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Chapter 166

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The Office Of The Vice Governor

Hmm? Even the governor’s office has a healthy fear of them?

That statement surprised Jonathan, for no one else could ride roughshod over the governor’s office in
the whole of Jazona other than Zachary and the King of War Division.

In other words, the four prominent families and the Turner family were nothing in comparison to the
governor’s office.

With the power Kingstone holds in his hands, he can crush the four prominent families together, let
alone a mere Turner family. But in Jazona, the governor’s office actually fears them?

“Are you saying that the Turner family is even more powerful than the governor’s office in Jazona?”
Jonathan inquired with his brows furrowed.

“While they’re not as powerful as the governor’s office, they’re almost there.” Lowering his voice to a
mere whisper, Randall added, “In Jazona, the Turner family is also dubbed the vice governor’s office.”

“The vice governor’s office?” Jonathan raised an eyebrow upon hearing that.

They’re a mere family, yet they dare call themselves the vice governor’s office? Do they have a death

“They can resolve some things the governor’s office can’t settle.” Randall again wavered for a long
moment before he continued, “Let me phrase it this way, Mr. Goldstein. The influence of the Turner
family is far beyond your imagination. The Turner family is everywhere in Jazona, including the King of
War Division.”

“The Turner family is also in the King of War Division?” In an instant, Jonathan’s expression turned

The King of War Division belongs to the four Kings of War who battled the nations with me back then,
and I single-handedly founded the Four Asura Guards under its command. I conferred them the title of
King of War so that they could maintain peace in all four cardinal directions. But now, people from other
families have actually infiltrated into the Four Asura Guards?

“It’s not just the King of War Division. The Turner family has even wormed their way into the governor’s
office and all the various other government departments and industries. Back when the Kings of War
followed Asura into battle, many from the Turner family enlisted in the military and fought alongside the
Kings of War. Now, they all occupy high positions in the King of War Division. That’s not all, for there
are also many from the Turner family who hold high ranks in the governor’s office. For that precise
reason, they’re the only ones who can resolve many of the things even the governor’s office can’t

In actual fact, Randall shouldn’t be telling Jonathan all that since it was an unspoken rule in Jazona.
But considering the man’s mysterious background, he didn’t dare hide anything from him.

“It looks like I’ve underestimated the Turner family.” Jonathan had a general understanding of the
Turner family after hearing that.

Ah, no wonder they dare to call themselves the vice governor’s office! It turns out that they’re on their
way to ruling supreme in Jazona!

“Therefore, I’d advise you to best not make an enemy of the Turner family unless absolutely
necessary!” That was a heartfelt word of caution from Randall.

The Turner family’s influence in Jazona is truly too terrifying! Despite being the mayor of Jadeborough,
even I don’t dare offend them!

“After all, it’s not worth making an enemy of them just because of a measly ecological park project!”

“No, I think it’s the exact opposite. It so happens that I’d like to see precisely how great the Turner
family’s influence is in Jazona,” Jonathan countered in a mild voice.

“Mr. Goldstein, you—” His remark took Randall aback.

Did I mishear him? He actually wants to go against the Turner family just because of an insignificant
ecological park project? Just how much profit would that paltry project yield? It’s just a few hundred
million. Yet, he wants to make an enemy of them for the sake of that pittance?

“All right, you don’t need to dissuade me further,” Jonathan interrupted him just when he was about to
argue further. “You don’t need to do anything about this matter anymore. I’ll handle it myself!”

“Mr. Goldstein—”

Randall still wanted to say something else, but Jonathan hung up on him.

The moment Jonathan hung up the phone, his gaze abruptly turned glacial.

How dare an inconsequential family dub itself the vice governor’s office? Are they sick of living? If
things were to continue at this rate, Jazona would probably be the playground of the Turner family in a
mere few years!

Bam! The sound of the door opening interrupted his line of thought.

In the next moment, Margaret pushed open the door with a pale expression on her face. She walked
right in without even lifting her head or sparing Jonathan a single glance when she would usually find
something wrong with him and start insulting or reprimanding him.

That day, however, she said nary a word. Instead, she sat on the couch dazedly as though she was a
puppet whose strings had been cut.

“What’s wrong with you, Mom?” Upon noticing that something was amiss with Margaret, Josephine,
who had just exited the washroom, walked up to her in puzzlement.


Margaret shook her head, her face paling a shade further.

“Where’s Dad?” Josephine inquired about Connor when she saw that she wouldn’t be getting any
answers out of her mother.

“No idea,” Margaret answered without bothering to raise her head.

“Did you have a row with him again?” Josephine questioned, hazarding a guess.

But it doesn’t quite look like it either. She’s always acted high and mighty after fighting with Dad in the
past, never once behaving anything like this.

“No!” Impatience crept into Margaret’s features. “Can you please don’t talk to me and leave me to my

Josephine eyed her suspiciously, but she didn’t continue pursuing the question.

Meanwhile, Margaret remained sitting there alone in a trance, seemingly lost.

A short while later, Connor returned from outside. However, the moment he stepped into the house, he
was instantly shocked to see Margaret sitting there with her face drained of all color.

“What’s wrong with your mother, Josephine?” Connor asked in a murmur.

“Didn’t she have a row with you?” Josephine countered in bafflement.

“I haven’t seen her for the entire afternoon. How could I have had a row with her?” Connor wore a
mystified expression, but he didn’t dare ask Margaret about it. He merely kept himself hidden in the
kitchen, afraid that he would somehow offend her and get himself into hot water.

When he had finished cooking half an hour later, Margaret still appeared preoccupied.

By then, even he could tell that something must have happened.

“What’s wrong with you, Darling?” Connor cautiously queried as he carried the food to the table.

“Buzz off! Don’t talk to me!” Jerking her head up, Margaret glared at him hotly. That scared him so
much that he shuddered and dared not say a single word further.

Subsequently, they had dinner with a cloud of oppression hanging over them.

Connor was so frightened that he kept mum and merely buried his head in the food. Meanwhile,
Margaret was seemingly distracted even as she ate that even the fork in her hand almost dropped to
the floor several times.

Josephine’s brows knitted together when she glimpsed her mother’s state. Nonetheless, she didn’t ask
about it again. Instead, she turned to Jonathan and urged, “Jonathan, don’t forget to return the
Vacheron Constantin watches tomorrow.”

Even then, she didn’t forget to remind the man to return the watches.

“Okay, will do!” Jonathan replied breezily.

In truth, he was still racking his brains for a way to keep the two watches without her knowledge.

“By the way, Mom, where’s Jonathan’s watch?” Josephine shifted her gaze to Margaret without
warning. I remember that she strapped the watch onto her hand this morning.

“Watch? What watch?”

All at once, panic showed in Margaret’s eyes, and the fork in her hand dropped to the floor with a

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