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Chapter 177

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The Turner Family


“Ms. Smith, have you offended someone recently?” When Josephine heard the man on the other end,
she knew it was the representative from Graham Group.

“What’s the matter?” Josephine frowned because she had a bad feeling about it. However, she wasn’t
sure of the things going on.

“A few of our suppliers have called off the deal with our company! They refuse to supply us with the
materials we need until we sever ties with your family! A few of them nullified the agreement after
sealing the deal with the representatives of our company! Can you tell me what’s going on?”

The representative on the other end of the phone was slightly impatient because not only was the
ecological park project affected, but another few of Graham Group’s projects were affected too due to
the disruption of supply.

Graham Group might have to brace itself through a financial predicament unless they could resolve the
crisis and acquire the materials they needed for the rest of their projects.

“My apologies! Indeed, it has something to do with the Smith family!” Josephine knew members of the
Turner family must be pulling the strings to stop her again. They wouldn’t stop until Josephine made up
her mind to surrender the project to them.

The Turner family was ready to take out Graham Group unless they were ready to sever ties with the
Smith family.

To be precise, they were ready to mess things up for those acquainted with the Smith family until
Josephine gave in to their demand.

As infuriated as Josephine might be, there wasn’t anything much she could do when she was merely a
member of a family at a lower rank of the social hierarchy. There was no way the Smith family could not
put on a fight against the most prominent family of Jazona.

Unable to keep his curiosity to himself anymore, the representative of Graham Group asked, “Ms.
Smith, who are we talking about?”

Who the hell possesses the capability to coerce the suppliers of Graham Group? Why are they willing
to go to such a great length just to force the members of such a small family into submission?

“I-It’s the Turner family!”

“Huh? You’re not talking about the most prominent family of Jazona, are you?”

“Have you heard of another family with the same name?”

The representative of the Graham Group went dead silent.

After quite some time, he asked after snapping out of confusion, “Ms. Smith, how have you offended
the members of the Turner family?”

Oh, God! We’re talking about the most prominent family amongst the rest in Jazona! No one, not even
the governor, has the guts to challenge them! Has she lost her mind, or has she a death wish? Why the
hell has she picked on them?

Josephine let out a long sigh and murmured, “It’s quite a long story. I’ll share the rest with you when the
opportunity arises in the future.”

“Ms. Smith, I’m afraid I need to call off the deal because I need to consider the company’s future as
well. I’m sure you know we can’t afford to offend the members of the Turner family. It’s impossible for
me to put the company at stake for the sake of you and the Smith family.”

“A-Alright…” Josephine took it in without much of a surprise.

She had been anticipating the conversation after making up her mind to take the longer route to defend
the family.

No one’s going to support the Smith family anymore if they find out that we’re going against the Turner
family. After all, the Turner family is the most fearsome family in Jazona. As despicable as they might
be, I can’t deny that they’ve done a great job forcing us into submission.

“I’ll consult the chairman and revert to you in a while. Allow me to express my utmost apologies
beforehand just in case we need to call off the deal.” The representative wouldn’t stop expressing his
regret, but it was obvious he was determined to sever ties with the Smith family.

“It’s okay! To begin with, it was our fault!” Without Graham Group’s support, things would get nastier for
Josephine and the Smith family. Nonetheless, she had no intention to hold others accountable for the
family’s misfortune.

Shortly after she wrapped up the conversation, she fell into a vicious cycle of despair after reassuring
the representative it wasn’t a big deal.

Jonathan noticed something was wrong. Hence, he approached her and asked concernedly, “What’s

“It’s only a matter of time until the representative of Graham Group calls off the deal with us!”
Josephine tried to remain calm. Unfortunately, it was a mission impossible in times of emergency.

“What do you mean they’re going to call off the deal with us? How is that possible?”

Jonathan arched his brows in confusion as he had never heard Graham bringing up something of that

“Members of the Turner family have coerced with Graham Group’s suppliers into isolating Graham
Group until the company severed ties with us! They have no choice but to do that in order to keep their
loss at a minimum! I’m afraid it’s over for the Smith family as soon as the representative of Graham
Group calls off the deal with us! No one in Jazona will support us anymore!”

“I’m impressed! The Turner family did a marvelous job to ostracize us!”

Jonathan was truly in awe because it would work like a charm if it were any other companies the
Turner family were going up against. However, it wouldn’t be effective against Josephine at all because
Jonathan was her strongest backing.

Seconds after Jonathan gathered his thoughts, he assured Josephine while caressing her head, “You
don’t have to worry because there’s no way the representative of Graham Group will call off the deal!”

“How is that possible?”

Josephine did not believe him.

No one’s going to risk the future of their family for the sake of the Smith family when we’re going up
against the Turner family. It’s the right thing to do to sever ties with us. I’m sure the representative of
Graham Group will make the same decision.

Grinning, Jonathan suggested, “If you don’t trust me, just wait until the representative revert to you.”

Graham will never allow the Turner family to force him into submission even if I’m not the owner of
Graham Group! The Turner family might be a big gun, but that’s not the case for Graham and me! On
top of that, Graham’s aware of my actual identity—he will never put others ahead of me!

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