Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 215

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The Legendary Man

The Engagement

“Of course!” Jonathan smiled and gave her forehead a kiss. “I’ll never ever force you to do anything you
don’t want to.”

“Thank you.” As her face flamed, Josephine leaned lazily on his arm.

“Huh? You’re thanking me again?” Jonathan reached out his palm and gave Josephine a spank.

She was caught by surprise and she asked, “Why did you do that for?”

“Because you haven’t learned your lesson! That spank was just a light punishment.” Jonathan lowered
his gaze and added, “If you do it again, your punishment will be heavier!”

“You’re such a pervert!” Josephine bit her lip while giving him a hard stare. Then, she turned her back
against him.

The night went by in the blink of an eye.

The following day.

When people in Jadeborough were still shocked by what the four Kings of War did in Jazona, the
Valerium Hotel in Jadeborough received a booking for the grandest engagement party ever.

Xayden Crawford, the owner of the hotel, felt his knees go weak when he set foot in the main hall. He
was shivering when he saw the two lines of men standing before him.

In one of the lines stood Harrison, the most ruthless man in Jadeborough. Standing beside him was
Randall, the mayor of Jadeborough. Next, Andrew, the division leader of the Divine Dragon Guards.

Lastly, there was Graham, the chairman of Graham Group, the largest real estate firm in Jadeborough.

These were some of the most influential people around. In other words, a single stomp from those men
would send ripples through Jadeborough.

The thing that scared Xayden the most was the fact that the four aforementioned men were actually
standing at attention timidly. They were so scared that they were conscious of making a sound when
they breathed. What’s going on? These are all influential men in Jadeborough!

Before those men stood four middle-aged men dressed in military uniforms. They all had a murderous
aura around them. Apart from that, their gazes were dark and as frosty as ice. So much so that Xayden
wondered if he’d die if their eyes meet his.

“Are you the boss of this hotel?” One of the middle-aged men was holding a sword in his hand when he
glared coldly at Xayden. Freaked out, Xayden answered hurriedly, “Yes, I am. May I know which of you
gentlemen is wishing to have an engagement party here?”

“None of us!” the man with the sword answered. “You don’t have to know who that particular person is
either. All you need to do now is to get the venue ready for the engagement party by dusk!”

“By dusk?” Upon hearing that, Xayden glanced at his watch and saw that it was only four hours till
sunset. How am I going to get it done in time?

“Is there a problem?” The man with the sword glared murderously at Xayden.

Xayden almost fell to his knees with a thud. He shook his head vigorously and said, “No! No problem!”

There was no way Xayden dare to deny the request coming from one of the men that intimidated
Andrew and Randall. How could I say no? I don’t want to die yet!

“Also, get rid of everyone else in your hotel except for your staff before dusk!” the man with the sword

“Yes, I understand!” Xayden had no choice but to comply.

“Furthermore, I want everyone, including you, to be vetted before you start preparing for the
engagement party. This is mandatory! Do you hear me?” the man with the sword ordered.

“Yes! Of course!” Xayden almost peed his pants when he answered. That sounded more like an order
rather than a request!

“I’ll come and check on you before sunset. Make sure everything is done accordingly. Otherwise, I’ll
close this place down!” After saying that, the man with the sword, along with the others, turned away
and started walking out.

Upon seeing that, Xayden chased after them and asked softly, “C-Could you leave your name so that
we can contact you later?”

“There’s no need!” the man with the sword roared without even turning his head around. Xayden then
hurriedly walked them out through the main entrance of Velarium Hotel.

The moment he walked out the entrance, he was flabbergasted by what he saw. There were
innumerable armed soldiers dressed in black armor outside the hotel.

They had even completely surrounded the place. Without missing an angle, their guns were pointed in
all the directions around the hotel.

What the hell is going on? Xayden’s heart raced, and he started breathing heavily as he tried to get a
grasp of the situation.

“Attention, Anima Dragon Guards!” After taking a step out the entrance, the man with the sword gazed
upon the armored soldiers and commanded, “Here’s my order. Seal off all the exits of every
passageway in Velarium Hotel’s vicinity. Without my permission, no one is allowed to either enter or
leave this area!”

“Yes!” the soldiers roared in response.

The ear-splitting roar was so loud that the ground shook a little.

After that, another middle-aged man who had a gun in his hand stepped forward. He gazed toward the
soldiers and yelled, “Attention, Fang Dragon Guards! I order you to get into positions and seal off
Velarium Hotel now! No one is allowed to leave without my permission!”

“Yes!” Another ear-splitting roar echoed through the hotel. It was so loud that it almost shattered all the
glass panels in the hotel.

After two of the men had issued their orders, another middle-aged man dressed in a black military
uniform stepped forward. “Attention, Divine Dragon Guards! I order you to seal off all the roads leading
into Jadeborough. Not even one car is allowed to drive on the road without my permission!”

“Yes!” Another roar was heard from the soldiers.

Right after the previous order was issued, the last of the four men stepped forward. “Attention, Eagle
Dragon Guards! I order you to seal off the whole Jadeborough. Not a single soul is allowed to move in
or out of Jadeborough without my permission! Whoever dares to obstruct us, show them no mercy.”

“Yes!” After yet another earth-shaking roar, all the soldiers were ready to carry out their duties.

Their faces were filled with murderous intent. It was as if they were about to march into war.

“Move out!” At last, all the soldiers were deployed to their respective positions in order to carry out their
respective duties. In the blink of an eye, Velarium Hotel was guarded like a fortress.

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