Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 218

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The Legendary Man

Putting On A Show

“Stop teasing me!”

As her face flamed, Josephine hid in Jonathan’s arms, not daring to lift her head.

At just that moment, the photographer raised the camera in his hands and captured the beautiful scene
with a click.

When they both exchanged rings, it signaled that the wedding was drawing to an end.

Throughout it all, the four men who acted as groomsmen merely stood there stiffly like statues.

They terrified the bridesmaids so much that they didn’t even dare steal a peek at them.

“Congratulations on your nuptials, Jonathan! Also, may you be blessed with a child soon! Hopefully,
you’ll beget a chubby baby!” Furtively hiding behind Josephine, Tanya winked at Jonathan.

“Tanya!” Two crimson splotches crawled onto Josephine’s face when she heard that, and she shot her
a glare.

I’ve never even shared the same bed with him, so how could we have a baby?

“Look, Josephine is blushing! You can’t be as timid as you were in the past!” Tanya giggled with a hand
over her mouth.

She then leaned close to Jonathan. “Let me tell you a secret, Jonathan. Sometimes, a girl means
otherwise when she says no!”

“You’re asking for it, Tanya!” As soon as that remark fell, the blush on Josephine’s cheeks spread to the
tip of her ears. Her face burned, and she looked as though she had drunk several glasses of wine.

Right then, she appeared beguiling and seductive.

Jonathan dipped his head and turned his gaze to Josephine solemnly. “I agree with Tanya. How about
we put that in action tonight itself?”

“In your dreams! Who wants to have a baby with you?”

Josephine couldn’t resist cutting him a scathing look.

Chuckling, Jonathan replied, “You, of course! Don’t tell me you want me to have a baby with another

“Don’t you dare!”

Josephine immediately glared at him.

When the wedding drew to an end, the guests below the stage took their seats.

There were only a dozen people in the desolate banquet hall.

Nonetheless, it was the grandest event in the history of Jadeborough.

In other words, that was also true for Jazona.

After all, not only was the owner of Velarium Hotel—Xayden—personally serving the guests, but the
mayor of Jadeborough—Randall—was guarding the door. Besides, the division leader of
Jadeborough’s First Military Division—Andrew—was leading the patrol.

Meanwhile, those seated below the stage included the governor of Jazona—Kingstone, the Vanquisher
King of War—Zachary, the Cardinal King of War—Terrence, the Excalibur King of War—Dorian, and the
Thunder King of War’s lieutenant—Reaper.

With them seated there, the other guests in the hall felt as though they were sitting on pins and

That went doubly true for Luna, the Dark Widow, who was seated across from them.

She was so intimidated that she didn’t even dare utter a single word.

Naturally, Margaret and Connor were in an even worse condition. Their legs were knocking together.

Ultimately, those few were the Kings of War and the lieutenant to a King of War.

Furthermore, the couple witnessed them leading hundreds of thousands of troops back at the
warehouse in Jazona and annihilating the entire Turner family in the blink of an eye.

They never wanted to experience such terror again for the rest of their lives.

Conversely, the few bridesmaids were ignorantly fearless.

They had no idea about the identity of the Kings of War, Reaper, or Kingstone, much less the mayor of
Jadeborough and the division leader of Jadeborough’s First Military Division.

Therefore, they were the most relaxed among everyone seated there.

Sometime later, Jonathan led Josephine down the stage and headed toward them.

At once, everyone shot to their feet, their movements uniform as they did so without an ounce of

Even Connor and Margaret hurriedly stood up in fright.

When Jonathan lifted his wine glass, Xayden swiftly topped it. In the next instant, the former raised his
wine glass at Connor and Margaret, declaring, “A toast to you, Mom, Dad!”

“Sure, sure!”

Petrified, Connor hastily lifted his wine glass. Margaret, on the other hand, was so mortified that she
dared not look the man in the eye.

As she recalled how she used to oppress and maltreat him in the past, the urge to crawl into a hole
seized her.

Never in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined that the live-in son-in-law whom she disdained
back then actually turned out to be the only man who had a godlike existence in this world.

At that thought, she wanted nothing more than to slap herself across the face.

If I’d known that he’s the legendary Asura, I wouldn’t have urged Josephine to find herself a rich
husband! Could there possibly be anyone greater than Asura in this world?


The two of them clinked glasses with Jonathan in unison, but they dared not allow their wine glasses to
surpass the height of Jonathan’s wine glass.

After all, if they really dared to do that, the Kings of War would skin them alive before the man even
said anything.

“Here, this is a toast to all of you!”

When Jonathan’s wine glass had been refilled once more, he raised it and swept his gaze over the
others at the table. Hearing that, the crowd swiftly lifted their wine glasses.

They acted so humbly that it was as though they were before God himself.

“I want to toast all of you, too!” At that exact moment, Josephine poured herself a glass of wine as well.
Lifting her wine glass, she looked at Zachary and asserted, “Jonathan has troubled you a lot in the past
few years, so this is a toast to you on his behalf!”


Upon hearing that, Zachary was completely flummoxed.

He stood there like a statue, at a loss as to whether he should raise his wine glass or put it down.

At that moment, his imposing aura as the Vanquisher King of War, who ruled the whole of Jazona, was
nowhere to be seen.

Instead, he seemed more like a blur kid.

“Uh, Mr. Goldstein…” Zachary threw an imploring look at Jonathan, for he had no idea what was
happening then.

When did he trouble me? I’d be thanking my lucky stars if I don’t give him any trouble! How would I
dare drink this glass of wine?

Jonathan went along with Josephine and threw the man a look. “Josephine is right. I should indeed be
toasting you personally! Thank you for taking care of me in the military for the past few years.
Otherwise, I would’ve died time and again on the battlefield! Also, thank you for helping me resolve the
issue of the Turner family this time. For all that, let me toast you!”

While speaking, he lifted his wine glass and held it out at Zachary.

When Zachary heard that, understanding promptly dawned upon him. His aura instantly changed, and
the Vanquisher King of War who ruled over the whole of Jazona made a comeback in a trice.

“Don’t be such a stranger with me, Jon. From the day you joined the military, I’ve felt that you’d make a
good soldier! If you hadn’t insisted on retiring, you’d be the captain of the Asura Guards now!”

As he said that, he assumed an air of superiority. Reaching out, he patted Jonathan on the shoulder
and proclaimed, “I’ll drink to that. The Asura Guards welcome you back anytime!”

After saying that, he threw his head back and downed the contents of his wine glass in one go.

But when he placed his wine glass down, he noticed everyone there regarding him with a riot of
emotions in their eyes, especially Terrence, Dorian, Reaper, and Kingstone.

In fact, they were looking at him as though his death was imminent.

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