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The Legendary Man Chapter 895

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-As Kite was speaking, he ran through his clothes to search for

“Are you looking for this?” Ksana asked as she walked over to pass Kite a phone.

“Don’t you dare touch my things again, or I’ll—”

“What will you do, huh?” she inquired with a smile.

Stumped for words, Kite sighed and looked at her before changing the subject.

“By the way, this is what I found after comparing the photos from Dark Special Forces.”

As he spoke, he connected his phone to a portable projector to cast an image on the wall beside the

It was a photo of Charleigh in a trench coat.

“That’s’ him!” Jonathan exclaimed, shooting to his feet.

“That’s impressive, Kite! I can’t believe it took you just a few days to find him. How did you do it?” he

“Just data analysis.”

Then, Kite swiped his phone to project a route map to Mortling Castle.

“Remdik is sprawling. We cannot find Charleigh just by sending out some men to look for him. We can
do two things as Secret Agents when we want to hunt down someone. The first way is infiltrating the
enemy’s highest management and identifying the target’s location based on the top-secret information

we gather. However, this is highly risky and not a long-term solution since they can always backtrack to
check who has access to all their information to find the informer if anything happens to the target.”

Here, Kite paused before looking at Jonathan proudly and adding, “However, I always go for the
second method: technology. I hacked Mortling Castle’s system and used facial recognition technology
to find this photo. I even visited the bar he went to. Interestingly, the bar owner is also the leader of the
Black Snake Gang—the largest gang in the area that specializes in trading on Dark Web. Based on the
information about Charleigh you sent, his only possible connection with Black Snake Gang is the trade
of organ harvesting and, perhaps, even human trafficking. I attempted to trace his whereabouts, but too
bad, that bar was the only place he seemed to have appeared at. I couldn’t get hold of any other
information, but from what I gathered from the surveillance camera footage, he headed south after
leaving the bar.”

When Jonathan saw the location that Kite had marked on the wall, he turned and looked at Ksana, who
shrugged at him in response. “Why are you looking at me? I’ve only been on Mount Enly, so I’m
unfamiliar with this place.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about,” Jonathan replied, waving his hand. “I’m just wondering if the
Sanctuary has any ways of locating Charleigh.”

Ksana shook her head at the question.

“We might have our own intelligence department, but once we deploy them, Sanctuary will be able to
know my location immediately.”

“Well, I guess we can’t use it, then,” Jonathan answered right away, shaking his hand.

The last thing he wanted was another encounter with the organization. He could tell that they were
aggressive and intractable from his experience of dealing with Paurius and the other two cultivators.

Most importantly, if Jonathan were to expose himself again, he would well have to face way more than
just the three God Realm cultivators, considering how the organization could mass-produce cultivators
of that level in a short time.

“Since that’s the case, we should first catch Black Snake Gang’s leader. There’s no way someone like
Charleigh would visit a bar just because he’s bored. Since they are business partners, there’s a high
chance it’s a long-term relationship. He’ll definitely revisit the bar, so let’s wait for him there. Lead the
way, Kite,” Jonathan instructed.

Just like that, Jonathan headed for the bar with the rest in search of Charleigh. Meanwhile, Paurius had
just arrived at Mount Enly, where he knelt on one knee beside a sharp cliff that dropped into a lake of
blackish-red lava below it.

“God!” he called out on the mountain located in the middle of the continent of Epea.

Although Mount Enly was an active volcanic mountain, it was a lot more stable and experienced fewer
tectonic shifts compared to the empire of Jetroina, which was located along the seismic belt.

Still, a smell of sulfur wafted in the air on the volcanic mountain. The odor was so strong that no one
could endure it without proper gear and adequate equipment.

In fact, prolonged exposure to an unfavorable condition like that would destabilize a cultivator’s body
equilibrium and lead to toxicity, but the adversity of the environment did not seem to affect the young
man standing before Paurius.

He looked calm as he gazed down at the lava.

“God…” Paurius called out again hesitantly when he saw that the young man had not responded to him
after some time.

“I have news,” he added carefully.

“I heard you.”

The young man who looked rather boyish finally spoke as he turned around and walked toward

“Paurius, didn’t you say you would bring Ksana back?” he asked, squatting down slowly before

“Jonathan saved her. He’s a cunning man. I need to bring more men with me but with your permission.
If I take four men with me, I’ll be able to bring Jonathan and Ksana’s heads,” he replied with a shaking

The young man sighed as he looked at the panicky Paurius.

“Paurius, do you think we have enough God Realm cultivators here at Sanctuary?”

“I…” Paurius stuttered as he swallowed hard, trying to calm his nerves, “I think we do have enough.”

The young man nodded at the reply.

“Why, then, are you so nervous about a runaway God Realm martial artist like Ksana?”

Paurius’ forehead broke out in a sweat at the interrogation.

“W-Well, that’s because we don’t tolerate betrayal.”

“It’s because of intel!” the young man fumed.

Before Paurius knew it, the young man lifted his right foot and stamped on Paurius’ skull, sending blood
splattering under his feet.

“Please give me another chance! I’ll kill Ksana right now. She won’t even have the chance to leak any
intel to anyone!” Paurius begged as he lay on the ground, but the young man shook his head.

“It’s too late. Jonathan saved Ksana when you went after her. Do you think he won’t send any message
back to Chanaea if Ksana had told him anything about us? I have told you clearly to stay away from
Jonathan before, but you failed to do so.”

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault! It’s—” Paurius implored desperately.

Still, before he could finish speaking, a surge of pure spiritual energy gushed from the ground into the
air and hurled Paurius over the cliff into the lava.

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