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The Legendary Man Chapter 897

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-Paurius had perished. All the God Realm cultivators at Sanctuary
feared for their own safety.

Those God Realm cultivators would be considered elites if they were situated in any other corner of the

However, at Sanctuary, they were a dime a dozen.

Losing two God Realm cultivators during a single mission would devastate any faction outside, but the
loss barely left a scratch on Sanctuary.

Inside the cavern, the old man and others were on their feet. Only the teenager who returned with
Paurius remained kneeling on the floor, never once lifting his head.

A young man fiddled with Paurius’ black arrow in his hand. With the gentle flick of a finger, the razor-
sharp tip of the arrow crossed dozens of meters and halted before Paurius forehead.

Right when everyone thought God was about to kill Paurius, God curled the corner of his lips into a
faint smile and uttered nonchalantly, “Forget it. Take this arrow and kill Jonathan.”


The teenager raised his hands above his head, allowing the black arrow to descend onto his palm

The young man turned his attention to the elder beside him.

“Jokovich, lead a party and make a trip. Have the tsar cooperate with you. I can’t believe this Jonathan
dared to harm members of Sanctuary. Find him. It’ll be great if he’s willing to join us. Otherwise, do
away with him.”


The elder and the others bowed their heads in agreement. When they looked up again, the young man
had vanished.

Jokovich gazed at the teenager kneeling on the floor and pointed, “You, you, you, you, and you.”

He selected five people in total. The quintet bowed and awaited their orders.

“Follow me immediately. We’ll establish contact with the tsar and locate Jonathan at all costs.”


Meanwhile, at Mortling Castle, Jonathan, Ksana, and Kite pushed the door open and entered Hell Bar.

It was late at night, the most lively time for the bar.

“Mr. Goldstein, I think Remdikians are weird.

They don’t earn much, don’t save money, or have any long-term plans. In fact, they’ll spend all their
earnings on alcohol. This season, obituaries of people freezing to death filled the local newspaper
daily,” Kite chirped to Jonathan while they walked inward.

Jonathan merely grinned in silence. Ksana, on the other hand, piped up, “Why should they save their

“To buy a house, of course,” Kite replied without hesitation. Then, he fell into a momentary daze before
flashing a sheepish smile. “Forget what I said.”

Kite had remained dormant in Remdik for the past few years.

As he didn’t receive any missions or instructions, he lived there assuming he was a real university

Over the years, he had traversed many of Remdik’s major cities and learned new things about the
nation’s societal structure.

Aside from the minority of those holding authority and administrative powers, most Remdikians led
simple lives.

They didn’t face any pressure at work or in life.

Perhaps that was the reason their society had stagnated for many years, causing the entire country to
arrive at a peculiar juncture despite being known as the world’s strongest military nation.

According to the information received by Ksana, although the official reason for the upcoming war was
because of a useless tomb of a general, it might, in fact, also serve to stimulate their economy.

The trio approached the bar, and Kite placed some Remdikian money on the countertop.

“Give me a bottle of rum and two bottles of vodka.”

Ksana placed her palm on the back of Kite’s hand and said, “Make it three bottles of vodka.”

“Rum is not as enjoyable as vodka. Unless you ordered the bottle of rum for yourself,” Ksana added
cheerily while looking at Kite.

The bartender glanced at them before taking the money away. However, he secretly nodded at the
person beside him.

Soon, their vodkas were served, but before they could receive their drinks, a muscular arm reached out
from beside Ksana to grab one of the vodka bottles.

Ksana stretched out her hand to grasp that person’s wrist. The trio turned and saw a bearded, burly
Remdikian man wearing a bandana.

“It seems like he’s a member of the local bikers gang judging by his outfit,” Kite whispered beside
Jonathan’s ear.

Then, he raised his phone and snapped a photo of that man.

The bartender slammed the table and shouted, “Hey! You’re not allowed to take a picture here. You’ll
be fined for doing that.”

At that instant, Kite stared intently at his phone. Hearing the bartender’s words, he tossed his wallet
over without a second thought.

Even Jonathan was befuddled by Kite’s gesture, not to mention the bartender.

“Kite, aren’t you a cultivator? Do you always get robbed? Why do you react in this manner so swiftly?”

“That’s all right. I can consider him to have stolen from me now that he has my wallet. In that case, my
subsequent actions of beating him up will be self-defense. Remdik’s law is fascinating. Even if he
merely took a coin from me, I am allowed to retaliate without limit and execute him directly.”

“Who would’ve thought that you’re such an unscrupulous person.” Jonathan gazed at Kite’s polite-
looking countenance.

“Now, pay attention to this program I developed.”

Kite uttered in excitement while staring at the updating data appearing on the screen of his phone.


Jonathan turned to look at Kite’s phone after hearing that.

The data stopped refreshing, and the picture Kite had just taken was slowly merging with a prisoner’s

“Flodimir Teach. He’s a criminal who has been convicted three times and is still on the police’s wanted
list,” Kite exclaimed happily, his eyes riveted on his phone.

“What do you think, Mr. Goldstein? This is a program I developed. It can hack into the police and the
country’s database to perform facial recognition functions. I know a program like this existed previously,
but the most important feature is the calculation…”

Kite went on incessantly after the program successfully found a match in the database for the image he

However, at that moment, a dozen brawny men surrounded them.

Jonathan scanned his surroundings before shifting his eyes onto Kite in amusement.

“I heard Chanaean students who came to Remdik to pursue their education are often bullied. Is that

Kite shook his head. “Actually, what you said is not entirely correct. Chanaeans are not their only
target. These people bully all foreigners.”

Amidst their banter, a series of violent thumping noise sounded beside them.


A loud crack rang out as the bar before Ksana broke in half.

The burly man, Flodimir, who had stolen her alcohol, knelt in front of the bar, and his head hung limply
in the gap of the damaged countertop. Unbelievably, he died and was now a mere dead body kneeling

on the floor.

The crowd was shocked by that sight. Pin-drop silence filled the air inside the bar instantly.

Holding a bottle of vodka in one hand, Ksana lifted Flodimir’s corpse by his hair with her other hand.

Illuminated by the lights, Flodimir’s face was now a mangled and bloody mess.

Ksana swept her eyes across the people around her and tossed the dead body toward the stage in the
middle of the room. “Where’s the leader of Black Snake Gang? Show yourself immediately!”

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