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The Legendary Man Chapter 893

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-“Everett!” Winston screamed.

Ever since the battle with the Whitley family, the Eight Great Families had yet to participate in such a
large-scale battle.

Despite their occasional disputes, they managed to keep it within the Grandmaster Realm. As for the
God Realm cultivators, they stayed out of it on purpose.

Even if they decided to get involved, it was only to smooth things over and nothing more.

Ten years of peaceful life had created a false illusion for Winston and the others.

They had a misconception that their buddies, who had been with them for decades, would never die.

Yet, at present, Everett’s life was swiftly ebbing away from his body.

The arteries of his heart had been pierced through. Everett would surely meet his end without
Jonathan’s medicine.


Everett was kneeling on the ground, and his body was trembling badly. He wanted to grab hold of
Winston, but he did not even have the strength to do so.

At that moment, Winston could not be bothered to attack Joshua. He pressed on Everett’s wound with
both hands before calling out, “Mr. Quintus! Hurry! Everett can’t hold on any longer!”

Initially, Joshua intended to use the opportunity to get rid of Winston as well, but he was taken aback
after hearing Winston’s words.

Quintus was none other than the true patriarch of the Leeson family.

He was a Divine Realm cultivator, and there was no way Joshua could afford to offend him.

Although he was not sure if Winston was really summoning Quintus or not, he would not take the
chance. By the time he could sense Quintus’ spiritual energy, it would be too late for him.

“Let’s go.”

Without any further hesitation, Joshua kept his Formation Crusher, turned around, and ran down the

After a moment of hesitation, Hayden also followed suit.

Around ten minutes after the two men left, a terrifying spiritual energy came from afar.

In a matter of seconds, that spiritual energy rushed forth to Winston from the sky.

A figure was seen descending from above, and it landed so lightly next to Winston that it did not even
stir up the snow.

Quintus got down next to Winston and reached out to touch Everett.

“Mr. Quintus, please save Everett!” begged Winston with a shaky voice.

While waiting for Quintus to arrive, Winston had been using his spiritual energy to stop the bleeding for
Everett. Even so, that did nothing, and he could only watch as Everett slowly slipped away.

There was a determined look in Quintus’ eyes. He used the spiritual energy in his hands to envelop
Everett’s heart. Later on, the spiritual energy replaced his heart and formed a spherical spiritual energy

The spiritual energy ball began to contract and expand under Quintus’ control. Soon, the color returned
to Everett’s face.

“Mr. Quintus…” Everett called out weakly as he looked at Quintus.

Quintus smiled and patted Everett’s shoulder.

“Everett, if you have any unfulfilled wishes, tell me, and I’ll make sure to fulfill them for you!”

When Winston heard what Quintus said, the flames of hope that rekindled within him were once again

Everett, who was kneeling on the ground, knew his own condition better than anyone. Grinning, he
slowly parted his lips to leave his last words.

“Mr. Quintus, please tell my wife that I have left some money hidden on the beam… Also, my son isn’t
allowed to learn martial arts… He must… study hard…”

After leaving those last words, his body shuddered, and he breathed his last.

“Everett!” Winston cried out in sorrow.

Several figures flew over the ridge and landed in front of Winston. All eight of them were God Realm

All eight of them clenched their fists upon seeing the deceased Everett.

“Uncle Winston, where is the attacker?” asked a young man in roguish attire.

Winston stood up and looked at his nephew.

“Kenneth, you are the youngest here. Carry Uncle Everett back and hold a decent funeral for him.”

Kenneth Leeson spat out his chewing gum, got down, and carried Everett’s body on his shoulders
without uttering another word.

He then used his spiritual energy to form an invisible strap to secure his uncle’s body.

Taking a deep breath, Kenneth yelled, “Uncle Everett, time to go home!”

Three other God Realm cultivators escorted Kenneth, and the four of them flew toward the southeast

The remaining four cultivators and Winston gathered in front of Quintus.

“Mr. Quintus, please go back and rest. We’ll exact revenge for Everett.”

With a flick of his hand, Winston’s billhook floated up into the air and into his hand. He was about to
turn and chase after Joshua.

Before he could activate his spiritual energy, however, he felt a large, strong hand on his shoulder.

“Winston, inform the other seven families. Tell them to release Joshua’s location. Also, tell them about
the three spiritual treasures that Joshua has with him.”

Winston and the others were confused when they heard Quintus’ instructions.

“Mr. Quintus… If the other seven families get involved and capture Joshua, then Everett would have
died in vain…”

Winston was puzzled.

Quintus glanced at the blood on his hands, and a look of helplessness flashed across his eyes.

“Winston, my memory is failing me. Sometimes, it takes me quite a while before I can remember who
all of you are. That hasn’t happened today. I have no idea if it has anything to do with Everett. I have

lived for more than a hundred years. Now, I finally understand. Are those three spiritual treasures really
so important to us?”

Winston and the rest were stumped by that question. Before they could respond, Quintus spoke again.

“I know all of you are upset about Everett’s demise. Yet, your utmost concern is about getting the three
spiritual treasures back. All of you are missing the point.” Quintus sighed before he continued, “If all
you care about are spirit stones and spiritual treasures, your mind will never be clear, and you will
never attain the Divine Realm in this lifetime.”

Winston and the others exchanged glances.

We are, of course, saddened by Everett’s death. But killing Joshua and getting the spiritual treasures
back will strengthen our family. It will make us more powerful. What’s wrong with that?

However, no one dared to refute Quintus’ words. The five of them could only clench their fists and
agree begrudgingly.

Quintus could tell that they were not convinced, but he said nothing.

Instead, he leaped into the air and took the lead in going after Joshua.

Winston and the others could only follow suit. While trailing behind Quintus, they contacted the outside
world and informed others about the news.

They had no idea that by doing so, they burned Joshua’s bridges and indirectly rescued the entire

Meanwhile, Jonathan, who started the future battle in Eastern Epea, was currently sitting in a café in
Mortling Castle, leisurely taking photographs during his travel.

Following a gust of cold wind, the door of the café was pushed open.

A young man wearing a woolen coat walked in.


The moment the young man entered the café, he looked around before calling out Jonathan’s name
joyfully. Everyone turned and looked in the direction of the voice.

Jonathan stood up and embraced his pretend cousin, Silas Quaint.

“I missed you so much. How’s everything? Do you miss home?” Jonathan greeted him warmly.

At the same time, he heard Silas whisper, “Kite salutes Asura!”

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