Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 219

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The Legendary Man

From The Office Of Asura

Jon? When everyone there heard that address, their hearts clenched in terror.

Who else in the whole of Chanaea dares to address Jonathan Goldstein as Jon other than him?

At the drop of a hat, their gazes brimmed with pity as they stared at Zachary.

“Why are you all looking at me so strangely?” Zachary queried densely upon glimpsing the look in their

At that, Terrence couldn’t resist glancing at him. “Why do you think? In this whole wide world, you’re the
first person who dares address him as Jon. I admire your guts. Well, as expected of the Vanquisher
King of War! Here, I’ll toast you! I’ll definitely visit your grave on this very day next year and toast you

Right after saying that, he lifted his wine glass and emptied it.

When he had done so, Dorian, Kingstone, and Reaper also raised their wine glasses and downed
everything without a word.

“We’ll toast you as well, drinking to your guts!”

Hearing their words, Zachary couldn’t help grumbling, “Your comments are making goosebumps rise all
over my skin. I’m not at fault since it was Mr. Goldstein who signaled me to play along with him!”

He naturally dared to speak the truth then as Jonathan and Josephine had left.

“Hah! He didn’t ask you to address him as Jon or to pat him on the shoulder! So, how did it feel to be
his superior?” Terrence drawled with a sneer.

“H-He isn’t that petty, right?” Zachary couldn’t help swallowing.

All of a sudden, panic deluged him.

“Who told you that he isn’t petty?” Curling his lips, Terrence whispered, “Did no one tell you that he
holds a grudge for a long time? You’re dead, Zachary!”

“I…” Zachary was just about to say something else when he noticed Kingstone, Dorian, Terrence, and
Reaper staring at him with a mournful look.

From their eyes, he could distinctly perceive an identical sentiment— “our condolences.”

Crap! I’m doomed!

“No, he won’t be so petty…” Shaking his head, he wanted to assuage himself. Alas, he abruptly caught
sight of Jonathan, who had walked off, suddenly making his way back.

The instant he spotted the man, he quickly greeted, “Mr. Goldstein!”

But before he had even finished speaking, Jonathan cut him off. “When you go back, head to Mysonna
and stay there for a month.”

“Mr. Goldstein, I—”

Zachary immediately panicked when he heard that. Unfortunately, he was again interrupted mid-
utterance. “One more word from you, and you’ll be grounded for another month!”

In a flash, he zipped his mouth in fright, not daring to utter a single word of protest.

At the sight of him being too terrified to speak, Terrence, Kingstone, Dorian, and Reaper looked at him
with mockery in their eyes.

If Jonathan weren’t there, they would have probably long since burst out laughing.

“Oh yes, the few of you are also confined for half a month when you return!” As soon as Jonathan’s
words rang out, the amusement of the few people who were holding back their laughter vanished in a
puff of smoke.

“Mr. Goldstein, why are we grounded as well?” The four men wore morose expressions on their faces.
We were just watching the show, so how did we get dragged into the mess?

“Didn’t you say that I’m petty and hold a grudge for a long time?”

Eyeing them coldly, Jonathan murmured, “Since you’ve said as much, how could I not confine you all
for half a month?”

All at once, the four men’s faces turned ashen, and none of them had any amusement left in them.

A little over an hour later, everyone was clinking glasses.

Outside the hotel, the dazzling display of fireworks continued.

Fireworks lighted up the entire sky for more than an hour, dyeing the sky a myriad of colors.

At just that moment, several men in black robes appeared in front of the hotel.

Not only were they wearing black robes, but they were also wearing black masks.

They exuded a mysterious aura from head to toe.

“Stop right there! Who are the lot of you?” The second they approached the hotel entrance, countless
soldiers in black armor blocked their paths.

At the same time, umpteen guns were pointed at them.

“We’re from Asura’s Office!”

A hoarse voice rang out from one of the black-robed men. Subsequently, the man lifted his right hand,
upon which a black and gold seal fell into his hand with a flick of his wrist.

Two words were engraved on that black and gold seal—Asura’s Office.

“You’re from Asura’s Office?” The moment the soldiers in black armor heard that reply, their
expressions changed. One of them took the seal from the black-robed man. After ascertaining that it
was the real deal, they all dropped to their knees and announced, “The Divine Dragon Guards at your
service, Sirs!”

“You may all rise.” The black-robed man waved a dismissive hand before asking mildly, “We’re not late,
are we? Has the wedding ended?”

“The wedding hasn’t ended, Sir!” the soldiers in black armor answered, not daring to lift their heads.

“I’m glad to hear that.”

The black-robed man seemingly breathed a sigh of relief after hearing that. Then, a few black
silhouettes flashed past and disappeared in a heartbeat.

Outside the entrance to the hotel lobby, Andrew was patrolling while Randall personally guarded the

When Andrew saw the few black figures approaching, he instantly drew his gun and dropped into a
battle stance.

But just as he was doing that, someone suddenly held his hand down.

He jerked his head back, only to see that it was Zachary, the Vanquisher King of War.


Andrew regarded him in puzzlement.

“They’re from Asura’s Office. How many lives do you have that you dare pull your gun on them?”
Zachary glanced at him icily, pressing on his hand that was grasping his gun.

Then, he turned to the few black-robed men and queried, “Why are the few of you only arriving now?
The wedding is drawing to an end.”

One of the black-robed men threw him a look and replied, “Something cropped up at the last minute.
Where’s Asura?”

“He’s inside. Come with me.”

While saying that, Zachary started striding toward the lobby.

A few minutes later, he pushed open the door to the banquet hall.

When the door swung open, everyone promptly whipped their gazes over.

Terrence, Dorian, and Reaper jumped to their feet in concert upon seeing the few black-robed men
behind Zachary. Meanwhile, Kingstone wore a perplexed expression, making it evident that he was in
the dark about the men’s identities.

He wasn’t the only one, for everyone there eyed the few black-robed men in mystification other than
the three men standing up.

After all, people would easily mistake their presence as a deliberate attempt to make trouble since they
were all wearing black robes and masks to a wedding.

“Why are you all here?” Jonathan frowned slightly with his eyes pinned on the few black-robed men.

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