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Chapter 170

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A Death Wish

“You’re nothing similar to the strong and capable woman I know!” Jonathan made a look when he
recalled the time Josephine braced herself through countless challenges in spite of others’
disagreement. She wouldn’t even listen to Margaret once she made up her mind on something.

“What do you mean? Have you always thought that I’m a strong and capable woman?”

She looked at him in the eyes and added, “You don’t think I’m going to put everything at stake and pick
on the Turner family over something as trivial as such, do you?”

After pausing for a few seconds, she murmured while shaking her head, “You’ve always been the
selfish one! Have you ever thought of the days I spent without you over the past three years? You
disappeared into thin air over the night without telling me anything!”

“I do!” Jonathan assured in a serious tone because she was the only one he truly cared about when he
was away throughout the years.

If it weren’t because of her, he would never give up the honor of the almighty Asura and return to her.
She was the sole reason he had been spending most of his time idle. He thought nothing else mattered
apart from his future with Josephine.

To his surprise, the doubtful Josephine rebuked, “No! Stop lying! The only one you regard highly is
yourself! You think of no one else but you!”

She refused to listen to him and recalled the time she spent in isolation throughout the years. Never
had he taken the initiative to get in touch with her even once when he was nowhere to be seen.

“Your gains are the only things motivating you in life! You don’t care about the people around you even
if your action brings nothing but misery upon them!”

Josephine got increasingly agitated as soon as she recalled the days she spent in isolation after the
man disappeared into thin air over the night three years ago. No one, not even Jonathan, was aware of
the things she had to brace herself through in the three years.

“Josephine, calm down and listen to me-” Jonathan inched over in an attempt to console the seemingly
upset Josephine. When he was about to reach her, she slapped his hand off and warned him, “Stay
away from me!”

“Josephine-” Josephine interrupted him when he was about to say something. She asked in return,
“Jonathan, have you any idea of the things I have to go through over the years because of you? Mom
asked me to get married to someone else because others wouldn’t make fun of me and continued
calling me a widow!

As much as she despised Jonathan for being a useless man, she had never thought of marrying
another man. Hence, she had no choice but to brace herself through the humiliations others threw
upon her throughout the past three years.

“I-I’m so sorry, Josephine!” Jonathan let out a long sigh. He was almost certain it was Margaret’s doing
again. His mother-in-law would try everything at her disposal to force Josephine into another marriage
with a wealthy man.

Similarly, others would definitely mock Josephine for being a fool, wasting her time with a wimp who
might have turned his back against her over the night.

He had returned to prove everyone wrong—never would he allow anyone to pick on or make fun of
Josephine as long as he was around to keep her safe.

Staring at him in the eyes, she repeated herself, “I’m sure it’s merely a bluff of yours! Otherwise, there’s
no way you’re going to stop me from surrendering the rights of the project over to Timothy!”

She glanced at him and shook her head. “You don’t even care about the safety of the family including
yours. That is the sole reason I’m surrendering everything to someone else! It’s fine if it’s only my life
that’s at stake! However, that’s not the case! The lives of the members of the Smith family might be at
stake depending on my next best course of action! When will you learn to read the situation,

If it weren’t because I wasn’t given much of a choice, I would never surrender the rights of the project
over to others when I’ve just been appointed the person in charge of the family!

Jonathan was certain it felt awful for Josephine, a proud woman, to admit defeat in front of others.

He felt a strong urge to hold her in his arms, assuring her she had nothing to worry about because
there was no way the members of the Turner family could put on a fight against the almighty Asura.

He couldn’t wait to reveal his identity as the nation’s most fearsome figure. However, he knew it
wouldn’t be wise as she would never take him seriously. On top of that, she might think something was
wrong with him.

As he lost himself in a train of thought, she turned around and sighed wearily after she took another
peek at him.

She let out a sigh. “You still don’t get it, do you? I guess it’s my fault for bringing up something like this
in front of you! It’s not like it’s any of your business!”

Josephine considered it a waste of her time to share the rationale of her decisions with Jonathan as he
might not even understand.

“Jonathan, can you do me a favor and leave me alone for a short while?” The lonely woman turned
around and walked towards the window, basking herself in the moonlight as if she couldn’t rely on
anyone to resolve the issues.

Jonathan felt his heart sinking to the bottom of his stomach. “Josephine-”

She stopped him from finishing his sentence and insisted without even turning her head, “Just go out!

Unwilling to get on the nerves of the already infuriated woman, Jonathan remarked, “Alright, I’ll leave
once I make myself clear. It’s not necessary for you to surrender the rights of the ecological park
project to others. No one’s life will be at stake as well. The members of the Turner family don’t have
what it takes to threaten my wife. If there is, I’ll make sure they’re no longer a threat.”

As soon as he finished, he walked out of the room and left Josephine alone as requested.

How dare the members of the Turner family pick on the woman I hold dear in mind? It seems like they
have a death wish! If that’s the case, I’ll do them a favor and send them to hell!

Seconds after he walked out of the room, he made a call. Zachary, who was on the other end, picked it
up and greeted in a hoarse voice a few seconds after the call was made, “Mr. Goldstein.”

Instead of explaining himself, he instructed the moment he heard Zachary, “Gather the information of
the Turner family on my behalf in ten minutes!”

Zachary was confused by the things Jonathan brought up out of the blue. Thus, he stammered in
return, “T-The Turner family?”

“Am I supposed to repeat myself?” Jonathan remarked with a sneer, “Have you heard of another family
announcing their residence as the vice-governor office?”

“The vice-governor?” Zachary finally linked the missing pieces of puzzles together. He asked in return,
“M-Mr. Goldstein, are you talking about the most prominent family amongst the rest of the families in

“Who else could it be? I want you to gather every intel in ten minutes, including the members of the
family in the ranks of the governor’s office as well as the number of spies the so-called vice-governor
has sent to infiltrate the King of War Division!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Zachary could vividly feel Jonathan’s wrath when it was nothing more than a phone call. Hence, he
thought it wouldn’t be wise to question Jonathan’s decision and hung up the call shortly after he took
note of Jonathan’s instructions.

On the other hand, Jonathan muttered to himself in the middle of nowhere with his eyes glinting once
he hung up the call, “So you are the Turner family, right? Since you have the guts to pick on my wife,
you need to bear the consequences of your actions as well!”

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