Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 216

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The Legendary Man

Break Your Legs

Within ten minutes, not even a single armored soldier was seen standing in front of Velarium Hotel. It
was as if none of them had ever been there. There were no trails left behind at all.

Xayden instantly fell to his knees with a thud at that sight. “I kneel before you all, the four Kings of

By now, Xayden had realized who those four middle-aged men were. As a matter of fact, there was no
way he wouldn’t have found out unless he had been living under a rock all his life.

He was well aware that only the legendary Asura himself and the four Kings of War could issue orders
upon the Four Asura Guards.

Besides, there was no one else capable of intimidating the mayor of Jadeborough, Randall, and the
division leader of Divine Dragon Guards in Jadeborough, Andrew.

Above all, Xayden was painfully aware of how the Four Asura Guards took Jazona by storm just a few
days before. Hence, his fear for them was well-justified.

“Get up.” Zachary, the Vanquisher King of War, gestured with a wave of his hand. Xayden was still
trembling as he tried to stand up straight. “Thank… Thank you, Sir!”

Xayden felt almost breathless as he stood before Zachary, the Vanquisher King of War, Terrence, the
Cardinal King of War, Dorian, the Excalibur King of War, and Kane, the Thunder King of War.

The four of them were practically living legends of the society.

If Xayden didn’t see them in flesh with his own eyes, he would’ve thought he was dreaming. They’re
going to have an engagement party at my hotel?

“S-Sir, may I know whose engagement party this is? Who’s so important that the four of you had to
come here in person?” Xayden asked with his trembling voice.

“Don’t go asking about something you shouldn’t be!” Zachary shot him a glare and continued, “You’d
better watch your mouth if you cherish your life!”

He growled, “Remember, I’ll close down your hotel if you don’t get it ready by dusk!”

“Yes!” Xayden was so frightened he dropped to his knees and kept his mouth shut.

After a few hours, the sky was getting dark. The streets in Jadeborough were desolate. The streetlights
projected little circles of white light onto the empty sidewalks. The traffic lights that swung in the breeze
were telling all the nonexistent drivers to stop. The place was so empty it looked like an abandoned

Suddenly, a black sedan appeared from one of the junctions. It was trailed by several military trucks.

The license plate on the black sedan read “A00001.” The fonts were in red while the plate was white.

Upon closer look, Zachary, the Vanquisher King of War could be seen driving the black sedan.

The three trucks following closely behind were driven by Terrence, Dorian, and Lieutenant Reaper

The convoy was moving at a high speed. All the traffic lights turned green as they drove by.

It took only twenty minutes for the convoy to arrive at Velarium Hotel from Edenic Heights. At the hotel
entrance, a bunch of armored soldiers was seen standing by as they waited for the convoy’s arrival.

All the soldiers were heavily armed with guns as they stood in a battle stance.

Consequently, the scene was filled with murderous intent.

As for the boss of Velarium Hotel, Xayden had been standing at the entrance for more than an hour
waiting for the convoy.

It was so cold that night that Xayden was shivering as the wind blew endlessly. However, he didn’t even
dare to twitch a single muscle.

After all, he wouldn’t possibly have the guts to move when even Andrew and Randall were standing
perfectly still next to him.

A few minutes later, the black sedan drove slowly toward the entrance of Velarium Hotel. It drove past
two lines of soldiers standing on each side of the road. The soldiers stood at attention and saluted
instantly when the car drove past them.

None of the soldiers made a peep along the whole way toward the entrance. The atmosphere was
breathtaking as everyone present could feel the magnitude of respect the soldiers had for the people in
the sedan.

The black sedan eventually arrived at the entrance of the hotel. The moment the car came to a halt,
Randall, the mayor of Jadeborough quickly rushed toward it and opened the car door. Jonathan,
dressed in a black suit, stepped out elegantly from the car.

It was actually only the second time Jonathan had ever put on a suit.

The first time he was in a suit was during the first wedding he had with Josephine three years ago.

Now, he had put on a suit for the second time in another wedding with the same bride.

“Mr. Goldstein!” Randall greeted.

Then, Zachary, the Vanquisher King of War stepped out of the car from the driver’s seat.

As soon as Zachary got out, three of the truck drivers got out of their respective trucks as well.

Seeing this, Xayden was instantly left gasping in shock. Who… Who is this? Which wealthy family is
this man from? Who could have the Vanquisher King of War as a driver? Besides, he even had three
Kings of War as drivers for his convoy at once? Wait a minute! Could it be?

Realization immediately dawned on Xayden. This man is definitely not the typical rich heir of any
family! There’s only one person in Chanaea who could have the four Kings of War at his command!
And that person is none other than Asura!

At once, Xayden almost fell to his knees in fright. Is it possible that I’m looking at THE legendary man?
Not only that, that man is having a wedding at my hotel? Is this for real?

“Is Josephine already inside?” Jonathan turned to Zachary and asked.

“Yes, she is,” Zachary answered immediately and nodded. “Do you want to see them, Mr. Goldstein?”

“No, it’s okay. It’s not the time yet.” Jonathan shook his head. “Go ahead and get changed, you guys.
Why are you all still in your military uniforms? Are you guys planning to wear that as my groomsmen?”

“G-Groomsmen?” Four of them were shocked upon hearing that. Mr. Goldstein wants us to be his

“Why? You guys don’t want to?” Jonathan furrowed his brows. At that instance, four of them nodded
violently. “Y-Yes! We want to!”

“Then hurry up and get changed!” Jonathan couldn’t help but shoot them a glare. Then, he turned
toward Andrew and asked, “Did you get the suits ready for the four of them like I asked?”

“Yes, I have!” Andrew waved his hand and suddenly, a few of the armored soldiers brought forward four
pairs of suits.

The moment he laid eyes on the suit, Zachary was stumped. He gave Andrew a kick on his behind and
thundered, “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

“Mr. Goldstein forbade me,” Andrew uttered timidly. His pitiful appearance was definitely not fit for a
division leader of Divine Dragon Guards in Jadeborough.

“Just you wait! I’ll deal with you later!” Zachary glared angrily at Andrew before he walked into the hotel
with his suit.

“Sir, I—”

Before Andrew could finish his sentence, Zachary cut him off without even turning toward him. “When
you get back, isolate yourself for one month as punishment! I’ll break your legs if you dare to leave the

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