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The Legendary Man Chapter 894

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-“Thank you for your hard work.”

Jonathan embraced the young man, patting his back.

Silas, also known as Kite, was in the middle phase of the Superior Realm.

Three years ago, Silas entered the arts university of Mortling Castle as an international student.

During those years, he traveled throughout Remdik on the pretext of learning about the local culture as
an art student and gathered lots of information for the Eastern Army.

As far as information regarding Remdik was concerned, Karl was far more familiar with it.

It had been three years since Asura’s Office was established. The intelligence department, in particular,
was only established two years ago.

Instead of gathering intel, Jonathan’s intelligence department was actually set up to consolidate and
unify the intelligence network worldwide.

Doveston was a good example. In order to quickly generate Asura’s Office’s own intelligence network
in the early days, they were not fussy about the backgrounds of people who joined them.

That was precisely why the department consisted of people from all walks of life, making things get
chaotic and complicated.

Karl had begun planning the infiltration into Remdik more than ten years ago. The Eastern Army had
groomed those spies surreptitiously.

In terms of loyalty and capabilities, they were far more supreme than usual spies.

That manner of latent infiltration was far more secretive and safer as well.

According to Karl, the spies would surely somehow give themselves away if their identities were faked.
Therefore, it would be better to send them there in the most legitimate way as students, businessmen,
and workers.

That way, Remdik wouldn’t have a reason to suspect them and investigate their background.

Karl had put so much effort into the operation, and that was also why he was so reluctant when
Jonathan wanted to mobilize all of the spies he had planted in Remdik.

The number of spies mobilized didn’t even amount to five hundred, and the operation might even be
considered one of the most common and minor strategic mobilizations of Asura’s Office.

However, in order to infiltrate the belligerent army of Remdik, Karl spent a total of thirteen years
planting these spies.

Furthermore, Jonathan was unaware that Karl had sent out close to six thousand spies during that
period of time.

Only less than five hundred men survived, and Kite was one of them.

“Jonathan, please take a seat.”

Kite adjusted his clothes and eyed Ksana in confusion.

At that moment, Ksana had changed her appearance using her secret technique, but she still looked
like a Remdikian.

It was normal for Kite to become alert upon seeing a Remdikian sitting with Jonathan.

“This is… Ksana,” said Jonathan with a smile.


Kite smiled at Ksana before standing up and offering her a handshake.

“Nice to meet you, Ksana!” greeted Kite politely.

However, he did something that caught Jonathan’s attention.

When Kite raised his hand, some fine powder fell into Ksana’s coffee.

He was drugging Ksana.

After Ksana shook Kite’s hand, she began chatting warmly with him in Remdikian.

Kite raised his cup and said, “Jonathan, this is the first time Ksana and I meet. Since there isn’t any
wine here, we will toast with our coffee. Let’s drink up.”

As he was talking, Kite gestured to Ksana.

Smiling, Ksana took a sip of her coffee without any hesitation.

The moment Kite saw Ksana drink the coffee, he put his cup down, and the smile disappeared from his

He was already holding a utility knife between his fingers under the table.

“What are you trying to do?”

Jonathan activated his spiritual energy to form an invisible rope, restraining Kite’s arm.

“I want to kill her.”

Kite’s reply was straight to the point. There was no hesitation or fear.

Jonathan went on to restrain Kite’s body, and a hint of frostiness flashed across his eyes.

“Kite, you need a reason to kill somebody.”

“You are the reason,” said Kite softly as he tried to use his spiritual energy to break free from
Jonathan’s restraints.

“Asura, according to the intel given by the Dark Special Forces, you will be coming to Remdik alone.
There is no information about this Remdikian woman. That can only mean that you have met her on
your way here. The current operation involves the life and death of hundreds of my buddies. I won’t
allow you to botch the mission just because you’re captivated by a Remdikian woman.”

Kite stared straight into Jonathan’s eyes calmly and composedly as he spoke.

He had been groomed and sent to Remdik by Karl. After the Eastern Army joined Asura’s Office, they
were managed by two parties.

One was the Dark Special Forces of Asura’s Office and the other was Karl himself.

Both were under Jonathan’s command.

Yet, at that moment, Kite, an agent at the bottom of the intelligence department’s hierarchy was boldly
going against his boss.

Jonathan chuckled lightly.

“What makes you think you can kill the person I like? You’re only a spy at the bottom of the ladder. Why
should I explain my personal matters to you? How dare you speak to me like this? Do you really think I
won’t kill you?”

“Do it then!”

Kite glared at Jonathan coldly, his eyes devoid of fear and panic.

“If I’m afraid to die, how can I be a spy? Asura… What bullsh*t! I believe Boss and the world he told me
about. That’s why I came to Remdik willingly. Although Boss is dead, I know what he has died for. I
won’t mind continuing to be Asura’s Office’s spy. But, there’s no way I’ll work for someone like you! If
you want, you can kill me. Otherwise, let me kill her. Your choice.”

Looking at those cold eyes of Kite’s, Jonathan retracted his spiritual energy and released the restraints
that bound the young man.

“Show some mercy. I still need this person,” uttered Jonathan as he leaned back in his seat and
chuckled, lifting his cup.

“She has to die,” said Kite indifferently as he walked right up to Ksana.

Jonathan smiled at Kite before saying, “I wasn’t talking to you.”

Kite was slightly stunned, and before he could react, Ksana, who should have been unconscious by
then, raised her arm, grabbed hold of Kite’s collar, and slammed him on the table.


Following a dull thud, Kite collapsed to the ground, bleeding from the nose.

Jonathan looked at Ksana with a frown.

“I told you to show some mercy.”

“It’s only a superficial wound. Don’t worry.”

Glancing at Kite, who was lying on the ground in a stupor, Ksana lifted him by grabbing his belt with
one hand and walked out.

Jonathan then pulled out a few Remdikian notes from his pocket and stuffed them into a waiter’s

“Nice coffee. Is this enough to pay for the damages to your table?”

By the time Kite regained consciousness, he was already in an abandoned house located in the
suburbs of Mortling Castle.

“You’re awake?” said Jonathan with a smile as he sat on an old, tattered couch.

Kite looked at Jonathan in bewilderment.

“I’m not dead?”

“Of course not.” Jonathan chuckled before continuing, “Ksana works for me. She’s a cultivator who has
signed a contract with me. If I’m such a shallow and lustful man, do you think Karl will work for me?”

Kite got up, rubbed his nose sheepishly, and looked at Ksana, who was standing aside.

“If that’s the case, I will do everything in my power to help you with your plan in Remdik.”

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