Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 174

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My Apologies

Has this good-for-nothing lost his mind? Isn’t he aware my husband is the secretary-general?

Shortly after she returned to her senses, Amanda reached for her phone to make a call.

Once the man on the other end picked up the call, she gasped out her complaint, “Darling, someone
just slapped me in the face! I need you here with me! Bring along a few of your trusted aides with you!”

The middle-aged man asked with a hoarse voice, “What? Who’s this fool we’re talking about? What’s
going on?”

Glaring at Jonathan in the eyes as she carried on with the conversation, she answered the man’s
question, “He’s just a son-in-law of an inferior family! If I’m not mistaken, he’s called John or Jonathan!”

Just you wait until my husband’s here! I’ll make sure he tortures you instead of setting you free!

“C-Come again? Can you verify if it’s John or Jonathan?” Henry’s voice started quivering against his
will as soon as he found out his wife might’ve offended a powerful figure.

“Why is that any of your business? Darling, aren’t you supposed to express concern over my condition
when I’ve been slapped in the face? Does his name even matter?” Amanda queried because of
Henry’s sudden change of attitude.

Out of nowhere, Henry raised his volume and repeated his question, “I’m not going to repeat myself
anymore! Tell me his name!”

Amanda was slightly taken aback by Henry’s yell as it was evident her husband was enraged. She felt
a chill running down her spine and answered in a low voice, “I-I think it’s Jonathan Goldstein.”

Henry, who was on the other end of the call, gasped in silence when he figured out the truth. He asked,
“How have you offended him?”

“Are you trying to blame me when you’re supposed to defend me? Hello? I’m the victim of his brutality!”

“Cut the crap and tell me the reason he has slapped you! You’d better tell me the truth without making
up any stories! Otherwise, I’m going to chuck you aside when something happens in the future!”

“D-Darling, you’re intimidating me!” Amanda was horrified by the things awaiting her. It turned out
Henry had never engaged himself in such a serious conversation with her.

Unwilling to waste his time anymore, the infuriated Henry yelled, “Am I supposed to repeat myself?”

The startled Amanda hesitated no more and blurted out the truth, “Mrs. Harris and a few of us asked
the man’s mother-in-law to join us for a game! In the end, we set her up and got our hands on the
watch she brought along! It would cost a little more than ten million, but we managed to get it at fifty
thousand because she wasn’t aware of the actual value!”

“You and the likes of you need to learn your lesson, but I’ll put that aside until we get home!”

Henry urged shortly after he warned Amanda to mind her behaviors, “I want you to get down your
knees and beg for his mercy until he forgives you! Also, return him the watch at once! Otherwise, you
are no longer my wife from now onwards!”

What? Is he seriously asking me to grovel myself at this loser’s mercy when he’s just a good-for-
nothing piece of trash? I’m the freaking wife of the secretary-general!

Just as she was about to say something else, Henry interrupted her and instructed, “I want you to hand
Mr. Goldstein the phone now!”

“Darling, I-I…”

“I’m not going to repeat myself anymore!”

Intimidated by Henry’s response, Amanda rushed to Jonathan’s side and said, “My husband wishes to
speak with you!”

After Jonathan took a peek at her, he took over the phone and asked in a very cold tone, “What is it?”

“Mr. Goldstein, I’m so sorry! My foolish wife seems to have offended you! Allow me to express my
utmost apology on her behalf! As soon as I’m home, I’m going to teach her a lesson for misbehaving! If
it’s not enough, I’ll go over to prove my sincerity!”

“Do you know me?” Jonathan was slightly surprised when he heard the man expressing his apologies
over and over again the moment he took over the phone.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein! I was there at the construction site of the ecological park when you showed up with
Mr. Swindell yesterday. You might not notice me because I was quite a distance away from the two of
you.” Aware that he was no match for Jonathan, Henry engaged himself in a conversation in a humble

Jonathan finally figured out the reason the high and mighty secretary-general would carry himself in
such a humble manner throughout the conversation when he was merely inferior to a few people in the

“It’s not necessary to express your apologies repetitively. I’m going to leave once she returns me the

“Yes, I’ll get her to return the watch at once!” Jonathan returned the phone to Amanda seconds after he
wrapped up the conversation with Henry.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten the things I told you a few seconds ago! You’re aware of the
consequences of your ignorance if you fail to keep my instructions in mind, aren’t you?” Amanda heard
Henry warning her again.

“I-I do!” Amanda whispered in return. She knew she had just messed things up with some sort of
bigshot highly regarded by the high-rank officials of the city. If not, there was no way her husband, who
was the secretary-general, would listen to a live-in son-in-law.

“Hurry up and get going already! If you mess things up again, I’m going to file for divorce from you!”
Henry hung up the call shortly after he made himself clear.

There was fear in Amanda’s eyes when she turned around and caught a glimpse of Jonathan.

She had a hard time comprehending the reason her husband wasn’t against the idea of resorting to
such an extreme countermeasure just to sever ties with her.

As soon as Amanda hung up the call, her peers rushed over and asked while scowling, indicating they
couldn’t wait to make fun of Jonathan.

“How is it? Has he sorted everything out?”

“When will he join us? Is he on his way here as we speak?”

“Have you asked him to bring along the cops to arrest this arrogant punk?”

To the chattering women’s surprise, Amanda glared at them with a frown and warned, “Shut up!
Where’s the watch? Hand it to me and return it to them at once!”

“H-Huh? Why? What’s wrong, Amanda? Why are you returning the watch to them?” All the women
were confused by the drastic turn of events out of nowhere. They thought they had been hearing

Instead of explaining, Amanda marched in Jonathan’s direction once she found the watch. As soon as
she reached Jonathan, she groveled herself at his mercy in spite of her friends’ presence. “I’m so sorry,
Mr. Goldstein!”

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