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The Legendary Man Chapter 891

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-“Everett! Run!”

It only took Winston a moment of pondering to guess what Joshua was intending to do despite the fact
that the former was trapped in the blizzard and faced with the siege of more than a dozen Grandmaster
Realm spirit warriors.

Unfortunately, he had underestimated Joshua’s Hailstorm Fan.

Even though Winston had used his spiritual energy to amplify his voice, it was still swallowed by the
howling blizzard and couldn’t reach Everett, who wasn’t in the valley.

On the other side of the ridge, Everett, who had lost an arm, still managed to subdue Hayden, the rising
star, with his remaining left arm. Though Everett wasn’t renowned, he was, after all, a God Realm elite
who had accumulated extensive battle experience over the years.

Hayden, on the other hand, was exasperated.

The Zink family had initially been a subsidiary of the Osborne family, and the Zinks’ exceptional
cultivation talent granted them access to special training.

Initially, the Zink family was grateful to the Osborne family and worked hard to become one of The
Untouchables like the Osborne family.

However, as the saying went, the taller trees in the woods tended to get destroyed by the wind. Hence,
the more outstanding one was, the more one would be subjected to attacks.

The Zink family gave their all to support the Osborne family diligently, especially during the families’
combined attack on the Whitley family ten years ago.

The God Realm cultivators of the Zink family had demonstrated impressive combat power, seeking to
repay their gratitude toward the Osborne family.

Intimidated by the Zink family’s capability, the Osborne family began devising ways to suppress their
development, fearing their exponential growth and exceptional prowess.

They even assigned perilous missions to the Zink family without regard for their safety.

The Zink family soon realized that collaborating with the Osborne family was tantamount to playing with

From that point onward, the Zink family began holding back secretly, hiding their power. When Hayden
achieved a breakthrough, they chose a secluded and unknown location, concealing the news

Instead of feeling jubilated after his successful breakthrough, the Zink family grew increasingly wary.

Although Hayden had become a God Realm cultivator and attained formidable prowess, he never
dared to release his spiritual energy or use his power as a God Realm cultivator in battle because he
had to hide this trump card from the Osborne family. His abilities were constantly suppressed.

That was why he enjoyed using firearms although he was a God Realm cultivator.

His lack of combat experience resulted in his failing to gain an edge over Everett, who was missing an

Meanwhile, Joshua soared through the air over the ridge and charged straight at Everett.



Both Hayden and Everett shouted in surprise at the same time.

One was filled with delight, while the other was filled with sorrow.

The fact that Joshua appeared so nonchalantly meant that Winston’s situation was most probably dire.

“You’ll pay for Winston’s life!”

Everett’s aura remained as powerful as ever although he only had one arm left.

Upon seeing Joshua, he swung his axe directly at the former with a terrifying whoosh.

Joshua swiftly dodged the attack, and his Formation Crusher transformed into a streak of light, striking
the back of Everett’s neck.


Following a loud metallic clash, Everett’s body crashed into the slope below like a cannonball.

“Armor?” Joshua landed on a distant boulder, his gaze filled with solemness.

Meanwhile, Hayden was crouching on the ridge above. Though reluctant, he was forced to
acknowledge the gap between his strength and that of Joshua and the rest.

As a God Realm cultivator, he could undoubtedly defeat any Grandmaster Realm opponent.

However, he was likely at the bottom of the ladder compared to other God Realm cultivators.

After all, the people before his eyes were the ones who survived the great battle with the Whitley family
ten years ago. They were true tough fighters!

However, doubts and suspicions arose unbidden within Hayden when his train of thought ended there.

Since Joshua could have killed me anytime, why did he let me follow him all the way to Doveston?

A vague, ominous feeling assailed Hayden at that moment.

His grandpa wanted him to save Joshua in hopes of finding a way for the Zink family to be freed from
the Osborne family’s control.

However, now it appeared that even if Hayden really helped Joshua find the so-called ancestral land,
he still might not be able to escape the fate of being a pawn.

The only difference this time was that the controller of the pawn had changed from the Osborne family
to Joshua!

Is there truly no way out for the Zink family?

As the snowy fog dissipated on the hill, the figure of Everett, who was holding an axe, gradually
appeared before the two.

Everett’s clothes had completely vanished at this point and were replaced by crimson close-fitting soft

The soft armor was like a vest made from unknown metal. It shimmered brilliantly and exuded an
overwhelming baleful aura even from a distance.

“You…” Joshua was alarmed by the intense fluctuations of spiritual energy that Everett was emitting.

The waves of air surrounding Everett were distorted as if scorching flames were burning.

The phenomenon wasn’t due to high temperatures but rather the visualization of the dissipating
spiritual energy.

That indicated that the spiritual energy within Everett was currently at its peak.

His spiritual energy was surging so fast that even his meridians couldn’t bear it. To prevent his body
from exploding, he had to release his spiritual energy through his flesh and blood.

Of course, such a method was tantamount to suicide.

The intense impact would severely damage the wielder’s meridians, including his energy field.

Even if he stopped using that method right away, he would still have to spend at least a year and a half
in bed recuperating.

In the worst-case scenario, Everett might even die on the spot due to the disintegration of his

It would appear that Everett was determined to fight to the death.

“Joshua, you won’t get away today,” Everett whispered.

As soon as he finished his sentence, Everett’s axe had already appeared in front of Joshua without
warning. It was swift and instantaneous.


Both weapons collided with force.

Upon contact, the immense impact sent Joshua flying backward.

However, Everett wasn’t intending on letting Joshua go just like that. He stomped his foot hard, causing
the rocks in the vicinity to explode.

Joshua’s expression changed drastically, and his spiritual energy rushed toward Formation Crusher. He
then swung the ruler forcefully behind him.

“Within Reach!”

A black line was drawn out in the air, and Joshua spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everett’s axe came chopping down on his forehead, aiming for the spot between his brows.

The black thin line resembled a rip in the darkness, effortlessly transforming into a thin black
membrane before Joshua.

Everett’s axe struck the membrane and was surprisingly engulfed by it.

The next moment, Everett’s figure reappeared dozens of meters away.

The incredibly sharp axe, carrying unparalleled power, split a giant ancient tree into two.

“Is this… the power of Pryncyp?”

A distance away, Hayden stared at Joshua, overwhelmed by astonishment.

Even Everett, whose axe had missed its mark, was shocked.

If Joshua possessed the power of Pryncyp, there was no way Everett could win against him.

However, only Joshua knew that if the fight didn’t end soon, he might collapse before Everett met his

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