Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 217

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The Legendary Man

I Will Marry You

“Mr. Goldstein, I…”

Andrew gazed at Jonathan pleadingly.

“Just ignore him. If he dares to ground you for a month, I’ll do the same to him for half a year.”
Jonathan’s casual remark had the terrified man breathing a sigh of relief.

About ten minutes later, strains of melodious music drifted into the air in the hotel lobby.

While the music was playing, Jonathan strolled toward the stage in a black suit. Behind him was
Terrence, Dorian, Zachary, and also Reaper, who had just changed.

Alas, smiling seemed to be a wholly foreign concept to them. Notwithstanding the joyous atmosphere
then, they still wore chilly expressions on their faces.

Worse still, the murderous glint in their eyes shone brightly.

On the whole, they seemed ready to commit murder anytime.

“Put on a smile!” Jonathan snapped his head back and glared at the few men. Argh! This is a wedding,
but with the four of them standing here, it appears more like a meeting of mobsters!

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!”

The four men exchanged glances before forcing a smile that looked even uglier than a scowl.

“I suddenly regret allowing the lot of you to be my groomsmen!” Jonathan couldn’t resist shooting
daggers at them. Then, he walked toward the center of the stage.

Few people stood below the stage.

In fact, there were only a dozen guests.

As Jonathan was standing on the stage, they didn’t even dare sit but remained standing with him.

Not a single member of the Goldstein family attended the wedding this time, nor did Jonathan invite

In the whole of Jazona, he didn’t invite anyone other than Randall, Andrew, Graham, and Harrison.

To his surprise, the eldest daughter of the Hansley family, Luna, actually came without being invited
and even prepared a lavish gift.

“Congratulations on your marriage, Mr. Goldstein!”

In contrast with her icy expression in the past, Luna wore a faint smile on her face that day.

“Why are you here?” Jonathan’s brows furrowed slightly.

“I heard that you’re hosting a wedding today, so I came of my own accord. I hope you don’t mind, Mr.
Goldstein.” There wasn’t a trace of embarrassment to be found on Luna’s face.

Instead, her smile projected infinite allure.

Her eyes, especially, were mesmerizing beyond words and could seemingly enthrall someone with just
a single look.

Well, that was as expected of the enchanting Dark Widow.

“Have a seat.”

Jonathan waved a hand, and Luna stepped aside.

In reality, she wasn’t as calm as she portrayed outwardly. The instant she caught sight of Zachary, who
stood behind Jonathan, her heart started pounding wildly.

Oh my God, that’s Zachary Lint, the Vanquisher King of War! He rules over a vast territory and
commands a hundred thousand Divine Dragon Guards! But right this moment, he’s standing behind
Jonathan deferentially, not daring to overstep in the least! If I’m still ignorant of the latter’s identity at
this time, I’d be a downright fool!

No sooner had she taken her seat than the lights abruptly went off.

On the heels of that, strains of melodious melody drifted into the air, and a white beam of light
illuminated the door.


The door was slowly pushed open from outside.

In a flash, everyone’s gazes fixated on Josephine, who was wearing a white wedding gown.

Verily, she was extraordinarily stunning that day with the white wedding gown showcasing her exquisite
and graceful figure.

Under the light, a faint blush stained her cheeks, and a hint of shyness showed on her face.

Right then, she radiated maidenly innocence.

With the accompaniment of the music, she slowly walked toward the stage with her wedding gown
flowing behind her.

Meanwhile, the bridesmaids behind her had seemingly become the backdrop at that moment.

Everyone’s attention was on the bride, and no one spared a glance for the bridesmaids behind her.

With every step, she drew ever closer to the stage.

All the guests’ eyes slowly shifted to the stage alongside her footsteps. It didn’t take long, but it felt as
though it had been an eternity.

The second she stepped onto the stage, Jonathan slowly lowered himself to one knee and presented
her with the flowers in his hands.

When Josephine took the flowers, he conjured a diamond ring out of thin air like a magician. Lifting a
hand, he grabbed hers.

“Will you marry me, Darling?”

In the blink of an eye, the entire hall went silent.

Everyone was looking at the scene transpiring before their eyes unblinkingly.

Below the stage, Connor stared at Josephine intently, muttering softly, “Say yes!”

“Why are you so worked up when you’re not the one getting married?” Margaret rolled her eyes upon
noticing the man’s emotional state.

“You don’t understand!”

In response, Connor snorted without sparing her a glance.

I’ll be forever lowly, but my daughter is different! She’s marrying Asura, the legendary man who’s said
to have a godlike existence! What’s more, he loves her greatly! I never even dared dream of such a
thing in the past, but it has now become a reality!

As Josephine looked at Jonathan, who was on bended knees, under the illumination of the white light
and the gazes of countless people, her mind inevitably drifted back to the night she met him three
years ago.

Subsequently, she recalled how he disappeared for three years and his domineering return three years
later, whereby he subdued the entire city and forced everyone to submit to him.

Besides, she also remembered how he used his own body to shield her from the car attempting to mow
her down.

Scene after scene flashed across her mind like a movie playing on a reel.

Before I knew it, he slowly wormed his way into my heart, and I have also gradually fallen in love with

“Yes, I’ll marry you,” Josephine answered in a whisper.

The moment she spoke, innumerable fireworks shot up into the sky outside the hotel.

Bang! Bang, bang!

The sounds of fireworks rang out incessantly outside the hotel.

The dazzling fireworks instantly lit up the entire night sky like daylight.

In the sky that resembled the day, the brilliant fireworks gradually formed two names—Jonathan and

Their names slowly overlapped before disappearing.

At the sight of their names beyond the window, Josephine’s eyes filled with tears, and she couldn’t help
the trickle of tears out of the corner of her eyes.

“Do you like it?”

Jonathan languidly got back to his feet. That was the only time he had ever gone to his knees in his
entire life.

Even when he was under heavy gunfire untold times in the past and had guns pointed at his head, he
had never once wavered.

“Yeah!” Josephine nodded with red-rimmed eyes.

Then, she promptly tossed her bouquet before throwing herself into Jonathan’s arms. “You’re so mean,
Jonathan! You made me cry again!”

“All right, don’t cry anymore. Otherwise, you’re going to ruin your makeup.”

Smiling, Jonathan wiped her tears. Meanwhile, Josephine’s face flushed bright red when she heard
that, and she couldn’t help burying her face in his chest.

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