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The Legendary Man Chapter 890

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-“Do it!” Winston growled softly. He kept his body close to the stone
tablet as it flew toward Joshua.

“Warrior spirits, come forth!” Joshua shouted as he jabbed his finger at Troop Summoner forcefully.

A wave rippled through the air and sucked in all the spiritual energy from the vicinity.

A half-transparent warrior made of spiritual energy materialized before Troop Summoner and
immediately charged ahead.

“Leesons’ forbidden spell, subdue!” Winston roared. An enormous letter appeared on the stone tablet
and turned into beams of light that shot toward the spirit warrior.


The spirit warrior let out a ferocious roar as he waved his glowing fists at the beams of light.

However, the beams of light moved at a high speed. In the blink of an eye, they sealed off the spirit
warrior’s surroundings.

Winston immediately leaped up and stomped on the stone tablet with his right leg. “Stop!”


The stone tablet, which was roughly the height of a person, smashed into the mountainside.

The beams of light quickly dispersed and reformed into a large cage, sealing the spirit warrior in an
area within five meters of the rock.

Winston’s billhook glinted as it cut through the air and flew toward Joshua who stood opposite.

“Forward!” With a wave of Joshua’s left hand, a black ruler flew toward Winston’s face. In the
meantime, he flapped the inky black paper fan in his right hand. A gust of gale howled, instantly turning
into wind blades that sliced the air before him.

“Die!” Winston shouted as the spiritual energy in his body surged toward his right hand.

The billhook exuded immense sword energy that cut through the wind blades in the air and slashed
down on Joshua’s head.

“Wind and snow, come forth!” Joshua waved the half-folded paper fan in his hand. Following a
thunderclap, dense snow began raining down above Joshua’s head.

Winston’s billhook aimed viciously at Joshua’s head. Following the shattering of the rocks, Winston
turned and leaped backward.

Joshua’s figure in front of him was completely engulfed by the blizzard that swept through the entire

Not only was Winston’s vision obscured, but his spiritual sense was also dulled. It prevented him from
pinpointing Joshua’s actual location.

Winston defended himself using the billhook and observed his surroundings cautiously.

No wonder the eight respectable families did not give up on the search for the three spiritual treasures
after over ten years.

The treasures were far too powerful. Currently, its performance was merely restricted by Joshua’s
limited spiritual energy.

Back in the day, the three spiritual treasures possessed overwhelming power when they were wielded
by the three Divine Realm cultivators from the Whitley family.

“Everett, watch out for Joshua!” Winston shouted in the direction where he last recalled seeing Everett.

Behind Winston, a violent wave of spiritual energy hurtled toward his heart.

He hurriedly turned around to intercept it.

The billhook in Winston’s hand clashed against a black ruler and emitted a brittle shattering sound.

“Die!” Winston bellowed in a low voice as he stamped his right foot forward and stabbed the half-
shattered billhook into the body of the spirit warrior.

The spiritual energy in his body gushed wildly and destroyed the energy equilibrium that formed the
spirit warrior.

The black ruler flew back and once again concealed itself in the snowy fog.

Joshua caught Formation Crusher and pointed at Winston. “Are you sure you have the leisure to worry
about others? You’d better think about how to save your own skin first!”

A path emerged amidst the flurry of wind and snow.

Winston followed the direction of the sound and saw Joshua’s figure.

“Your spirit warrior should have been trapped by my soul-sealing stone. How did it break free?” asked
Winston, chuckling as he lowered his hands and looked at Joshua.

Joshua brandished the black ruler in his hand. “You’ve been looking for it for ten years. Were you
unaware of the spiritual treasure’s ability to break through formations? Winston, I’m giving you one last
chance. I have no wish to be embroiled in the eight families’ rivalry. I only wish to leave a sliver of the
Whitley family’s lineage behind. If you can promise me that the Leeson family will leave me alone from
now onward, I am willing to let the two of you leave. How’s that?”

After listening to Joshua’s words, Winston took out a rolled-up cigarette from his pocket, lit it up, and
began puffing smoke. “Joshua, do you think I get to decide what happens?”

Winston stretched out his right hand. With a wave, the stone tablet flew through the blizzard and landed
beside him.

Winston’s palm pulsed with spiritual energy as he stared at the character inscribed on the tombstone.

It only took an instant for the fierce gale around Winston to calm down.

“Besides, you’re standing right before me. Do you think you can believe my words if I promise to leave
you alone right now?”

“Is there truly no room for discussion?” Joshua smiled.

“There is no way we can come to an agreement.” Winston grinned in response. “I don’t believe it when
you say you only wish to live an ordinary life. You, too, won’t believe me if I say I’m going to let you go.
What more is there to talk about?”

“You’re right.” Joshua nodded. “I’ve dealt with countless people from the eight families, and Winston,
you are the one I respect the most. I like how the Leesons of Doveston never lower themselves to
scheming but instead do things in a straightforward way.”

Joshua stared at Winston with Formation Crusher in his hand. “Winston, since it has come to this, how
should we settle things?”

Continuing to puff his cigarette, Winston lifted his eyes to glance at Joshua.

“There are two options. One, you can come back with me. Since you expressed no interest in getting
involved in the battle between the families, it’s not necessary for you to keep the three spiritual

treasures. If you hand them over, the Leeson family will let you go and as proof of allegiance, we will
even find you a wife. While we don’t wield much power in Doveston, we can at least ensure that you’d
be able to carry on your ancestral line.”

“Winston!” Joshua waved his hand to interrupt the other man. “Forget it. I choose the second option.”

Upon hearing that, Winston fell silent for a moment before nodding slightly. “I understand. No one likes
being subservient anyway. Let’s go with the second option then.”

He picked up the stone tablet as he spoke and strode toward Joshua. “If I kill you, there will be no
dispute between us. I guess I’ll just have to kill you!”

Joshua slowly backed away. Amidst the blizzard, more than ten Grandmaster Realm spirit warriors
crowded in.


Following a roar, the spirit warriors charged through the blizzard and went straight for Winston.

Joshua, who stood outside the vicinity of the blizzard, nimbly leaped away and rushed in the direction
of Hayden, who was outside the valley.

It was impossible for the Grandmaster Realm spirit warriors to kill Winston, but they could hold him
back and stall for time.

Joshua intended to use the opportunity to aid Hayden in finishing Everett off.

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