Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 220

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The Legendary Man

Eight Kings of War

One of the men in black robes and masks glanced at Jonathan airily before replying, “How could we
possibly not attend your wedding? If Zachary hadn’t told us about it, we wouldn’t even have known that
you’re getting married today! Why, you’ve forgotten about Asura’s Office just after leaving for a year?”

Asura’s Office?

When those two words drifted into the air, everyone there broke out in cold sweat.

After all, Asura’s Office was a name that only existed in legends.

Rumor had it that Asura’s Office was established by Asura himself and was immensely powerful, even
more so than the four Kings of War.

No one knew the reason for its existence or its field of power.

In fact, they couldn’t even be sure whether Asura’s Office was a building or a troop.

Nonetheless, that hadn’t the slightest bearing on the stark fear they harbored toward Asura’s Office.

Besides, it was also rumored that the world would descend into chaos if Asura’s Office were to make a
move, for they were the final stabilizing force in the world.

“You know I don’t like crowds.” Jonathan cast them a placid look before sweeping his gaze over
Zachary. At that mere glance, Zachary’s expression stiffened, and he felt a shiver running down his
spine. “I can explain, Mr. Goldstein—”

Just as he started speaking, Jonathan cut him off. “You don’t have to say anything. When the wedding
ends, follow Dorian back to Mysonna!”

“Mr. Goldstein, I—”

When Zachary heard the word Mysonna, goosebumps rose all over him.

Throwing him a chilly look, Jonathan interrupted him mid-utterance. “Zip it! If you dare utter another
word, you’ll be grounded for an additional month!”

In the blink of an eye, Zachary went silent without daring to say a single word further.

“Have a seat,” Jonathan offered, looking at the four black-robed men nonchalantly.

Hearing that, the four men took their seats.

When they were seated, Jonathan casually lit a cigarette and drawled, “Nothing happened at Asura’s
Office in the past year, yes?”

“It looks like our trip hasn’t been in vain. At the very least, you still remember Asura’s Office, Mr.
Goldstein.” Although the black-robed man’s face remained obscured, his voice overflowed with

At that, Jonathan inexorably shot him a glare. “Watch it! It’s not like the Asura’s Office had no idea
where I was in the past year.”

“Have you found it, Mr. Goldstein?” The black-robed man asked with his gaze trained on the man.

Jonathan shook his head, murmuring, “No. Who told you that it was at Northern Crimson Prison back

Likewise, the black-robed man shook his head. “It was just hearsay. But this time, we didn’t just come
to Jadeborough to attend your wedding. There’s something we want to tell you.”

“What is it?” Jonathan’s brows creased slightly.

“It’s a rumor about that item.” Subsequently, the black-robed man lowered his voice considerably.
“Leads are pointing to it being in a particular place in Yaleview, but we can’t be certain of the exact


The instant Jonathan heard that word, his brows knitted together into a deep frown.

That’s the last place I want to go. If it weren’t for the fact that Mom and Dad are buried there, I wouldn’t
want to step foot in Yaleview for the rest of my days!

Once he returned to that place, the past events ten years ago that he didn’t want to recall would
promptly pop up in his mind.

“Is that information reliable?” Jonathan demanded with a frown.

Shaking his head, the black-robed man admitted, “It’s uncertain, but the chances are thirty percent.”

Thirty percent?

To others, a thirty-percent possibility was exceedingly low. To Jonathan, however, that was already sky-

“I’ll make a trip back to Yaleview soon.” He made his decision in a split second.

I wasted an entire year at Northern Crimson Prison just to find it back then, so why would I care about a
few months after having thrown away a whole year?

“How about we go back with you?” The black-robed man was a tad surprised.

However, Jonathan declined with a shake of his head. “No, it’s okay. I’ll go back alone sometime soon.
It’s about time for me to visit their graves anyway.”

The moment that final statement rang out, the entire hall instantly plunged into silence.

Not a single person made a peep.

That was obviously Jonathan’s kryptonite, so they didn’t dare ask or mention it.

“Oh yes, what’s the situation like at Beshya right now?” Jonathan asked, glancing at the black-robed
man blithely.

“There isn’t much problem, so we don’t need to interfere.” Then, the black-robed man added
offhandedly, “I heard that the troops from West Region were terrified by the mere news that you’re still
alive that they retreated overnight to three hundred miles away. How great a trauma did you cause
them back then?”

“It was no big deal. I just killed a couple hundred thousand of them.” Jonathan’s expression was
indifferent, and his eyes even carried a trace of contempt.

It was as though that was some insignificant matter not worth mentioning to him.

But the second his words fell, dead silence reigned in the hall.

He just killed a couple hundred thousand of them? Just? And it was no big deal? What does that figure
mean? A single nudge from them all is sufficient to kill us, but it seems that they were merely ants to

Hearing Jonathan’s reply, the black-robed man couldn’t help shaking his head. “You’re still the same
even after all these years. Oh yes, will you be returning to Asura’s Office on your trip back this time?
You haven’t been back for a year now. Aren’t you worried that the people there won’t recognize you
anymore when you go back next time?”

“That doesn’t matter at all as long as they have the awareness to obey the Decree of Asura.” Jonathan
wasn’t the least bit bothered. Even back when he established Asura’s Office, he never planned to
manage it himself.

The world only knew that Asura’s Office might be a building or a troop, but they had no inkling that it
was a code.

Under that code were millions of elite soldiers that were all handpicked by him.

They were the cream of the crop he selected from the various Asura Guards and troops.

Compared to them, the Four Asura Guards who followed him into battle all over the world could only be
considered as privates.

With that said, the commander of these millions of elite soldiers was the four Kings of War who stayed
hidden in Asura’s Office for three whole years, unknown to the world.

The world knew that there were four Kings of War, but they had no idea that there were another four
Kings of War other than Terrence—the Cardinal King of War, Zachary—the Vanquisher King of War,
Dorian—the Excalibur King of War, and Kane—the Thunder King of War.

They kept their identities a secret and led the millions of elite soldiers to infiltrate all four corners of the

They answered to no one save the Decree of Asura.

Nobody knew that there were a total of eight Kings of War in this world, nor did they have any idea that
Jonathan had long since secretly dispatched the remaining four Kings of War to lead the millions of
elite soldiers into lying low all over the world back when he appointed the four Kings of War to maintain
peace in all four cardinal directions.

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