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Chapter 165

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The Turner Family

When Jonathan said that, he wore a relaxed expression on his face.

Such scars were all too common to him, for the battlefield was a fight to the death.

Only by killing one’s opponent would one have the opportunity to live. And he had encountered near
brushes with death countless times in the past few years.

“Didn’t you say you merely strategized for Zachary? Why would you be on the battlefield?” Josephine
bit her lip hard.

She had always thought that he was far removed from the battlefield and had never even been to the
frontlines, merely having followed Zachary around and devised battle plans for the man in the past few

But the second she caught sight of his back, she instantly understood why Zachary had given him a
bank card with an unlimited credit line, lent him tens of millions, and even sent someone over to convey
his felicitations during the Smith family’s annual party. In truth, Jonathan had exchanged all that with his

“No one can be far removed from the battlefield while in the midst of war.” Chuckling, Jonathan
remarked, “During critical junctures, even the cooks in the kitchen have to go on the battlefield with
guns and all, let alone me.”

“Is that the kind of life you’ve been living for the past few years?” Josephine sounded a tad morose.

She realized that she had misunderstood the man.

A few years ago, I’d always thought that he was a cowardly man who could never make anything of
himself, having no sense of masculinity at all. Regardless of how the Smith family insulted him, he
never once uttered a word of protest. Back then, I truly despised him. At times, I even regretted
marrying him on a whim. Now, however, it seems that I have too many misconceptions about him. After
all, how could a timid and cowardly person go on the battlefield, much less have a back covered in

“I suppose so,” Jonathan replied indifferently.

In those years I’d been in the military camp, I was indeed living a life filled with bloodshed. It was either
kill or be killed. My position as Asura was never earned through conspiracy or trickery. Instead, I
secured it with my life, one slash at a time.

“Let’s not talk about that anymore. Nothing happened at the construction site this afternoon, right?”
Noticing Josephine’s downcast mood, Jonathan surreptitiously changed the subject.

He didn’t want her to know about his life in the past few years, nor did he want her to know how much
blood he had on his hands.

All he wanted was to keep her away from the conflict and war so that she could retain her innocence.

“Nope.” Josephine shook her head. “However, I checked the previous records this afternoon. Back
when the Blackwood family was handling the ecological park project, they didn’t owe anyone

“In other words, those few men deliberately came to make trouble, yes?” Jonathan wasn’t the least bit
surprised, for he had guessed as much when he saw those ruffians.

Someone just phoned and threatened her yesterday, and a group of people came demanding
compensation today. If that was just a twist of fate, wasn’t it just too much of a coincidence?

“Yes.” Josephine nodded in affirmation. “Anyhow, they’ve all been arrested, so there shouldn’t be
anyone making trouble anymore.”

“That might not be the case. Since they’ve already set their sights on the highly profitable ecological
park project, how could they possibly give up so easily?” Jonathan commented casually.

“Surely, they wouldn’t continue persisting? Mr. Swindell has already intervened in the matter personally,
after all. Would they still dare to make trouble?” As Josephine spoke of that, a headache assailed her.
She never expected to encounter such colossal trouble when it had been less than three days since
she had taken over the ecological park project.

That’s the mayor of Jadeborough, so aren’t they too audacious if they were to continue making trouble?

“He might not be able to intervene in this matter.” Regarding her placidly, he murmured, “Have you
forgotten what the police officer said?”

“What did he say?” Josephine instinctively questioned.

“There are some people whom we can’t afford to offend.” Snickering, Jonathan commented, “If I’m not
wrong, someone with great influence is backing them up. But that’s not a problem. I just want to see
who I can’t afford to offend in this world! Don’t worry about this matter anymore. Leave it to me, for I’ll
handle it.”

“W-Will you be in any danger?” Josephine stared at him, biting her lower lip. I didn’t want to involve him
in this matter in the first place because I didn’t want to drag him into this mess!

“No.” Grinning, he tapped his finger against the tip of her nose. “Have you forgotten that your husband
used to be in the military? Didn’t you see what happened today? Those dozen or so ruffians weren’t
even a match against me alone.”

“I did, but—”

Josephine wanted to argue further, but Jonathan cut her off. “All right, let’s not talk about that anymore.
Are you hungry? Shall I feed you mine?”

At once, Josephine swept her gaze to him with fury blazing in her eyes.

At the look in her eyes, Jonathan immediately realized the ambiguity in his words. He hastily explained
himself, saying, “Ahem, I mean, shall I feed you my cooking?”

“No, I’m not hungry, and I don’t need you to feed me anything!”

Shooting daggers at him, Josephine spun on her heels and stormed off huffily.

Damn it! Every time I have some tender feelings for him, he always kills them off in the blink of an eye!

“I really didn’t mean anything else, Darling…” Helplessness was etched on Jonathan’s face.

Why must she misunderstand me? I’m a gentleman!

Alas, all that greeted him was a loud bang from the washroom door slamming shut.

“Gah! Why are women so vindictive?” Jonathan massaged his temples. Then, he got up from the couch
to head to the kitchen to cook some noodles. But just when he climbed to his feet, his phone rang all of
a sudden.


He answered the phone flippantly.

“I’ve already gotten to the bottom of things, Mr. Goldstein. Someone is indeed behind this matter.
However, this matter is exceedingly tricky.” Randall’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Who is it?”

Jonathan didn’t want to yak with him. All he wanted to know was the identity of the person threatening
Josephine in the dark.

“The Turner family.”

“The Turner family?” Jonathan frowned slightly. “Which Turner family?”

“The Turner family who’s the forerunner of the four prominent families in Jazona.”

“The Turner family, you said? Okay, I got it.” Jonathan was going to hang up the phone right after
getting the answer he wanted.

I don’t care whether the Turner family is the forerunner of the four prominent families in Jazona! Since
they dared to provoke me, they should brace themselves for death!

“Wait a moment, Mr. Goldstein!” Perhaps having guessed that the man was going to hang up, Randall
urgently asserted, “Mr. Goldstein, the Turner family has great influence in Jazona. There’s no need to
make an enemy of them if it’s just because of a paltry ecological park project!”

“Oh? How great is their influence?” Jonathan queried with a sneer.

“Let me put it this way…” Randall hesitated for a moment before he continued, “The Turner family is so
influential in Jazona that even the governor’s office has a healthy fear of them.”

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