Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 175

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Something Is Wrong

The ones in the room thought they had been hallucinating when they saw Amanda kneeling in front of

There was no way the wife of the secretary-general would grovel at others’ mercy, let alone the son-in-
law of an inferior family.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’m so sorry for messing things up! Please show me some mercy and forgive me!”

Amanda continued kneeling in front of Jonathan with her lips pursed in an aggrieved manner.

She was afraid of looking at Jonathan in the eyes because her identity as the wife of the secretary-
general would be at stake depending on the young man’s response.

I don’t mind kneeling as long as I’m still the wife of the secretary-general at the end of the day! Actually,
I’m not against the idea of spending a night with him if it’s what it takes to maintain my status!

“Is that it?” Jonathan asked with a stern glare.

“W-What else do you want from me?” Amanda slurred in fear of Jonathan bringing up the request of
getting her to spend a night with him.

As much as she thought she was ready to sacrifice everything, she had her fair share of doubts when it
was truly time for her to take action. After all, Jonathan was around the age of her son.

“Where’s the watch?” Jonathan’s question snapped her out of the train of thought.

Subsequently, she slurred, “H-Huh? O-Oh!”

“What are you thinking?”

“No! Here’s the watch!” Amanda presented Jonathan the watch after returning to her usual self.

I-I thought he was up to something else, but those were not the case. Thank god!

Jonathan shot daggers at the woman with salacious thoughts and returned to his mother-in-law’s side
after putting the watch in his pocket.

Margaret, who was in a state of bewilderment, remained standing until she heard Jonathan urging,
“Hello? It’s time to go!”


She couldn’t comprehend the reason the wife of the secretary-general had begged for mercy from her

How is that possible? How has this wimp gotten the wife of the secretary-general to kneel in front of

On the other hand, Amanda secretly heaved a long sigh of relief and brought herself up when she
found out that Jonathan was about to leave. She offered, “Allow me to show you the way out, Mr.

“That won’t be necessary.” Jonathan didn’t even hesitate to turn her down and marched out of the villa
with his mother-in-law next to him.

Amanda felt as if a heavy boulder had been lifted off her shoulders after she made sure that Jonathan
had left.

Initially, she thought he would ask her to spend a night with her. To her disappointment, he didn’t even
bother to look at her in the eyes once he got his hands on the watch.

Is it because I’m no longer attractive in terms of looks? Does this have anything to do with my age?
Maybe he’s just not into women like me!

“Mrs. Chandler, what on earth is going on? Why have you kneeled in front of that loser?” Amanda’s
friends surrounded her shortly after the duo’s departure.

“Stop poking your nose into others’ business unless you have enough of living a carefree life!” Amanda
warned them with her eyes glinting in wrath, “If any of you tell others about what happened today, it’s
over for all of you!”

If it weren’t because of these pretentious and greedy women, I wouldn’t even offend the mysterious
young man in the first place! They almost brought upon my doom!

“You have our words—your secret is safe with us!” Afraid of the things in store for them, they promised
Amanda to keep their mouth sealed.

“All of you better keep that in mind and stop trying anything silly!” Amanda made a face at the bunch of
good-for-nothings kept women.

I’ll take them out if that’s necessary to make sure my secret’s safe unless they keep their mouth shut as


“Jonathan, what the hell just happened a short while ago? Why did the secretary-general’s wife beg for
your mercy?” Margaret directed all sorts of questions at Jonathan to sort out her confusion the moment
they departed.

“You should’ve slapped her another few times to avenge me for the humiliation they put me through!
Have you any idea how satisfying it felt? I wouldn’t hesitate to take things out on her if I were you!”

“Why don’t you go back and slap her in the face again?” Jonathan was irked by the thought of
engaging himself in a conversation with his annoying mother-in-law.

Margaret bellowed because of Jonathan’s sarcastic reply, “Jonathan, you’re not supposed to speak to
your mother-in-law in such a manner! At the end of the day, I’m Josephine’s mother! You need to
respect me!”

What’s wrong with him? Where’s the loser who wouldn’t even fight back even after being picked on?
How dare he raise his volume against me?

“If it weren’t because of Josephine, you would’ve been long dead!” Jonathan shot daggers at Margaret.

She would have been the first on the list to be taken care of on the day I came back!

Her relationship with Josephine is the sole reason she’s still alive and kicking until now! Does she really
think I’ve lost my mind and forgotten the humiliations she has put me through over the years?

“Jonathan, you…”

Margaret felt a chill running down her spine because of Jonathan’s fierce glare. When she was about to
say something, an incoming call interrupted the duo’s conversation.

Jonathan paid no heed to Margaret and asked once he picked up the call, “Hello?”

“Mr. Goldstein, something’s wrong! We need you at the construction site of the ecological park!”
Harrison gasped out his announcement shortly after Jonathan picked up the call.

“What’s wrong?” Jonathan asked with his brows furrowed in angst.

“The construction site of the ecological park is on fire! I’m sure someone’s behind the arson!” Things
were chaotic on the other end of the call as Jonathan heard the sound of sirens blaring from time to


“Is it serious?”

“I’m glad everyone’s fine since the firefighter has rushed to the scene to make sure everything’s under
control! However, most of the buildings have been burned to ashes!” Harrison could barely suppress
his emotions as he carried on with the conversation while gritting his teeth.

Mr. Goldstein has instructed me to take charge of the ecological park project! I can’t believe someone
has the guts to set the construction site on fire! Obviously, they’re trying to challenge me!

“Alright, I’ll be there in a short while!” Once Jonathan hung up the call, he turned around and instructed,
“I need to hurry over to the construction site because of an unforeseen accident! Do me a favor and
see yourself home!”

“Come again? Are you telling me to go home alone?” Once she found out he was about to leave her,
she started stomping her feet and yelled, “How am I supposed to see myself home when we’re in the
middle of nowhere? I don’t even see a cab here!”

“That’s none of my business! You need to sort it out on your own!”

Jonathan paid no heed to her and accelerated once he returned to the car. Within a few seconds, he
whizzed through the residential area and disappeared, leaving Margaret alone in the middle of

His mother-in-law yelled to vent her frustration, “Jonathan, you’re a jerk! Why have I allowed Josephine
to marry you? I must’ve lost my mind then!”

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