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-Troop Summoner could summon warriors using spiritual energy.

Hailstorm Fan could form clouds.

Formation Crusher could trespass against the various laws of nature.

These were the rumored capabilities of the Whitley family’s three legendary spiritual treasures.

However, if that was all, the eight respectable families wouldn’t have spent ten years sparing no effort
to search for them.

The main reason that the eight respectable families were able to gain their foothold was their Divine
Realm cultivators.

They would not covet the three spiritual treasures if that was all the treasures were capable of.

Take Formation Crusher, for example, defying the laws of nature and breaking through restrictions was
merely its most basic capability and not its true effect. It was similar to how all the other magical items
were extremely sturdy; it was merely a basic condition.

The thin black membrane that manifested just now was merely the tip of the iceberg of its immense

The membrane was an arcane array that was formed by borrowing the power of Heavenly Pryncyp
which could instantly teleport people dozens of meters away.

However, even such borrowed power was absolutely beyond the reach of a middle phase God Realm
cultivator like Joshua.

Back when the Whitley family’s elder handed him the items, the former had warned him that he should
never use the three items recklessly unless he mastered Pryncyp and had reached the advanced
phase of God Realm.

Joshua forcibly activated the true power of Formation Crusher to dodge Everett’s axe, resulting in
serious internal injuries.

He calculated inwardly as he sensed the exhaustion that inundated him and concluded that his spiritual
energy and vitality would be completely drained if he used it three more times.

Although he wouldn’t necessarily die, he would be in such a weakened state that any Superior Realm
cultivator could kill him with ease, not to mention Everett.

Looks like I have to take action first!


Before Joshua could turn his thoughts into actions, a gunshot rang out above the ridge. Hayden had
fired another shot.

Everett’s figure shifted slightly, and the bullet hit his soft armor squarely.

The old man stumbled, but he wasn’t injured at all. The defensive power of his armor was simply

Stretching his back muscles, Everett fixed his icy gaze on Hayden as he shouted, “Just you wait, you
jerk! After I kill Joshua, it’s your turn!”

“What a show-off!” Hayden put away his sniper rifle and charged directly at Everett while brandishing a

Joshua, on the other hand, seemed to have sensed something too. His expression changed, and he
barreled toward Everett as he wielded Formation Crusher.

All three of them were God Realm cultivators. Even Hayden, who was relatively the weakest, was not
to be underestimated. He was not inferior to anyone present in terms of spiritual energy or physical

Three afterimages collided repeatedly on the hillside, and the dispersing spiritual energy destroyed the
surrounding forest like the sharpest of blades.

“Cut off his legs!” Joshua shouted to Hayden.

Everett, having forcibly enhanced his cultivation level through secret techniques, had the upper hand in
terms of power and reaction speed.

Besides, his soft armor made it difficult for their lethal attacks to take effect.

Instead, they were barely able to avoid being injured themselves.

Feeling the fluctuations from Troop Summoner, Joshua got eager and aimed for Everett’s head.

Left without a way to dodge, Everett quickly defended himself with his axe.

He deftly kicked the hilt of Hayden’s knife with his left leg before curling his body and charging forward,
colliding with Hayden’s chest.

After all, one should always pick on those who were weaker.

Since Everett knew he couldn’t defeat Hayden and Joshua’s combined attacks no matter how
formidable he was, he aimed to eliminate Hayden first. That way, he would be unbeatable.

Following a muffled grunt, Hayden’s body was sent flying.

Behind Everett, Formation Crusher came slashing at his neck with great force.

“Too slow!” Everett roared.

Retracting his axe, he quickly used it to parry Formation Crusher’s incoming attack.

Joshua lost his balance and almost collided with the sharp edge of the axe.

At that moment, however, another black line emerged at the tip of Formation Crusher.

Joshua gritted his bloodstained teeth and whispered, “Imprisonment!”

Everett turned and tried to dodge but found himself crashing into an invisible barrier.

He reached out and felt the invisible walls surrounding him.

Realizing he had fallen into a trap, Everett raised his axe and smashed it against the barrier.

A black mist rose from Formation Crusher, pulsing with each strike of Everett’s axe as if it were alive.

“Joshua, let me out if you dare!” Everett yelled.

“Let you out?” Joshua wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. “I went through all this trouble to
trap you, and you want me to let you out? Have you lost your mind?”

Hayden reappeared at Joshua’s side, rubbing his injured chest.

From their lofty vantage point, they could see the full picture of the terrain around Everett.

At some point, the hillside had been covered with intricate patterns.

Looking at Formation Crusher in Joshua’s hand, Hayden remained silent.

Though he only realized it now, he could tell that Joshua had been setting up a trap using Formation
Crusher amidst the battle. His moves weren’t simply aiming to kill.

In the battle that lasted less than a minute, Joshua managed to lay out a trap formation that spanned
several meters.

He has such meticulous thinking that it’s scary.

“D*mn you, Joshua! Watch me break your f*cking trap!” Everett roared and continued chopping at the
invisible walls.

Meanwhile, Joshua slowly approached the trap’s center, holding Formation Crusher.

“Everett, battles between cultivators aren’t just about brute force. You need to use your brain,” Joshua
said with a slight smile as he stood before Everett. “I’ve won this round, so now you must die.”

“Nonsense!” Everett sneered. “You think I don’t understand trap formations? Sure, they can seal and
trap people, but that’s it. If you come in and kill me, the trap will break.”

“Oh, Everett.” Joshua interrupted, raising his Formation Crusher. “Do you know why this thing is called
Formation Crusher?”

Formation Crusher floated from Joshua’s hand, constantly emanating dark mist.

At that moment, a stone tablet flew over the ridge.

“Joshua, stop! I agree to all your conditions!” Following Winston’s roar, Formation Crusher transformed
into a streak of light that pierced through Everett’s soft armor.

“I can break the formation on your armor too!” Joshua stepped back, and at the same time, the stone
tablet crashed next to Everett, shattering the surrounding trap formation.

Holding his billhook, Winston hugged Everett, who was now coughing up blood. His eyes were
bloodshot with rage.

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