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The Legendary Man Chapter 896

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-“You’ll pay for this!” Paurius’ angry roar could be heard from beyond
the cliff.

Although he looked like a teenager of only sixteen or seventeen, that was actually the result of the
baptism in Holy Blood. In truth, he was already well over sixty years old. In his old age, he had served
Sanctuary for decades conscientiously, devoting himself entirely to the organization. That was why he
was able to get baptized in Holy Blood and have his youth restored. However, his subordinate, Ksana,
deserted him, and he was thrown into the lava. How could he accept the situation sitting down?

Tossing a shield onto the lava, he landed on it on his feet before propelling himself straight into the air
toward the cliff. The knife in his hand pierced into the side of the cliff. Then, he looked down, only to
see the lava swallow the shield in seconds and turn it into a ball of fire.

God was serious about killing me! Letting out a growl of fury, he hoisted himself over the ledge.

“I worked for Sanctuary for decades, yet now you’re trying to kill me. Well, I refuse to admit defeat!” he
yelled, standing on the cliff with the knife in his hand and burning rage flashing in his eyes.

Meanwhile, one after another, countless figures landed behind the young man. They were all God
Realm elites.

An elderly male stood in front of the young man and called out to Paurius, “Don’t tell me you’re
planning on rebelling!”

The man was more senior and experienced than Paurius. Whenever the latter bumped into him in the
past, he would greet the man respectfully. Under the threat of death, however, Paurius lost his head

“F*ck you! I don’t want to rebel, but I don’t want to die either!” he bellowed furiously before sprinting
toward the exit on the side of the mountain.

The elderly man wanted to give chase, but he suddenly felt a rush of scorching air rise around him.

A second later, Paurius was thrown back and fell heavily to the ground.

The young man stood at the exit, the air around him rippling and shimmering due to the blistering heat.
Chuckling, he said, “Since you won’t admit defeat, I’ll give you another chance. I won’t use Pryncyp of
Strength but only stick to my skills from my God Realm cultivation level. If you manage to pass through
this door, I’ll let you go and forget about everything.”

“Are you for real?” Paurius asked as he climbed to his feet and wiped the blood on the corner of his

“Of course,” the youth replied with a smile. He turned to look at the God Realm elites led by the older
man. “All of you are to bear witness to that. Naturally, if someone wants to join Paurius and challenge
me, be my guest.”

When the elderly man and the rest of the people heard that, they hastily dropped to one knee and
replied, “We wouldn’t dare!”

Just as their voices rang out, a black arrow sped over more than a hundred meters through the air and
struck the young man’s forehead.


There was barely any reaction from the young man. All he did was stamp his foot hard onto the ground,
causing a terrifying surge of spiritual energy to burst forth around him.

The spiritual energy was powerful and pure beyond compare, and a light flutter was enough to send the
black arrow soaring back toward where it came from.

By then, Paurius was dashing past the youth. He was not even tens of meters from the massive stone
door behind the latter, and a God Realm cultivator would have been able to cross that distance as
though it were a walk in the park. However, Paurius was about to head in that direction when the young
man appeared like a phantom.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He grabbed Paurius’ broken right arm, and as though throwing a
shot put, he flung Paurius over the edge again.

“I won’t admit defeat!” While in midair, Paurius gestured with his good arm to summon the black arrow.
It whistled through the air, aiming directly at the center of the young man’s back.

A crisp, clear sound resounded as the young man turned and grabbed the arrow firmly in his palm.

“This arrow is a divine weapon. Giving it to you is a waste, so I’ll take it back today,” he murmured,
stretching out his left index finger and lightly flicking the arrow.

The connection between Paurius and the weapon vanished instantly. Paurius, who had just crawled
back over the cliff, turned deathly pale immediately as that action also affected his spiritual sense.

Putting away the arrow, the young man remarked calmly, “You’re not leaving today, Paurius.”

“Not leaving? In that case, neither of us should live!” Paurius let out an ear-splitting howl, and the
spiritual energy within the cave started rushing toward him like a maelstrom.

“He’s going to self-destruct!” the elderly man exclaimed.

Upon seeing that, the God Realm cultivators took out their protective spiritual treasures and raced over
to the young man. As for the latter, he merely waved his hand to form a spirit shield over the others.

He gazed at Paurius’ rapidly expanding body, then raised a finger and tapped it in the latter’s direction.
The spiritual energy swirling all over the area froze in place as though someone had pushed the pause
button on them. After that, it dispersed wildly in all directions, showing no sign of flowing toward
Paurius anymore.

“Oh, Paurius. Despite only using spiritual energy, my control over it is far superior to yours. There’s no
way you can absorb spiritual energy with me here. And even if you self-destruct, the destructive power
you unleash won’t be enough to inflict any harm.”

“I beg to differ,” Paurius hissed through clenched teeth as he glared at the youth. His gaze showed that
he was clearly out for blood, and there was also a hint of desperate madness in his eyes.

“Since you’re unwilling to let me go, let’s perish together!” With a loud yell, Paurius leaped off the cliff.

That scene left everyone dumbfounded. However, they quickly realized Paurius’ intention. He was
thinking of self-destructing and using that explosion to set off a volcano eruption!

Stable volcanoes like Mount Enly were extremely rare. It was an occurrence that would only happen
when various aspects came together to form a weird balance. Although such a balance was seemingly
stable, it was actually very fragile. The volcano would almost certainly erupt if just one external force
disrupted the delicate balance. And now, Paurius intended on being that external force!

The God Realm cultivators were about to take action and stop Paurius, but they were too late.


A loud explosion split the air and made everyone’s ears ring. Then, a pillar of molten lava gushed forth,
rushing directly at the cliff.

“Hurry up and leave, God!”

“Protect him!”


Everyone was screaming as they dashed toward the cave. It was utter chaos.

At that moment, however, the young man took one step forward. On the ground under his feet, what
appeared to be rippling waves formed and swiftly radiated outward. To everyone’s surprise, that
temporarily stopped the rising lava in midair.

As the others turned to look toward him, they saw the exposed parts of his skin had turned red as
though he had been steamed alive. Wisps of vapor rose around him into the air.

“Why are you panicking? Go back!” he roared. Stomping his foot again, the wave of lava disintegrated
and fell back toward the depths of the abyss.

Following a series of dull thuds, silence fell over the cavern again. It was as though nothing had
happened there.

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