Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 172

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A Wimp

“What’s wrong? He’s a friend of my daughter.”

Margaret was slightly upset because of the housekeeper’s arrogant attitude.

“I’m so sorry, Mrs. Smith. I’m afraid he’s not allowed in here!” The housekeeper urged after another
glance at Jonathan, “There are a few ladies around, so it’s not appropriate for him to join them in the

“What’s the big deal?” Margaret queried with a stern look, “What makes you think you’re in a position to
call the shot when Mrs. Harris is not against the idea?”

“My apologies, Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Harris was the one who has come up with the rules.” The housekeeper
had no intention to give in just yet. She insisted instead of doing Margaret a favor, “Only you are
allowed to join them in the room. This man can wait here!”

“What if I insist on having him inside the house?” Margaret repeated her question.

Who does she think she is to get full of herself in front of me?

“I’m afraid that’s impossible because that’s against the rules, Mrs. Smith!” The housekeeper showed no
signs of moving away at all. She returned the favor and remarked, “He’s not allowed to join you in the

“What kind of rules are you talking about? It’s pure nonsense! Now, do me a favor and get out of my

Margaret tried pushing the housekeeper away. When she was about to march into the villa, the
housekeeper yelled, “Hold it right there, Mrs. Smith! If you insist, I’ll have to call the cops!”

Startled by Margaret’s actions, the housekeeper went after her and continued warning Margaret at the
top of her lungs.

It was then, someone walked out of the villa. A woman in a pink dress sashayed her way to the
squabbling duo and asked nonchalantly, “What’s going on? What’s with the noise?”

Without a second thought, the housekeeper returned to the side of the young woman and whispered,
“Mrs. Smith brought along another man with her and barged into the villa. I-I couldn’t stop them-”

“Huh? A man?”

The young woman took a peek at Jonathan when she heard the housekeeper next to her. She found
out Jonathan was a handsome young man with a sturdy build.

At the very least, she thought he was superior to those old perverts who wouldn’t stop hitting on her.
Overall, she had a great impression of the young man next to Margaret.

“Just show them the way into the villa! It’s not like the man Mrs. Smith brought along is going to kidnap
all of us!” Julia beckoned the housekeeper to leave them alone and greeted Margaret, “Margaret, why
haven’t you informed me of your arrival beforehand?”

“Mrs. Harris!”

Margaret was no longer the arrogant woman she was a few seconds ago. Instead, she carried herself
in a humble manner as if the woman in front of her was superior to her. She initiated a conversation
with Julia.

“Come on in!” Julia beckoned the duo to join them in the living room. Shortly after she took off her
shoes, she sashayed her way into the living room in an ostentatious manner.

Undeniably, Julia was a charming woman and there was something alluring about her.

It wasn’t much of a challenge for her to find her way around men of all walks of life. It was a talent
unique to a woman who had spent countless nights with different men in bed. Otherwise, it was
impossible for her to carry herself in different manners at ease in front of others.

At times, she was an innocent woman. More often than not, she was the perfect partner in bed men
could ever ask for. She knew the perfect way to please different men without the need to consult them.

“Margaret, you’re finally here!”

“What’s with the man next to you? Is he some a secret lover of yours?”

“That seems to be the case! Haven’t all of you heard of the rumors of an increased libido for women
around their mid-forties? I’m afraid her husband doesn’t have the things it takes to satisfy her

The women in the living room made fun of Margaret shortly after she joined them. They had a few
things in common—apart from their ostentatious outfits and accessories, all of them did a great job
making sure they were on par with one another in terms of look. None of them seemed to be
Margaret’s peers due to their exceptional makeup skills and good dress sense.

“W-What? H-He’s merely a friend of my daughter!” the anxious Margaret explained herself when she
heard them.

“A friend of your daughter?” A few of them started scrutinizing the duo and asked, “Are we talking about
your daughter’s boyfriend? Margaret, you’re not trying to hit on your daughter’s friend, are you?”

All of them burst out laughing due to the absurd joke.

Margaret blushed in embarrassment. She thought of saying something to defend herself, but she ran
out of words to do so. She was no longer the mean mother-in-law of Jonathan whenever her friends

were around her.

“Actually, I’m not her daughter’s friend; I’m her husband,” Jonathan, who had remained silent
throughout the session, announced as he couldn’t stand others making fun of his relationship with his
mother-in-law anymore.

“Wait, he’s your son-in-law? If that’s the case, he must be the useless trash you’ve always talked about,
isn’t he?” All the ladies exchanged glances before turning around and having their eyes glued to

“What’s his name again? Is it John or Jonathan?”

Needless to say, Margaret must’ve talked about him quite a lot in front of her friends. That must be the
sole reason they were so familiar with him.

“Yes, it’s me!” Jonathan had enough of wasting his time with the pretentious women. If it weren’t
because of the watch, he wouldn’t even be there, let alone engage himself in a conversation with them.

Ugh! The watch is the sole reason I’m here today! Never will I in a million years waste my time with this
bunch of irritating and shameless women! They’re not even on par with the celebrities who wouldn’t
stop hitting on me throughout the years!

“You’re that wimp?” They looked at him with a hint of disdain written all over their faces as soon as
Jonathan acknowledged his relationship with the Smith family.

The thought of spending time in the same space with Jonathan disgusted them.

A woman in a crimson dress glanced at Margaret and asked, “Margaret, have you brought him along to
make sure we’re going to fulfill our promise when you win the game?”

“N-No! T-That’s not the case…” Margaret waved her hands in an attempt to assure the woman in red
she didn’t mean it.

It almost seemed like the woman next to Jonathan wasn’t his arrogant mother-in-law.

“Well, why don’t you tell us the reason you’ve brought him along?” The woman in the crimson dress
snorted in disdain because she had never once considered Margaret her peers.

Most of the time, they were out and about with the members of the upper echelon, including wives of
politicians and owners of renowned multinational companies.

If it’s not because of her flattering remarks, we wouldn’t even want to waste our time to keep her
entertained. How dare she brings along such a wimp when she needs to consider herself lucky
because we’re considering her one of us? He doesn’t deserve to spend time with us at all!

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