Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 178

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In less than ten minutes, Jonathan received a call from Graham.

“Mr. Goldstein, what’s going on? How have the members of the Turner family offended you?” Graham
asked once Jonathan answered the call.

“It’s not really a big deal. It’s just a bunch of fools trying to push their luck.” Jonathan couldn’t be
bothered at all.

He had never once thought of the members of the Turner family as a threat.

“That’s for sure, Mr. Goldstein!”

Aware of Jonathan’s identity, Graham played along with the almighty Asura, as not even the most
influential family in Yaleview could defy Jonathan.

“Speaking of which, have the members of the Turner family messed with Graham Group and coerced
with the suppliers of the company to limit the supply for your projects?”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein. Apart from that, the ones representing the family warned everyone else to sever
ties with the Smith family unless they wish to start a fight with the Turner family. Actually, it’s not really a
big deal. It’ll only take me a few days at most to resolve the issue. Wait, a day is all I need to sort things

Others would long give in to the demand of the Turner family. However, Graham would never resort to
something as silly as such because the Turner family was nothing as compared to the almighty Asura.

Jonathan asked in return, “Can you resolve everything by tomorrow morning?”

“You have my words, Mr. Goldstein! I’ll sort everything out as soon as possible and make sure
everything’s fine in the morning!” Graham reassured Jonathan without much hesitation.

“If that’s the case, I want you to make sure that the operation at the construction site resumes by
tomorrow! Are we clear?” Jonathan instructed in a serious tone.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Once he hung up the call, Jonathan looked at Josephine in the eyes and announced with a bright grin,
“I have everything under control! The person in charge of Graham Group will resolve the crisis and
carry on with the deal the representative has struck with you!”

“Are you serious? Are you telling me they’re going to start a fight with the Turner family? How is that
possible?” Josephine gaped at Jonathan’s announcement and repeated her question after Jonathan.

As influential as the Graham Group might be in Jadeborough, the group isn’t on par with the family
reigning over Jazona in many aspects!

Grinning, Jonathan pinched Josephine’s nose and asked, “What’s the matter? It’s not like one of the
members of the Turner family is the King of War! They don’t get to call the shots and reign over others
when they’re just another family of the upper echelon! Since they’re fearless enough to challenge you,
we’re going to show them that they’ve picked on the wrong target! I’m going to show them they can’t
even put on much of a fight in spite of pulling the connections they have built up over the years! I’m
going to tell them they’re not even a match for the man they deem a deadbeat!”

“Can you stop getting full of yourself when you’re one!” Josephine rolled her eyes in response to
Jonathan’s seemingly exaggerating speech.

She wasn’t as anxious as she was a few minutes ago. As long as Graham Group continued supporting
them, she might pull through.

Jonathan teased, “You’re not expecting much from me, are you?”

Three years ago, the members of the Smith family thought Jonathan was a good-for-nothing. Hence,
they started calling him names to fulfill their sense of superiority.

“Jonathan, I didn’t mean it…” When she heard the man’s self-deprecating remarks, she recalled the
times she joined others and started calling him names too. She was abhorred by the things she did
alongside the rest of her family three years ago.

“I know!” On the other hand, Jonathan’s mind was all over the place when he saw Josephine’s ethereal

He took a trip down memory lane four years ago when his foes almost killed him in the middle of

If it weren’t because of Josephine’s extensive care that lasted for a month, he might’ve long passed on.
Someone else might inherit the title of the almighty Asura instead of him.

Similarly, Josephine was slightly flustered when she caught a glimpse of Jonathan’s loving stare.
Unable to stand it anymore, she suggested in an attempt to flee the scene, “I-I’ll go check on the
construction site!”

“Where do you think you’re going, Darling? It’s not like I’m going to devour you, is it?” Jonathan went
after her to survey the burned-down construction site.

Apart from the pile of rubble and ashes everywhere, there was the pungent scent of gasoline. It was
obvious someone had started the fire to raze the place.

Josephine let out a long sigh when she recalled those were the outcome of her hard work for more than
a fortnight. The disheartened woman muttered her question to the man next to her, “Jonathan, do you

think the project is going to turn out fine? Are they going to burn everything down again once the
project is done?”

“Nah!” Jonathan shook his head with his arms wrapped around her waist. He felt his heart racing
immediately after his fingers came in touch with the woman’s velvet skin.

Although he had encountered countless gorgeous women throughout the years, he had never engaged
himself in any form of raunchy activity with any of them.

“If they don’t learn from their lesson, I’ll return the favor by burning down the residency of the Turner

Subconsciously, Josephine tried taking a step back to stay away from Jonathan when she felt his
fingers around her waist.

She couldn’t get used to the intimate interaction because it was the first in forever. Nonetheless, her
effort was to no avail against someone as strong as Jonathan. He held her in his arms and asked,
“Where do you think you’re going? Are you afraid I’m going to eat you up?”

“Jonathan, you need to let go of me because we’re not the only ones around here!” Josephine glared at
Jonathan and struggled in order to break free from him.

“I don’t see anyone around!” Seconds after he finished his sentence and turned around, he caught a
glimpse of Harrison. He instructed with a frown, “Stop staring and get lost immediately!”

“Y-Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Harrison fled the scene at top speed because he was afraid of getting on Jonathan’s nerves again.

“See? We’re the only ones left!” Jonathan inched over intimately. Subsequently, Josephine blushed and
tried pushing the man away from her, stuttering her question, “J-Jonathan, what do you want from me?”

“Darling, we’ve never kissed even after being married for such a long time! Don’t you think that’s very
conservative of you?” Jonathan continued approaching Josephine. As a result, Josephine started
panting heavily. She felt as if she was about to pass out when Jonathan was about to reach her lips
with his.

She pressed her lips tight and didn’t give in.

However, she failed to stop Jonathan and ended up intriguing him even more by trying to put up a fight
against him. When Jonathan thought of taking things to the next level, a phone call brought the session
to a halt.

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