”

Right then, her eyes were glazed, and her face flushed bright red. Even her breathing was slightly

Perhaps she had no idea how enticing she was to Jonathan at that very moment.

“Darling, you’d better not tease me in such a manner. Otherwise, I can’t promise whether I’ll ravish you
on the spot!” Smirking, Jonathan leaned close to her. He then dipped his head and captured her lips.

Josephine went limp at the unexpected assault, and her breathing promptly sped up.

“S-Stop it… We’re in the living room here… It’ll be bad if Mom and Dad happen upon us…”

Despite having had quite some liquor and was pretty sloshed, she still maintained her last shred of

We’re in the living room here, so how am I going to hold my head up anymore in public if Mom catches
us red-handed?

“Then… Shall we go to your room or mine?”

Jonathan smiled down at her, making her lower her head at once, not daring to look him in the eye.

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll assume that you’re going with the second option.” Upon seeing that she
was keeping her head hung without saying anything, he scooped her up and headed toward his room
on the second floor.

Josephine naturally struggled, but she couldn’t possibly break free from him with her puny strength.

Just when she was about to start struggling again, Jonathan slapped her on the bottom. “Don’t blame
me if you wake your parents up with your continual struggles.”


Josephine almost wailed in pain, but she could only bite her lip in fear of waking Margaret and Connor.
She glowered at the man resentfully.

Her aggravated gaze lit a blazing inferno within Jonathan, and he just about lost control right then and


Kicking the door open, he tossed her onto the massive bed, garnering a surprised shriek from her.

That was Josephine’s first time entering Jonathan’s room.

Hmm, it’s clean and tidy with a faint hint of cigarette smoke. It’s not messy or reeking of some peculiar
stench as I expected. Instead, there’s only the rich aroma of manly musk.

“What are you looking at?” Jonathan pushed her onto the bed when he noticed her darting her eyes


As they were truly alone in the room then, nerves suddenly assailed Josephine.

All her life, she had never been in a room alone with an unknown man.

The only time that happened was when Margaret kicked Jonathan out of the house, and they slept in
the same room.

However, Jonathan took the floor while she slept on the bed then.

“Why are you scared? It’s not like I’m going to devour you!” Glimpsing her nervous expression,
Jonathan couldn’t resist flipping over and pinning her beneath him.

His heavy breathing had Josephine’s heartbeat racing.

Although she had long since expected that moment to come, she was still so apprehensive when it was
time that words eluded her.

“Jonathan, you—”

Josephine wanted to say something, but Jonathan stopped her with a kiss.


Her soft moan instantly sparked Jonathan’s desire, and her silent struggles triggered his urge to
conquer her.

His hand started brushing down her back, slowly traveling down to her waist before moving to her long
and slender legs.

The soft and supple sensation had his fingers trembling slightly.

The moment his fingers came into contact with her skin, Josephine’s body shuddered violently.

“Jonathan, I-I’m a tad afraid…” Biting her lip, Josephine gazed at Jonathan with red-rimmed eyes. At
the sight of her pitiable expression, Jonathan immediately stopped everything he was doing.

Unbeknownst to Josephine, her posture at that very moment was most effective in enkindling a man’s
alpha tendencies.

No man would be bereft of the desire to dominate a woman pinned beneath him, and Jonathan was no

“What’s wrong?” Jonathan gently caressed her face.

“I don’t know. I just feel somewhat scared…” Josephine was so nervous that her body had been
quivering nonstop. Such an experience was new to her.

She had heard about it in the past, but when she was experiencing it in person then, she found herself
so terrified that she trembled all over.

“Will you please hold me, Jonathan?” She reached out and hugged him around the waist gently, hoping
that it might give her a sense of security.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m always by your side.” Flipping over, Jonathan pulled her into his embrace.

“Jonathan, I heard that the first time hurts badly. Is that true?” Josephine rested in his arms with her
head against his chest.

She could hear his heartbeat clearly, and it was hammering away.

In other words, she could sense his desire and also his restraint.

At her question, exasperation crept onto Jonathan’s features. “How would I know? This is also my first

“Really?” Josephine eyed him dubiously, making it abundantly clear that she didn’t believe him. “Then,
why did I hear from Ysobel that you solicited the services of a roadside hooker for a hundred?”

All at once, Jonathan turned morose. “How could you believe her? Even if I were starving, I wouldn’t go
for a roadside stall for a hundred, would I?”

Throughout the years, countless women wanted to sleep with me, be it smooth and slick socialites,
wealthy heiresses, or superstars with international renown. Yet, I’ve never spared them a single glance.
I knew full well their intentions, and though I could’ve given them their hearts’ desires with a flick of my
finger, I never gave them the slightest opportunity!

And all that was for no other reason than him knowing that a woman was waiting for him somewhere
for three long years!

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