Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 169

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The Turner Family

What the hell! Who’s trying to reach me at all times?

Jonathan reached for his phone with his face scrunched up in irritation. When he was about to pick up
the call, Josephine stopped him.

She announced while glaring at him, “It’s mine!”

After inching away from Jonathan, she asked the moment she picked up the phone, “Hello?”

The man on the other end of the phone greeted with a hoarse voice, “Josephine, I must’ve
underestimated you, huh? Randall’s presence is quite a surprise, but it’s not really a big deal because
he’s not capable of putting much of a fight as well! Why don’t you go ahead and ask if he has the guts
to poke his nose into my business?”

Shortly after the man finished his rhetorical question, he sneered, indicating he wasn’t intimidated by
Randall’s presence at all.

“What do you want from me?” Josephine’s face puckered when she heard the man’s sneer of despise.
She disliked others threatening her the most. However, the man on the other end wouldn’t stop pushing
his luck.

He guffawed and asked in return. “What else apart from the downfall of the Smith family? I thought a
warning was more than enough to drive you and the rest of your family away from the development of
the ecological park, but I guess it was very wrong of me. Hence, I’m going to do you and the rest of
your family a favor by taking everyone out.”

Then, he continued, “Speaking of which, can you do me a favor and tell your beloved husband to try his
best to keep me at the bay? I can’t wait to see if he’s affiliated with someone capable of stopping me!

Tell him to stop holding back and make use of every trump card he has hidden up his sleeves.”

The man thought it wasn’t much of a challenge for him to take out the members of the Smith family. All
it would take was a call from him.

Jonathan was of the same idea because he thought the seemingly influential figure was nothing more
than a self-proclaimed influential figure.

He was not amused.

What kind of joke is this? I don’t recall appointing a vice-governor when setting up the hierarchical
structure in Jazona! The mayor and the governor were the only ones I appointed!

When Josephine heard the mysterious man on the other hand talking about Jonathan, she asked while
gaping in disbelief, “Who the hell are you?”

She felt a chill running down her spine because she wasn’t even aware of the man’s identity. On the
contrary, the man was well aware of the details of the ones around her.

“Hasn’t your beloved husband mentioned anything about me? If that’s the case, allow me to introduce
myself—I’m Timothy, a member of the Turner family! We’re one of the most, if not the most prominent
family of Jazona! Titus is my grandfather!” the mysterious man introduced himself shortly after he
finished his rhetorical question.

Colors started draining from Josephine’s face when she heard the man introducing himself through the

Titus? The head of the Turner family of Jazona?

“Y-You’re a member of the Turner family?” Josephine repeated after the man with her voice quivering
against her will.

Timothy announced with his head held high, “It seems like you’ve heard of us, huh? If that’s the case,
I’m sure you’re well aware of the consequences of offending the members of the family, aren’t you?
You can’t blame me for whatever’s awaiting the rest of the Smith family because I’ve warned you to
stay out of our way for more than once!”

He hung up the call shortly after he made himself clear he wouldn’t hold back against Josephine and
the rest of her family.

Meanwhile, Josephine remained standing with a pale and haggard look. Once she returned to her
senses, she turned around and asked Jonathan, “Have you long figured out the person on the other
end is a member of the Turner family?”

Staring at Josephine in the eyes, Jonathan assured her with a grin while caressing her back to console
the seemingly heartbroken woman, “I wasn’t made aware of the person’s identity until you hung up the
call. You need to stop sulking because he’s not much of a big deal. If any of them have the guts to pick
on you, I’ll wipe them out of existence.”

He wouldn’t even have to show up if he seriously wished to wipe the Turner family out of existence. A
call from him was all it would take care of the seemingly influential Turner family.

With that being said, he had no intention of doing so since it was such a great opportunity to wipe out
the ones pulling the strings from behind the scenes, including the vice-governor.

It’s time to teach those proclaiming themselves as the ones in charge a lesson because I’m pretty sure
I’ve never appointed anyone of that sort for such a role in Jazona!

“Jonathan, are you even aware of the things the members of the Turner family are capable of? How are
we supposed to defend ourselves against such an influential family when not even the four most
prominent families of Jadeborough can defy them even if they team up as one?” Josephine turned pale
and there was a hint of despair in her eyes as she added.

A few seconds of pause later, she slurred after letting out a long sigh, “If he truly wishes to wipe out the
members of the Smith family, there’s nothing much we can do to stop him! Are you even aware of the
things awaiting us?”

As a local, Josephine thought Jonathan, who did not hail from Jazona, wasn’t aware of the Turner
family’s actual power and influences.

Even the governor and the officials have to take the opinion of the Turner family into consideration as
well! Otherwise, the officials are as good as gone if the Turner family make up their mind to revolt
against them! In short, we’re destined to be doomed since we’ve offended the Turner family!

Jonathan wrapped his arms around her and repeated himself, “Actually, they’re not as horrifying as you
think, Josephine! Have you forgotten I’ll always be here for you? I’ll never allow others to pick on you
as long as I’m here with you, even if we’re talking about a member of the Turner family!”

“Jonathan, you don’t get it! Their influences are something beyond our imagination!” Josephine shook
her head as she knew not even the mayor of Jadeborough could defy the instructions of the Turner
family, let alone a veteran affiliated with the King of War.

Apart from the governor of Jazona, Kingstone, the King of War, Zachary, was the only one capable of
keeping the members of the Turner family at bay.

It’s impossible for them to do Jonathan such a huge favor when a majority of the members of the
Turner family are high-rank officials affiliated with the governor and the King of War!

It’s an elephant in the room most of us in Jazona are aware of! There’s no way they’re going to take
Jonathan’s contribution into consideration when the Turner family is involved!

“Well, I’m not really sure of the things they’re capable of, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to regret their
actions when they figure out the things I’ve hidden up my sleeves!” Jonathan answered with a smirk.

I will not show them any mercy since they’re trying to pick on the woman I hold dear! They’re nothing
more than a nobody!

Josephine paid no heed to Jonathan’s words of reassurance and ended up bringing up something else.
“I think it’s time to give up on the ecological park project!”

“Seriously? Are you going to give up?” Jonathan was taken aback by the things she brought up.

“It’s not worth it! I can’t afford to put the lives of the rest of the family at stake for the sake of something
tangible! I stand more to lose than I stand to gain!” Josephine’s disappointment was written all over her

We’re talking about the Turner family! If they truly think we’re a nuisance, they’re not going to hesitate
to take us out! There’s no way I’m going to challenge them unless I have some sort of death wish!

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