Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 171

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The Office Of Asura

Ten minutes later, Jonathan received a call from Zachary.

“Mr. Goldstein, the members of the Turner family has infiltrated the ranks of the governor’s office and
the King of War Division! To make things worse, a lot of them are high-ranking officials!” Zachary, who
was on the other end of the phone, could barely suppress his wrath.

Ironically, as the governor of Jazona, the King of War, he knew nothing about the ones infiltrating the

“Send someone to deliver the copy of intel you have gathered once you’re free.” Jonathan started
puffing on a cigarette in the pitch-black room after delivering his instructions to the man on the other

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

A few moments of silence later, Zachary mentioned, “Mr. Goldstein, allow me to express my utmost
apologies on my negligence! I’m ready to bear to consequences of my actions!”

Although Zachary was the King of War, he wasn’t exempted from the rules as a member of the Asura’s

“Indeed, you need to bear the consequences of your negligence, but now isn’t the time. Once
everything’s over, I’ll deal with you.” Jonathan announced in a callous tone.

As the King of War, Zachary was supposed to oversee the operations of his subordinates. However, he
wasn’t even aware of the ones infiltrating the ranks.

Hence, he couldn’t deny his responsibilities when others, especially the members of the Turner family
had made use of their affiliation with him, proclaiming themselves as the vice-governor for personal

Apart from him, those affiliated with the governor’s office and the King of War Division were to be held
accountable for their carelessness as well.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Zachary had no intention to explain himself since he was the one at fault. Instead,
he asked in return, “Am I supposed to take out the spies and the high-rank officials?”

“That won’t be necessary! I’ll take care of them when the opportunity arises in the future! I don’t mind
taking you out if I’m aware you’ve gotten yourself involved in this matter voluntarily!”

Zachary was one of the pioneers of Jonathan’s party in the early days. It was undeniable that he had
contributed a lot towards Jonathan’s success in ensuring the nation’s safety.

With that being said, it wasn’t enough to justify his actions of trying to reign over Jazona because
Jonathan was the sole reason the nation was at peace.

Startled by the things Jonathan brought up, Zachary slurred in an attempt to defend himself, “Mr.
Goldstein, you have my words! I have nothing to do with this! Please have faith in this foolish
subordinate of yours! Never in a thousand years will I try something as silly as such!”

The four of us know the things he’s capable of like the back of our hands! There’s no way we’re going
to betray him unless we’re not in our right minds anymore!

“I hope you’re telling the truth!” Jonathan hung up the call after wrapping up the conversation in a
callous tone. He would never tolerate the ones turning their backs against him after experiencing it
once in the past.

In the morning, Margaret knocked on Jonathan’s door shortly after dawn break.

“What is it?” Jonathan asked with a frown when he saw Margaret standing at the entrance.

“Haven’t you promised to give me fifty thousand last night? You’re not going to tell me it was nothing
more than a lie, are you?” Margaret made it sound as if Jonathan was obliged to give her the money.

Truth be told, she had been thinking about the amount her son-in-law promised her last night.

I’m sure she’s trying to scam me! Perhaps she’s going to ignore me once she gets her hands on the

“You’re right for the first time in forever! It was something I made up to deceive you!”

Jonathan turned her down without much hesitation. He had seen right through Margaret’s plan the
moment she brought it up. It was never his intention to give her the money. The sole reason he
promised her was to wrap up the conversation to avoid the hassle of engaging himself in a lengthy
conversation with her.

“Huh? Are you giving up on the watch?” Margaret almost shouted when she heard him.

“No! I’m going to get it back without incurring any cost!”

He might not get his hands on the watch even after paying the money since it was obvious it was
merely a trap.

“Are you seriously expecting them to return the watch to you without paying a single cent?” Margaret
was on the verge of going berserk because she was so close to acquiring the fifty thousand.

It turned out Jonathan had never thought of fulfilling his promise of giving her the money.

“It’s not really any of your concern because I’m going to sort it out soon!” Jonathan banged the door
shut and instructed, “Now, I need to get myself changed! If you’ll excuse me for a few minutes!”

“We shall see if you’re capable of getting them without incurring a cost!” Margaret announced with a
sneer and her arms tucked in an arrogant manner.

Anyway, it’s not my watch! I wouldn’t even keep him company if it weren’t because of the money he
promised me!

A few minutes later, Jonathan walked out of the room after getting himself changed into another set of
clothes. Instead of bickering with Margaret, he said, “Take me to them!”

“Are you serious?”

His mother-in-law started sizing him up with her a hint of disdain. She asked, “What do you think you’re
doing? Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t think they’re going to take you seriously when you
have nothing to pay them, do you?”

Hello? We’re talking about the members of the upper echelon, including the wife of the police chief and
the secretary-general! What makes you think they’re going to take you seriously?

“Can you give me a break and take me there instead of asking me all sorts of irrelevant questions?”
Jonathan didn’t bother to carry himself in a courteous manner as Josephine wasn’t around.

“Jonathan, who do you think you’re talking to?” Margaret was on the verge of letting loose of her wrath
as Jonathan wouldn’t stop getting full of himself in front of her.

How dare he talk back to me?

Jonathan was against the idea of wasting his time. He warned, “You have one minute! If you don’t hurry
up, I’ll call the cops and acquire their assistance to investigate the truth, ensuring justice will be

“Jonathan, are you trying to threaten me?” Margaret couldn’t hide the hints of panic in her eyes when
she heard him.

She was afraid of being thrown behind bars because of the surveillance cameras footage, showing she
was the one walking away with the watch.

“Are you trying to challenge me?”

Gritting her teeth in angst, Margaret yelled when Jonathan was about to make the call once she
retrieved her phone, “Come with me! I’ll take you there!”

She stomped her way downstairs as much as she was against the idea of showing Jonathan the way
there. On her way down the stairs, she continued cursing the son-in-law of hers.

How dare you threaten me? I’m going to teach you a lesson soon enough!

A short while later, they finally made it to a villa. It wasn’t a villa in a prime location. Nonetheless, the
owner wasn’t just another man from the streets since it was a villa of a premium residential area.

Ding dong!

Seconds after Margaret rang the doorbell, a middle-aged housekeeper answered the door and greeted,
“Mrs. Smith!”

Margaret nodded in return when she heard the housemaid. She secretly heaved a sigh of relief, asking
with her head held high, “Where are the rest?”

“They’re currently in the middle of another game in the room!”

“Take me to them!”

The housemaid stopped Margaret from entering the villa when she tried to see herself in the foyer. She
asked, “Mrs. Smith, who is this next to you?”

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