Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 221

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The Legendary Man

Mister Goldstein

The wedding only ended at a little over ten o’clock at night.

It was as though the four men in black robes who appeared out of the blue had never been there, for
they only stayed for a few minutes before they disappeared without a trace.

No one saw their true countenances, much less discerned their gender beneath the masks.

All they knew was that the four people came from that mysterious and terrifying place—Asura’s Office.

“I’ll drive you home, Mr. Goldstein!” Zachary promptly rushed forward when the wedding was drawing to
an end, wishing to drive Jonathan home personally.

His face was pale, making it clear that he had imbibed quite a bit.

Nonetheless, he wasn’t the least bit intoxicated.

Considering his high alcohol tolerance, he wouldn’t be affected in the slightest even if he were to drink
a few more bottles of wine, let alone the paltry amount he had consumed.

In response, Jonathan waved a dismissive hand. “No, thanks. I’ll be fine going home alone. Also, you
can dismiss the soldiers outside the entrance. After tonight, lead your troops back to your respective

The four Kings of War commandeered a hundred thousand Asura Guards, all guarding a cardinal
direction each.

As the Turner family had been wiped out and Jazona bathed in blood, it was time for them to return.

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!”

Without further ado, Zachary lifted his hand and saluted the man before leaving briskly.

After his departure, Terrence, Dorian, and Reaper stepped forward one by one and saluted Jonathan
wordlessly before they left as well.

Subsequently, it was Kingstone’s turn.

However, the man was in no hurry to leave. Instead, he looked at Jonathan with guilt and self-
recrimination written all over his face. “Mr. Goldstein, I have no excuse that such a colossal mess
happened in Jazona. After tonight, I’ll voluntarily resign my post as the governor of Jazona. Please
accept my resignation, Mr. Goldstein!”

A cosmic mess transpired in Jazona, with the Turner family stepping all over him and even kidnapping
Josephine’s family, yet I didn’t know anything despite being the governor of Jazona. Even if he doesn’t
order me to resign, I’m too ashamed to continue holding that post!

When Jonathan heard that, his gaze abruptly went chilly. “I don’t want to hear such words a second
time. When you go back, you’ll be forfeited a year’s salary and prohibited from being promoted within
three years in addition to an extra year of probation. If anything happens in Jazona again within the
year, you don’t need to tender your resignation to me. Just go and stay at Northern Crimson Prison!”

“Mr. Goldstein, I…”

Kingstone wanted to say something else, but a glare from Jonathan had him instantly zipping his


With just a look, Kingstone didn’t dare argue further.

When the people there witnessed that scene, they all trembled in fear, and their legs almost gave out.

The owner of Velarium Hotel, Xayden, almost fell to his knees with a thud at that sight.

Who is Kingstone Warhol? He’s the governor of Jazona, his power so vast in the entire state that he’s
only second to Zachary Lint! But in front of Jonathan, he doesn’t even dare utter a single word of
protest. There’s only one person in this world who can intimidate him so greatly that he dares not

“I should be leaving as well, Mr. Goldstein.” At that precise moment, Luna tactfully took her leave.

Why would I stay here when the Kings of War, Lieutenant Reaper, and Kingstone have left? I don’t
want to be the third wheel!

Mischievously throwing Jonathan a wink, she added, “Also, don’t work too hard tonight. Ms. Smith is
dainty and delicate, so don’t bully her!”

Despite having guessed his identity, she didn’t show it in the slightest.

That was how intelligent she was.

There are plenty of people who fear him in this world, but few who dare to joke with him. Endless
flattery will only repulse him, so why not do things another way and feign ignorance? Perhaps that will
leave a good impression on him!

“I’ll have someone drive you home,” Jonathan offered casually.

Luna shook her head, declining, “No, it’s okay, Mr. Goldstein. I’m not so beautiful that villains will want
to take advantage of me.”

Having said that, she sashayed away on her seductive high heels.

In a heartbeat, Jonathan and Josephine were the only ones left in the hotel that was incredibly lively

It was plain as day that Josephine had poor alcohol tolerance. She merely drank a glass of red wine
just now, but she was already looking tipsy with her eyes glassy and a blush staining her neck to the tip
of her ears.

Even her gaze had turned a touch glazed.

“I hope you’re not inebriated?” Jonathan quietly walked over to Josephine and wrapped an arm around
her slender waist.

The sensation felt as though he was touching silk, smooth and velvety.


Josephine shook her head, her eyes unfocused. She was about to get her feet, only to sway and
inadvertently fall into the man’s arms.

“And you said you’re not inebriated, huh?” Chortling, Jonathan stroked her head before helping her up
from the chair. “How do you feel? Do you want me to carry you home?”

At that, Josephine shook her head profusely. “No! I’m wearing a wedding gown, so I’m going to flash
others if you carry me out, no? If someone sees something…”

Even though she was a smidge tipsy, she was still worried that she would flash someone her assets.

Hearing that, Jonathan couldn’t help chuckling. “Who would dare? You’re my wife, so no one would
dare do so.”

Josephine rolled her eyes at him and placed her hand on his arm. “But what if someone dares to do
so? Just support me for a bit.”

“It’s a touch cold outside.”

While saying that, Jonathan slipped off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders.

Outside the hotel, gusts of autumn wind swept past incessantly.

The biting wind was so chilly that one shivered at it.

That was especially true for Josephine, who was in a wedding gown. When the cold wind hit her, she
reflexively plastered herself against Jonathan, quivering.

No sooner had they stepped out of the hotel than a black car drove up to them.

A young man in a black suit swiftly got out of the car and opened the car door for them. “Mr. Goldstein,
I’m here to drive both of you back on Mr. Warhol’s orders.”

“Got it.”

Nodding, Jonathan helped Josephine into the back seat.

Throughout the drive, there wasn’t a single car to be seen. The whole stretch of road was empty with
neither pedestrians nor vehicles.

Theirs was the only car on the road.

Half an hour later, the car came to a stop before No. 1 Villa in Edenic Heights.

Dim lights still lit the mansion from the inside.

Meanwhile, Josephine was breathing evenly in the car.

As Jonathan gazed at the woman who had fallen asleep sometime in his arms, his lips curved upward,
and he patted her on the back. “Wake up, lazybones. We’re home.”

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